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I want out.

Ever wonder if the Governments of the world are full of Passive Aggressive Manipulators? Now as many of you can remember I started blogging about these about 7 months ago. I thought I had identified one at my old job, that had set it’s sights on me.

I was thinking about the Government and I wonder how many attributes they have in common with P.A.M.’s?
They are big on being in control. They don’t seem like it, but they are some of the most controlling people on the face of the planet, as well as manipulative. They also like to have all the power in a relationship, be it friendship or other. Now don’t get me wrong they can be very nice people, people you want to be friends with, as long as you are not the one being manipulated by them, then it’s another story.

It’s the same with the government. I trusted my government. Thought they were nice, and so they are if you are not the one being Gang Stalked by them, then it’s another story. They also like to be in control, they are manipulative and they also like to have the power in a relationship, as targets well know.

They love games, passive, aggressive, manipulative games. They like to hide in the shadow, behind a mask of sincerity, and harmlessness. The harmless geek type, wouldn’t hurt a fly. Have you seen some of the people in government?

They like to play games that will psychologically over time weaken their targets. If they can find a hook, a way to dig into the target they will do it. Eg. Attack a persons weight, make them feel insufficient, unworthy, do little things to break them down, while all the time making the target seem like they have the problem, or that they are the ones who are causing the harm in the friendship, relationship. When called on the bullshit, they feign being hurt, or attacked, knowing full well what they are doing. They are good at dropping tears at the drop of a bucket. Remember Gang Stalking is very similar, the government plays a psychological/Social game with the targets life that is set to destroy them, or at least severely limit their capacity. They do it over time, and if the target lashes out justifiably, they make it seem like it’s the targets fault.

Also trying to get away from a passive aggressive manipulator is almost as hard as getting away from Gang Stalking. I have known people to leave the country to get away from one of these people. With Gang Stalking targets are hardly ever that lucky.

Passive Aggressive Manipulators are hard to spot and hard to identify, even if you do identify one, most people would not believe you. The same is true for Gang Stalking, even when you try to tell them that the government is crazy and stalking you, via snitches, most people don’t believe. Also with both scenarios, if you do nothing to correct the situation it just get’s worst and worst and you just get sucked further down.

They’re not that hard to deal with. You can ignore them (hey, works for most) or just say things like;
“I hear what you’re saying and I fully understand what you’re asking for. However even if I wanted to do this I haven’t got the authority to do it, so I’ll have to get someone else.”
However the customer won’t want to hear this because they know that the next person will see right through them and veto their demands. They’re hoping that the first point of contact is a clueless pusher of pencils. If the first point of contact makes a mistake and gives them something they’re not entitled to then the customer has won. Handball this type as soon as it becomes feasible to do so, but make sure you give a very detailed account of any conversation that you’ve had with them because this type of customer will most certainly lie to the next person and say things such as;
“The person I was speaking to said that you’d be able to do this.” This is despite the fact that you’ve said no such thing. [b]The passive/ aggressive manipulator lives in their own plane of reality and everyone is lying but themselves. Remember that and you’ll soon be able to spot them and easily deal with anything they have to offer. [/b]

Just like P.A.M.’s, they will say it is black, when you have said it is white, and the clueless people around them will just go along with it. The same is true with the government, once they list you as insane, a pedophile, drug dealer, whatever lie they use to get you stalked and mobbed 24/7, they will not give up, and unless you learn to use your voice and express yourself as a target, your side of the story will never get heard. It will be a one sided conversation, where you never get to voice or express what you are feeling.

Passive aggressive manipulators, seem really warm and caring, but they can also be downright cold and feeling less. They can also be ruthless and dangerous, just like the government. If you think you are dealing with one, handle with caution, if you know you are dealing with one, well handle with even more caution.

Doing nothing does not work, getting angry does not work, you have to find someway to express to the world how you feel about the situation without coming off as the aggressor, dealing with manipulators and Gang Stalking is the same. Also manipulators in some cases can be as bad as the government. Because they are controlling, in some cases they like to know your actions 24/7. If the government could get inside the heads of targets they would.

How to deal with them. Discontinue association. Stop talking to them and interact with them as little as possible the moment you know that you are dealing with one. However if you really are dealing with one, you might have to eventually go public about ending the friendship or association and even then that will often just spur on the P.A.M. The same is true for the government. The moment they know that we are trying to get away from the Gang Stalking, they try to turn it up a notch, they like to think that they have you in a death grip and will not let go. Sometimes I wish we could Gang Stalk them.

Anyways I was wondering if writing a public I want out letter to the stalkers would help. It would go something like this.

I want out. I never wanted to be a Gang Stalking target. This is not ok with me, it never has been, and it never will be. I have been saying I want out for the last two years, you have just not been listening or we have a failure to communicate. Either way. I find Gang Stalking to be psychologically, emotionally abusive, and degrading. I don’t want to play this game anymore, I never did. I want my name out of this mess, I want my files removed and my name cleared. Stop spreading lies about me and the other targets. It’s nothing personal, but some people like the attention 24/7 and I personally don’t. I want my privacy back. I want the electronic/torture harassment to stop. I realise as long as I live in your country, that might not be possible, since there are just some ties that bind that can not be easily broken, but I still want out.

I want to live in peace and quite, i want to stop being psychologically degraded, manipulated, and I don’t appreciate the control. I do realise that my fellow sheeple for the most part are ok with this, and some even like the game, however I don’t. I don’t like the jobs that I have lost due to this garbage, or the reputation that has been ruined due to this, and I want it to stop. Simply put I want out.

In the future should I get bored and decide I again want to be psychologically manipulated, controlled, etc, I will let ya know. Yours sincerely, Citizen Gang Stalking.

Do I really think that would work? No, but it might be fun to do. All we can do is realise that silence kills, but also over reacting does us no good. These people are looking to push our buttons, they are playing games that we never asked to play. They will hold on to and control us as long as we let them. We must do what we can to remove them from our realm, that means on a physical level, but also on a psychological level and that can take time. Remember the name of the game is to ruin the targets reputation, put them into stressful situations, make them seem like they are the ones with the problem. Never let them get their side of the story out, and keep the rumour mill going. While seeming like the friendly benevolent government that would never do their citizens any harm right? That’s why I think governments are really passive aggressive manipulators at heart, and all we can do is work at getting out on every level that we can.

They do not have our best interests at heart, they are out to make sure that targets are degraded in every way possible, and it’s up to us to find a way out. We have to realise they will play these games for as long as we let them. Our best methods of defence are again exposure and awareness. Will it stop the Gang Stalking, probably not, but it can make it less severe. When you don’t have a voice and others are doing the talking for you you have no chance for survival.

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  1. Ambient Abuse

    The idea is to create an atmosphere in which the victim constantly feels tense and uncomfortable, but there is nothing they can do about it. They cannot complain or even confront you about it, because the problem is difficult to articulate, and you can simply deny it.

    Comment by gangstalking | May 15, 2008 | Reply

  2. Hey
    I know yeah, like if we could just try and…… uummmm
    hang on, are we actually thinking that we could communicate with these eerrr….well, we can liken them to either a disease, or yesterdays vomit on the floor (it’s cold, vile, you have no use for it, you never did have, you really don’t want to go near it, touch it, smell it, have anything to do with it, or even be in it’s presence for fear that it may somhow permeate your outer garment’s and leave them tainted in some way, it’s that ugly ya hoping somone else will kindly get rid of it for you.

    Lets see………. I used this one the other day in reply to one of aussietargetted’s blogs about them attacking her DOG for Gods sake, yes people her DOG, to bear in mind that many have it worse then we do, and also tried to express my deep sympathy for ANYONE out there that has to watch these evil and absolutley hideous crimes being perpertrated against your children.
    This not only literally brings me to tears, but has angered me to a point that I have (shit…this will save me time, i will quickly click and paste a small section of an email i sent the other day, or this will turn into an angry rant!);;

    Yes, being a mother myself, one of the hardest things to come to terms with is the fact that these people, for lack of a term that really defines what they are (I do like sub-human however) have no respect what so ever when it comes to children, alot of the time people within Gov depts are party to these things, so as to take your children. (wasn’t that hard to figure out)

    When I first read that (electronic sexual abuse of toddlers) story not long ago, it triggered an indiscribable feeling that must have being laying dormant inside of me all of my life, as I have never felt it before and am still angered to a point, i cant even explain.

    There is no use trying to understand why they do these things, to anyone with any integrity or compassion it is somthing that you will never be able to comprehend.

    The world will find out whats happening and sooner or later the perpertrators at the top will have alot to answer for, but this is not what we want, violence begets violence and it is a vicious circle, their minds are where a change must take place.
    The problem is simply this ; they truly beleive they will be exempt from the chaos they create and dont think they will be on the receiving end, either way, our job for now is to make people aware in an attemped to get these crimes recognised for what they are.

    Irresponsible and corrupt leadership is not leadership.

    We must do all we can to prevent total chaos, because although they are under the impression it will bring order (eventually) this will not come to pass as they assume.

    This is the story I used, actually in that message i used a small portion, the following is the account i found in its entirety}
    In the past 18 months I’ve seen 3 children tortured to death in satanic rituals before my aghast helpless eyes, two of my children and a grandchild.
    A 4th child known to us was killed by my brother in law not far out of my hearing. I barely escaped with several more children, (this makes 24 rescued in the past year, children with horrid tales to tell of their SRA abuse), The first ones we rescued from an underground gov’t complex. They had numbers instead of names.
    The true horror began when I realized there is nowhere safe to put these children. This cult is pervasive and world wide, even existing in our churches–all denominations. They implant the children with GPS locators. When I turned to Child Protection for help in sorting out which children had been abducted from good homes and which children had lived with abusers before the incident, my newborn was taken away and the leading caseworker held my children for ransom saying before witnesses that ; I could have my children, (my property and my freedom) back only if I disclosed the location of the rescued children.
    I have a lot of experience with how the state (does NOT) protect children. My 11 yr old daughter has 3 children, a single and twins concieved while she was in the tender loving care of the state as a fosterchild. My other 11 yr old daughter recently was induced to miscarry a 5 month old fetus, one that she most emphatically DID NOT concieve while in my care.
    I had to shoot my brother in law while escaping with the last child we rescued. Too bad I didn’t choose to kill this murderous billionaire perpetrator. I am truly sorry about that.
    As to electronic abuse, I’ve seen my 3 and 4 year old sons suffer electronic rapes and suffer 1st and 2nd degree burns on their penises. This pedophile perpetrator also heterodynes the boys with horrifying experiences of child rape—heterodyning is when they record the experience of a person from their brain waves and play the whole experience back on that person or on another person —complete with tactile. He rapes another child and forces my boys to experience it too.
    My recent experiences as a parent have included having to explain to a 4yr old why he has a painful erection that won’t go away even after we’ve poured cool water over it for 30 minutes, (he suffered 1st degree burns from the energy weapon our perpetrators used to induce this).
    On another occaision, I’ve had to explain to passers by in the grocery store why my 4yr old is howling and my 11yr old has started to abreact because he’s suffering 2nd degree burns to his penis form the directed energy hit he’s recieving and my daughter is simultaneously being electronically raped, (she lost conciousness from the sheer violence of it). I poured cold milk on my boy’s crotch right there in the frozen foods section while I tried to deal with my traumatized 11yr old, and traumatized passers by.
    When I got a restraining order on my ex,—the first real taste of freedom I’ve had in my life—We’ve been “married” in the cult since I was 8—he retaliated by killing a helpless old man via one of these remote weapons, endangering bystanders in the process. My friend died despite the best medical care on the planet–at a nationally known hospital–with a core body temp of 117, a murder he admitted to..
    His punishments are bloodcurdling. My 11yr old tells me when she was 9 he arranged to have her gang raped for some percieved minor infraction.
    I’ve been sexually assaulted face to face in the last 14 months so many times I’ve long since lost count. I know I am splitting off and becoming more and more controlled by my handlers. Some days I can feel myself disintegrating. What keeps me alive is the thought that if I don’t keep fighting,—my children will continue to be tortured and will not have a world to grow up in, let alone a society and a culture fit to live in or raise their children in
    Silence is assent.Complacency is Complicity. Stop these Nazi perpetrators. We’re living a silent holocaust, being slaughtered in every way and we need your Help!!!!.
    Exerpt from:

    This truly is a sickening account of an ordeal no one should have to face, let alone a child.
    There are more stories at this website of small children being attacked.

    I urge YOU to do somthing about this absolutly repulsive behaviour by ocultist’s and pedophiles within our Goverment’s NOW.

    I beg of you, not to turn your head or simply think ; this is insane, there’s no way this can be happening, because yes it is insane, but yes it is happening.

    I plead with you to help us make these crimes known to the public warn your freinds, family and loved ones.
    I warn you, do not think by ignoring these things will stop it happening to you, I became a victim of organised stalking and related crimes via a message board, primarily Cyber stalking.
    They hack into your PC, get your IP and personal details, and from that, they can bug your home phone, track and listen to you via your mobile/cell phone, have you under constant surveilence, YOU CAN NOT GO TO THE POLICE as their are too many corrupt individuals assisting in these crimes through what you may call an adults system of peer pressure and fear, then, if they don’t drag you off to a psych ward first were they can really do you some mental damage, you are the next parent sitting on the edge of your childs bed at night, crying to the point of exaustion, trying desperatly to hold yourself together while you watch them be attacked via D.E.W.s (direct energy weapons), electronically raped, burned and psychologically scarred for the rest of their lives, or perhaps watch them cry for hours on end because you cant stop some disgusting thing, that is under the impression it’s a human being, scream vile obscenities in your childs head at night, via V2S(Voice to skull technology) or your own.

    I have thought what you wrote above many times, when i first had the red pill shoved down my throat, but after reading accounts like this, I think it’s quite obvious writing open letters to sub-humans of this nature is an absolute waste of our precious time my freind.
    Found you’r website and I’m gonna post some stuff over there later.
    Beleive me when I say due to the magnitude of this issue, there is a reason you are alive, involved and doing what you are doing. what could possibly be more important?
    There are many more victims comming forward all the time and you give them strength as does anyone strong enough to be doing this work.


    Comment by 3v3ng3la | May 15, 2008 | Reply

  3. I did’nt read the above yet, but did you know they have a device that can read your thoughts/brainwaves to tell what you are saying in your head even? When I first learned of this I was not shocked at all and then later I felt as if i had already known it anyway and then I felt the spirit even stronger in the pre mortal life you know we knew it all and we all feel at times like we’ve been here before… I’m so honored to be chosen by God to be here at this time the last dispensation, the Meridian even the fulnes of times, you are so right faith can move mountains

    I really am searching for sheilding even more I have a drive to get it done then other things get in the way
    where do I get Mylar and what else can i use? and I’m trying to spread the truth of this evil at hand to all too

    God bless

    Comment by Turner | May 31, 2008 | Reply

  4. Hi Everyone,

    Thank you for writing, I have had computer trouble ever since posting the above. (Wonder why?) Anyways, thanks for your feedback. I wish I had time for longer comments, but I just finished going over 3000 spam emails.

    Hi 3v3ng3la,

    I have so many questions, however I am glad that you continue the fight for these kids, they need to feel safe from this sort of thing while trying to grow up in this world.

    Hi Turner,

    Yes they do have devices that can read minds, I have a funny story about this, but I will have to save this for another post. I had a weird experience about 2 months ago, and I keeep forgetting to blog about it.

    Comment by gangstalking | June 1, 2008 | Reply

  5. Judson says : I absolutely agree with this !

    Comment by Judson | June 2, 2008 | Reply

  6. You say you want out?

    From my experience, I think they keep trying to justify or find a reason to keep torturing you so they can keep getting paid.

    It seems that they may have to provide “evidence” to get money in some instances but maybe not in others.

    I know they are using websites to set victims up for various things. They mostly try to provoke victims to any type of violent response, whether in words or actions.

    They try to get victims to disparage certain persons of stature that could get more negative attention cast their way or possibly draw more funding to the stalking.

    These appear to be professional “provocateurs” or they could be just regular hired “internet rats”.

    A lot of this garbage appears to be contracted out.

    You should not get angry over anything, even in your own apartment because they will record it and use it against you.

    I am a very calm, relaxed, nonviolent person, extremely hard to provoke. You have to commit heinous felonies against me to even get my attention and now felonies don’t impress me much either. 🙂

    Oh, and I am quite sure that these people cannot “read” your mind yet, but they do have some tricks to make you believe this along with other things.

    Here is a comment from Afewgoodclips on “Targeted Perspective” on YouTube.

    It’s a US Justice Dept program. Created by their agency “C.O.P.S.” Which means “Community Oriented Policing Service”. Billions of Tax dollars are put into this. Community groups and Faith Based groups get grant money to help gather evidence and to try to get the suspect to change his behavior. In doing so, however, they violate the rights of the suspect and commit crimes against them as well. The data & protocols R on DOJ’s website. They don’t mention electronic harassment. Just the other stuff.

    Here is a comment from GSwatchdog on “A message to the Gangstalkers” on YouTube.

    Almost every single Targeted Individual [TI], including myself, thinks that their personal case is the one that will get some media or officials attention. No matter who we turn to, we only find closed doors. Maybe is time to let other TI’s to try on their own.

    Here is a comment from mukwa007 on the same clip.

    Reno, NV Gang/Stalker members were bragging that they get secret money from HomLand-Security & tha Mafia, and that they’ve seen all the “Faces-of-Death” videos and that they were directly part of the F%-ing Demented is that…ha..ha..Lol..

    Comment by gangstalked | June 3, 2008 | Reply

  7. I forgot to mention that the stalker websites are used to get information for “gas-lighting” too.

    They also gather information about what is being used for shielding so they can adjust their attacks.

    I find it interesting that “paid community groups and faith based groups” allegedly are the ones identifying victims and then calling them “suspects”, without providing any charges of evidence to us as required by our constitution.

    Our constitution is the law.

    Comment by gangstalked | June 3, 2008 | Reply

  8. There is some information about last my post. It referred to a comment from this first link.

    Targeted Perspective


    This is another link with information.

    A message to the Gangstalkers

    Comment by ganstalked | June 4, 2008 | Reply

  9. Targeted Perspective

    Comment by ganstalked | June 4, 2008 | Reply

  10. Gangstalking, I forgot to say sorry if you didn’t like the longer post I made earlier.

    Comment by ganstalked | June 4, 2008 | Reply

  11. Gangstalking, Thank God you left a response I was getting worried, You cant just leave a I WANT OUT letter and not write anything for as long as you did, shit I was starting to think you had committed suicide or something.

    Yeah this is bullshit, I have had problems posting stuff ever since my Britney Spears Comments, on Gangstalkings other blog. Now they’re not lettin me post my comments fuk them, it just pisses me off and makes me more determined. let them play their games the truth will ALWAYS surface.

    I found a fantastic link check it out and pass it on
    < anyone with kids or a heart, TI ‘s with attractive kids, Why is this happening to you? Click link, nuff said

    I am trying to start networking however, I have a slow connection and out of the 11 e-mails I sent of targeted victims here in Australia, I had 9 returned (un able to reach destination) but they are tracking everything we do.

    We have no privacy, cant wait to have a faster connection their always fukin with my computer, I get pop ups like their gonna make it look like a suicide, and you know those little squiggly numbers and letters you have to put in when you leave a page like a code thing, they put messages in the box and name call like the little idiots they are (play ground bullies) sounds unbelievable huh, then again so does the fact that we have deluided victims of mind control that beleive their related to Lucifer in our government sacrificing children and trying to kill us all, losers.

    Hey gangstalking
    I know I said I was gonna post some stuff on gang stalking world, I still intend on doing so, I found some lyrics on a couple other sites that made me laugh about mind control, such as the silicon chip inside her head gets shift overload etc. not that I think its funny, but I did giggle when i came across the old Gloria song, where they sing; was it somthing that they said, all the voices in your head callin Gloria. and then another example was trust the voice within by Christina Aguilira????? I thought WTF. that’s taking it a little far, but their are some great examples, I will leave some lyrics over at the site, My favorite is The Vandals. If the government could read my mind. It’s the best.

    It starts;
    Baby I’m more then a little concerned you see,
    about the NWO conspiracy, and the covert spreading of deadly disease lololol hhuuhhhhh its beautiful if you haven’t heard it down load it, it always makes me smile.


    Comment by 3v3ng3la | June 5, 2008 | Reply

  12. Passive Aggressive Manipulators.

    I think you just described _all_ the gangstalkers.

    Comment by anon | June 5, 2008 | Reply

  13. I made a post that was there, then gone, then back and now gone again. Did you remove it?

    Comment by gangstalked | June 6, 2008 | Reply

  14. I would not have the time or inclination.

    Comment by gangstalking | June 7, 2008 | Reply

  15. Then you are being hacked some way or your website spoofed.

    Comment by gangstalked | June 7, 2008 | Reply

  16. Hey Gangstalked
    That happens to me all the time, no shit, even here, I had an argument well not really, I was in a strange mood “comment/post” and they wouldn’t post my comments HERE it just kept on commin up “oopps looks like you have already said that” pfffft because i put in segments of this;

    Purple laserbeams seen courtesy of headlights. Whether they are also being generated from the same light fixtures as the headlights is not yet known.

    Check out the Advanced Medical Optics paper (linked below) that to my knowledge was found with a paint tray on the exterior second-floor landing of my residential building, just west of Metro Hall (the next block): PTICS-paper.jpg

    Though always purple in the videos uploaded by many people from all over the world, the lasers exhibit some different patterns & rhythms that may indicate communication or biorhythmic manipulation.

    Further, whether from a paranormal or advanced technological source (or both), an Electronic Voice Phenomenon is audible in this video. The voice asks, “Hear me, no?”

    Clearly, some thing is going on that affects people worldwide. Every one has a right to stop being targeted with the neurologically harming lasers & sound frequencies being directed against them through governments’ CURRENT INTERNATIONAL MK-ULTRA project.

    The sound frequencies include perpetual hissing that is known by scientists to a) undermine concentration and positive feelings, b) create fear and agitation.

    The project’s government-paid applications violate all of our fundamental rights. Among the most horrific applications are HUMAN TRAFFICKING AND HUNTING PEOPLE TO DEATH, FOR “SPORT”.

    Targets are first debilitated by gang-stalking & perpetual assaults, including through the abuse of a) advanced military technology, b) vast human resources.

    This is more than a Directed Energy Weapons test: It is an all-out Directed Energy Weapons assault against every one, including those who have been COMPLETELY DECEIVED into believing a) that they are not already being harmed by it, b) that a loop-hole will spare them the ultimate price.

    The primary targets of satanic “secret” society men armed with military resources are women and children, especially scholars engaged in world-harmonizing activities.

    These systematic assaults are designed to a) destroy inner peace, b) create violent divisions among people. THESE ARE GREED-MOTIVATED HATE CRIMES.

    Everyone today knows that this satanic network exists. The only real secret is for how long they will pretend in public that they do not exist.

    Among the perpetrators is my stepfather who has been rewarded with President Bush’s Physician of the Year Award (2005-2006) and PROVIDED BY PRESIDENT BUSH, at taxpayer expense, FREE REIGN AND RESOURCES TO CONTINUE a) systematically torturing me, b) attempting to set me up for false charges, c) abusing vulnerable children.

    See: MeUpForEasierAcquisitionByHumanTraffickers.html

    I have a current window of opportunity within which to regain my health and during this critical time corrupt government-sponsored parties are ACTIVELY continuing to undermine my chances for recovery.
    From someone’s personal account whom I do believe they are tryin to kill.

    Just keep on re posting thats what I do. over and over and over and over, write it on a word doc then drop and drag it over and slap it back on, so if they fuk you around, you can go to word hit your undo button and do it again, thats what I do **big dumb smile** it works.

    Comment by 3v3ng3la | June 7, 2008 | Reply

  17. Stalking at workplace using Mobile Phone Tracking and Thought Reading has been reported in Mumbai, India. The stalker is known to me is psychic in nature.

    Tracking where the individual is and then contacting by locating nearby cell phone or group sms in the locality is common.

    Comment by Neptune | June 26, 2010 | Reply

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