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Some companies are evil.

I was just thinking about some of the stalking and the mobbing that some of us are experiencing. I was reminiscing on the fact that some companies are evil. Most I guess. It’s easier for them to ruin someones life, have them stalked, slandered or erased rather than try to do the right thing and fix a problem if they have created one.

Most companies don’t have smart, credible people. Some do, but most don’t. I am also guessing as you get closer to the top, the worst it get’s in some companies. I have seen people get promoted because the company wanted to use them to help get rid of or cover up for some misdeeds.

The bullying research Tim Fields was doing showed a lot of the same thing. Patterns of promotions to help cover up bullying. I realise it only gets worst as you go along. I was just thinking about the last few places that I had worked at.

My awareness of my induction into the world of Gang Stalking came after I finally worked up the nerve to go to the human right commission about what had been 2 full years of workplace mobbing. For my efforts and to silence me, that’s when I first started to get the really overt signs that I was being stalked and monitored and that is also when I was introduced to  electronic harassment. There was always a correlation looking back. Anytime I went to HR or tried to get the mobbing stopped, it would always escalate outside of the workplace. Of-course back then I still thought it was something simple and it was just people from work getting their friends to mob me outside of work as well. What I now know is that the company used the situation that I was not aware of, to try to harass me into silence. To also try to break me down.

Knowing what I know now, and having read the reports from others, I see the pattern really clearly now, but hindsight is 20/20 right.

This got me thinking about my most recent bought with electronic harassment. I mean I have been getting harassed, but what happened over the last couple of months was more intense. It also correlated with the questionable circumstances involved with my dismissal from my last job. The electronic harassment not only consisted of microwaving me on a consistent basis several times per day, but whatever they were doing was several times worst than what was being done before. I can’t say for sure there is a correlation, but it got me thinking. I don’t know why I never questioned if there was a correlation. Not saying there was, but I never questioned or associated the two.

It’s just I realise that some companies when they discover they have made a mistake or an error, they don’t go about doing the right thing to try to correct it. Their policies are if you screw up cover up. Figure out how we can keep this person quit, or how we can eliminate that witness or this person etc. I have read about so many whistle-blowers and accidents, or mishaps, fake suicides, etc. Companies don’t play nice, I guess it’s easier that way.

The last company that I worked for had a real workplace bully issue, whither they knew it or not. They also had a culture that really didn’t help to do anything about it. I mean I watched the workplace bully manager in question, seat people on multiple occasion together in situations that were not for the companies good, but that were designed to create conflict if possible. The problem is this company didn’t seem to be aware of this or if they were, they didn’t seem to really care. Bullies ruin lives period, and they cost companies money in the long run, and company that houses, fosters and protects bullies, don’t have their employees best interests at heart, and you have to wonder if they have their customers interests at heart in the long run?

Some companies are also rife with gossip, breathing air and gossip in companies seem to go hand in hand. The last place I worked for had a culture of this. As I have blogged about a few times before. Having been the focus of gossip a few times, I can say that some companies are better than others for getting things corrected, others are not. I spent about a month or so at the last company, trying to extract myself from gossip, to no avail. I realise that people feed off of gossip and slander, they really do. If companies are bad, then sometimes the people within the companies are worst. Some places foster a really immature culture, from the top to the bottom.

Anyways I was thinking about the laws in society and they allow companies to get away with a lot of this stuff. I was reading about 2 female executives that were let go without cause from some telecommunications company, wrongful dismissal. Companies use the fact that they don’t have to provide a reason to get get rid of people consistently. So you could be the center of some cooked up scenario, you didn’t fully know about, and have the company decide you are not a good fit and not ever know the real reason. From a few sources that I have talked to, this happens a lot. One source that I spoke to said they had a female employee hired to be a receptionist, she dressed better than most of the people in the company, came in with furs from time to time etc. The people felt that she was a snob who thought she was better then everyone else, and eventually the company gave her some cheap excuse and let her go. I got a few other scenarios that were the same, but that’s the gist of it, companies can do this, and do this more and more increasingly.

I think in time this can only in some companies foster a really hostile workplace environment. When I first started doing research into harassment and workplaces, one of the things I discovered is that many workers would be more happy with an apology from a company that had done them wrong, then with financial compensation. In many cases people were just looking for an apology, but because companies can not say sorry we were wrong, without putting themselves at risk, many simply have policies in place that force workers to seek out closure legally. Many disputes could be sorted outside of the courts if companies just found a way to say sorry, isn’t that sad?

Anyways, haven’t had much time to stop and think over the last couple of months, because the focus has been on shielding, but the last time I had to focus on shielding was some company trying to keep me quite and distracted, and here I have been over the last couple of months having to ramp it up again, and it correlates with ambiguous circumstances of the last job. Companies can be evil, but again the people in companies have and do play a role in the culture that they create within the company.

Some cultures like gossip and slander, others are a little more mature. Some companies are lucky enough to have intelligent management in place and that seems to also trickle down to the types of people that they hire, some companies have not very intelligent bully elements in place, and that also seems to trickle down to the culture created in the environment, to the detriment of many, often innocent people. I guess in the long run, if companies are going to change, then the culture has to change, each person has to do their part to try to make their environments better if they can.

I am almost always out of the gossip loop in places that I work, but I am also almost always the center of gossip. Same with a lot of other targets, guess it just works better that way. Anyways just some quit reflections that I have not had time to blog about till now.

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  1. All companies/businesses take their direction from the top down, good and bad.

    And as we all know, sh*t runs down-hill. 😉

    Comment by bill | April 20, 2008 | Reply

  2. Guess that is true.

    Comment by gangstalking | April 20, 2008 | Reply

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