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Britney Spears. Insane or Targeted Individual?

Sources tell TMZ that the pop starlet has been classified as “GD” –gravely disabled. “That means the patient is unable to

take care of basic needs, such as the acquisition of food, clothing or shelter,”[/quote]

Wow in one year we are to believe that she went from Pop star to psychiatric poster child. I admit that this could happen,

it’s not impossible, but the problem that I am having with it is that someone on one of those gang stalking forums some time

ago had mentioned that the system had finished with Britney and that this is how the system deals with some people when they

have finished with them.

Now as I watched Britney’s breakdown, I kept this in the back of my mind. If for some reason Britney is not crazy and the

system is really just trying to bring her down, then they are doing a good job. Remember we have not heard from Britney

herself most of this time. What we have heard is what third parties are trying to tell us about her.

All I know is, if you are not crazy, and the system wants to make you look crazy, seem crazy, they can do it.

We have Britney with a years worth of odd behavior. Most of it seems bizarre, but then we are not getting her side of the


A lot of the stuff that Britney did initially with paparazzi, could easily have been written off as public baiting. I never

had any doubt on this score, that she was being publicly baited and then when she was reacting, we would only hear about how

she lashed out.  As a target I have seen this too often to not recognise what I was seeing.

What about the other stuff? Since I have had to worry about myself, I really have not paid that much attention to this pop

brat that I never cared much about to begin with, but with the possibility that she was somehow being purposely systemically

destroyed, I thought about specific events.

Eg. I know she shaved her head, but it is never clear why she shaved her head. I mean was it drugs, bad hair day, lice, or

maybe she is just a little out there.

Then she had the stay in rehab and that is when the odd behavior really began. It’s after this stay that I really noticed the

odd behavior, the breakdown of her visitation rights with her kids.

During this time of course she is trying to come back to the top, with new music, and little mishaps, seem to be happening to

her along the way.

The main thing that is hard to understand is Britney’s behavior with her kids, but since we are never hearing from her, it’s

hard to know what the truth is. I know that I have seen targets get their kids taken away by the system and then be forced to

say and do anything to get them back. All I know is it has always seemed odd that Kevin Federlaine should be considered a

more fit parent than Britney, or even her mother. To me I can believe that Britney would want to do everything to keep Kevin

away from her kids, including a 3 hour standoff with police. It’s amazing how he is suddenly father of the year.

I also think that Britney has never had the best family influence, but as we all know, most targets of the system have

families who are already down with the system and would happily go along with making a person look crazy. My family is no

exception to the rule, just like most other targets.

I will be really worried if she goes on medication, or starts to hear voices after this stay.

Watching Britney’s case, all I can say is, if I did not know about how the system takes people down, a year ago, I would have

just flat out gone with the girl is mentally unstable. Even knowing what I know, it’s still hard for me to not think that she

might be mentally unstable, but knowing what I know, I am aware that there is the possibility that the system could be trying

to take her down. Remember Theresa Duncan. They made her look nuts as well, before her unfortunate suicide. (Well what seems

to be a suicide.)

If Britney goes on meds, and we find her dead, or something, I would not be surprised, they are setting the stage for it. The

problem with the system bringing you down, is that the target, never get’s to tell their side of things, and they often don’t

know exactly what is happening to them. Here is some of the crazy stuff Britney has been accused of listed below. There is

other more odd behavior, but unless you are seeing both sides of the story, don’t even begin to think you are looking at the

whole puzzle.

[quote]At other times she has arrived at public events in short skirts and without underwear, shaved her head bald, ran over

a photographer’s foot, left the scene of a fender bender, flogged another car with an umbrella and abandoned a car in traffic

when it had a flat tire. Earlier this week, she was photographed holding her pet dog and crying.[/quote]
I was not sure if I should blog about this or not. I am not saying that every person that has a break down is getting gang

stalked, but I am saying that in the case of Britney Spears, there is some reason to believe and suspect that this is what

might be happening.

If someone knows about gang stalking and the methods that are used, then you can put a lot of what has been happening to

Britney in line with this. However of course you can also put what has been happening to Britney right in line with mental

illness, cause that is the idea.

I am not a Britney fan, I won’t hide that fact, but if there is something else going on with her, something so insidious that

it’s hard to fathom, then the possibility should be put out there as well.

I have seen a few targets, get involuntarily confined the same way, and the idea is to either get them to cooperate with the

system, or to put them out of commission permanently.

It’s funny, a year ago, she had fan, friends, family, and now she is so disturbed, that no one can go near her, she can’t

take care of herself, I know this happened or was made to appear to be happening gradually, and sitting back from this side

of the fence, I could almost believe the illusion, but I also know that there is often times more to the story. I would just

ask people to keep an open mind on this one. Before it’s too late for Britney.

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  1. I am a targeted individual, and I have been wondering myself if Britney has been targeted. Either way, she IS followed around wherever she goes, rumours are spread about her, she has absolutely no privacy. Before I was targeted I couldn’t have cared less about her but I now realize really no one deserves that kind of treatment.

    Comment by Kevin | February 3, 2008 | Reply

  2. In order for this to be true, it would require a global conspiracy involving her family, the media, and the medical profession.

    Comment by blogesota | February 3, 2008 | Reply

  3. No it would not. It did not require a global conspiracy when this happened to John Lennon and it does not now. Although what is happening is system. I have said that before.

    Her family at times seem close, and at other times, they don’t seem to have the best interest of their kids at heart. She talks about the control that her family had over her, and she says that is why she had her 24 hr marriage, to get away from some of that, to rebel as she put it.

    For her to be provoked in public by the media is easy. In fact I just spent some time on youtube, and that is exactly what they are doing, is provoking her in public, till she lashes out, then it’s oh crazy Britney.

    In fact in the newspaper article, it said that the cops were anticipating this breakdown, and were ready, and infact were looking for a way to get her to where she is now.

    It would not be that hard at all. Most people just go with what they are told and what they see. In fact even as a target, I tended to just rather believe that she is having a breakdown, rather than believe that someone could be purposely doing this to her. However on a daily basis, I see this and people go out of their way to provoke me.

    I have seen the media take every oppertunity to present her in the worst light every chance they get. If you have people following you around 24/7 day in day out, trying to find you at your worst, they will eventuallly find it, and if that is all that get’s reported, then you can demonise someone this way.

    Trust me, it can be done. People, politicians are hung and tried in the media this way all the time.

    Comment by gangstalking | February 4, 2008 | Reply

  4. Hi Kevin,

    This is something someone one a gangstalking forum alluded to close to a year ago, before the really obvious stuff started happening, before she even went into rehab. If she ends up hearing voices, or has it made to look like she is, or kills herself after being forced to go on medication, I would not be surprised.

    This system and their brand of justice, and compliance can be really sick and crazy at times.

    Comment by gangstalking | February 4, 2008 | Reply

  5. What Britney is going through hass all the symptoms of gang stalking attacks and effects. I am being gang stalked, you can see my perpetrator on my blog at

    it has been alomost two years now of hellish stalking by this man and his helpers in the public and community. this man is a freemasonic flithy rich man who has targeted me for no apparent reason to me, but something perhaps has spured him to attack and persecute me on a daily basis. his ultimate aim is to control me and gain power over me and my life. his tactics are as follows:
    he will set up my home, car and work so that I am bugged, spied on by people and hidden cameras. he will do things to annoy me and then he will get companies to phone me at certain times in the day to let me know that he is watching me. he will sabotage my job causing me to get fired, he will obstruct all my job applications preventing me from getting a job, he will speak to all my familly and friends and convince them to take part ( i believe he is pretending and telling them a story to justify his reasons for targeting me). everyone i know starts to say things to me that are weird and out of character, my computer gets hacked and i get messages, email and spam that is targeted and anooying. i get targeted by my dentist who injects me with an rfid tag, the stalker starts to attack me with rf waves that burn me where the implant is. the doctors refuse to conduct test when i complain to them calling me paranoid and trying to get me admitted to hopsital. the doctors refuse to treat me and provide me with medical care. i get set up by police and solicitors. every job i apply to gets put on hold after i go to the interview or they never call me to interview me when thay arrange to interview me. the list is endless on the amount of attacks i have endured. the design is to compeltely break me down and show to me that i have zilth rights. I live in the UK and my perpetrator is from the USA.. what i have gone through is to hell and back.

    Comment by jes | May 7, 2008 | Reply

  6. Gangstalking began for me about 7 years ago. Learned a year ago all family members, ex-spouses and son were involved. I live with a man who is my “handler.” (Disguised as boyfriend, but it’s evident he hates me.)Have very severe sensitivies to electrical devices, rarely able to use computer, can’t live alone, can’t run, tried to kill myself told I am programmed against it because they want me alive. I’m told really crazy stuff. That aliens live among us in human form and are trying to take over the world. My handler is one, he says. I’m told I AM ONE TOO! That I was a Queen in another life, a person of great goodness and therefore greatly hated by these evil ones. That’s why I’m targeted here. Been told family has planted reports with police and son’s therapist that I am violent and abusive. (I’m quiet and terrified.) They say they are going to frame me for murder and I am terrified. Say I will go to jail soon. Have they ever sent anyone to jail on false evidence???? I beieve they could – they have so much power. They say I will be sent back to my home world a convicted traitor, when home world rejects me I’ll be sent to a “hell” dimension. There’s more but that’s all for now please please respond. I know I’m mind controlled in small things – can they make you do a major bad thing you don’t want to do????

    Comment by Susan Lambert | May 11, 2008 | Reply

  7. I just submitted a comment under the name Susan Lambert. Got to let you know this is a pseudonym – I thought this submission site would let you sign off with an “online” name. So don’t go after the Susan Lambert’s of the world, guys. I’m so freaked I would never use my own name!!!

    Comment by Inhiding | May 11, 2008 | Reply

  8. Most well known mind slaves (Terrorized individuals)
    Marilyn Munroe
    HRH Queen Diana “A great hope crushed in its infancy”
    Under Suspicion, Mind slaves, some cases mind slave / groupie abuse, occultists/ Illuminati and organized stalking involvement.
    When dead some of these can be added to list above.

    Michael Jackson
    Christina Aguilera
    Led Zeppelin
    Mariah Carey
    Mick Jagger
    Shirley McClain
    Kylie Minougue
    Etc. etc. etc
    Rock and roll and mind control@
    Britney Most Def a mind slave, first dead giveaway, Mickey Mouse club. Research; Disney child slavery,
    Disney mind programming, Disney Illuminati connection, Disney perverts, Disney subliminal messaging etc. etc.
    lotta that stuff shocked me, not so much that Walt was an occultist and pedophile or that he was a mason of 32nd or 33rd degree or even the three 6s in his signature that he didn’t design, or that Disney is actually derived from Isigney and is supposedly a Illuminati bloodline.
    It’s quite well known in the industry that he took much credit for the creative work of others, but the mind programming that has gone on for many years the amount of time is what initially had me surprised.
    On that link, you will find transcripts of a grand dame (evil bitch) that is programming very small children with Fantasia. Sometimes bound with their eyelids taped open, feeding them information, after God only knows how much torture, and psychological torment (burning, raping, cutting, hosing, pet killing, sleep deprivation etc.) to deliberately split their mind, thus producing alters’ (personalities) to then program for whatever their desired purpose; future sex/mind slaves, sleepers/assassins etc.
    this was Fantasia, you may recall the broom splitting apart in the sorcerer’s apprentice, this the point where the child is told it is ok to “break off” and “split apart”, blah blah blah, that’s enough for me, I find it cruel and repulsive, read it for yourself.
    The whole thing is on that link. Disneyland is supposedly a world of its own and a law unto itself, law enforcement do not like to get involved with “Disney Business” as they have their own live in staff, currency, police, everything who are all under tight control when they know enough.
    I often show my 6 year old, not that I should have, to the satanic hand sautés in the films example; Lion King 2 where the nasty lioness says to the young Kovu, “You have the same conniving mind that made Scar so powerful, and as she says “POWERFUL” queue the hand gesture (blatantly obvious)
    Not so obvious however is the sign made by the lovely Snow White, after the queen orders the huntsman to bring back her heart (highly satanic) as he approaches her in the forest she makes the devil horns sign with her hand (very subtle) there are many other’s look for yourself you will find them, some not as obvious as others (likened to the penis in King Tritons castle, The Little Mermaid.) but they are there and they are deliberate.
    I truly believe the only way to guard our children is to EDUCATE THEM NOW I like to call it counter programming, and often tell her that the naughty people that help make the cartoons, want children to think like them, so there is more naughty people in the world, and put things like (hand gestures) etc. in the children’s programs. Disney’s perverted weirdness.
    These are subtle but highly suggestive subliminal’s in the contribution of conditioning/ brain washing our youth such as the acceptance of provocative adult fashions on very young girls, children in relationships’ and kissing passionately at 11 years old . Watched Disney channel lately?(BTW if someone writes, but this is reality kids are doing these things and worse, firstly, my daughter does not need to be subjected to it. Secondly, it does not have to be that way. Thirdly, that doesn’t make it right.)
    Brats is another one that is aimed at a very young female audience that sikens me, I mean these fukers look like anorexic grey aliens, with heavy makeup and slutty clothing. eeyearh like that skirt totally rocks and like my new glitter gloss sooo works with that bag ! Is this the shallow and superficial mentality we want our children to have?
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^Oooops I did it again>>>>>>>>>ranting.
    Britney. I mentioned Disney, secondly she has been on many occasion, seen in public with the strangest attire (ripped stocking’s and trashy outfits you would expect to see on a 5 dollar hooker) absolutely off her head. No that does not mean she is a mind slave, but it is my opinion her programmers do these things to her to discredit and embarrass her, and to make fun of her.
    I recently read her friends “handlers” (you will never see the real perps psych’s and so on that do the real damage in the mental wards) joke how easy she is to manipulate and control via her medication. That they like to hide her dog and pretend it’s dead or missing etc.
    She has been seen slumping over in the gutter crying” I am in hell and no one can save me” Programers love to make their slaves(victims) believe they are in hell/ already dead/ a dead or sleeping /soul / an android / Goddess /Alien /Butterfly/ Cat whatever works likened to organized stalking they cater their program to the victim.
    She apparently took refuge in a church overnight upset and scared stupid. I would not be at all surprised with a Christian background if she has revelations programming} they have lead her to believe she is either Jezebel/ the Mother/Woman of God being chased by Satan/ whore of Babylon etc. etc.
    When they have admitted her to the psych ward she has been scarred and crying hysterically not endangering people or lashing out violently. Screaming things like there gonna stop me seeing my kids.( I know how this works because they have done it to me.) Then a week later is acting as if nothing’s happened Mind Control do as your told and everything is fine. They claim she’s bi-polar I would say closer to MPD/DID due to what they have done to her. (She blurts out what sounds like strange languages and then tells herself to shut up.)
    In a magazine a couple of weeks ago I saw an article with her mother in where they stated “Brits Mom Matriarch, pffft that was enough for me, and anyone else in the know.
    Look, She would be chipped, if not V2S Tech at the very least, be under constant surveillance, her kids would be used as a weapon against her, on whatever meds they want her to be on, and when she steps out of line or doesn’t do as they wish, threatened about her children or they will go public with some other stuff they have on her to further discredit her, little added pressure here and there, get her smashed terrorize and scare her until she finally loses it, they set up the photographers= boom; Britney’s antics have once again brought attention to the already troubled stars life, in this the fourth episode of blah blah blah.
    Bein a celebrity aint shit, they have no control over their lives, no freedom, no privacy, and wear what their told, sleep with who their told, they do as they are told, and those who don’t are scarred shitless and live in fear. It’s that simple. They are drug addicts and have more mental fuck up’s and STD’s then they can point their Armani’s and versa chi’s at. Their relationships never last and if they do, it’s only because there fuking all their partner’s friends, relatives, their fans, favorite plush toys and probably pets, and let’s not forget to mention anything else they come into contact with. Cold facts, people cold facts.
    Well maybe not that last part……………………………..perhaps……….I mean the bit about the toy’s.
    Gotta keep you’r sense of humor.
    ^^^^And that there ladies and gentlemen, is how I became a TI. Amongst other reasons. I like to voice my opinions and will continue to do so.

    Comment by 3v3ng3la | May 19, 2008 | Reply

  9. Hi 3v3ng3la,

    I feel bad for brit and others who are going through things. I mean to be mind controlled, or having DID is hard to deal with, especially if induced. It’s harder if you bring kids into the mix. Then they can be used to further control targets.

    I don’t have a lot of knowledge about this side or aspect of other targeting, but I would like to learn more.

    Comment by gangstalking2 | June 1, 2008 | Reply

  10. I believe Britney is a target of gang-stalking, and I suspect all of her boyfriends, both past and present, as well as her bodyguards. This is an observation from being a target of gang stalking myself, although Britney’s perps are making it quite obvious. She handles her self quite well considering what she puts up with, tho I think she might be an unaware-target like I was. Its a little frightening first learning about covert stalking, but all you targets out there: you get stronger eventually, and try to even have ‘fun’ with it (if you can call it that, because it most certainly is not). God bless.

    Comment by proudchristiangirl | June 8, 2008 | Reply

  11. So true, I would not be surprised if her boyfriends some or all had been paid by the system, or used to keep her in line. I think it’s so easy to forget that there are people will will date, marry, sleep with, court as the system tells them to, and then drop those relationships just as easily. Both men and women. I think the moment she had kids with K-fed you knew she was going to have a bad time of it.

    Anyways yes, you do have to find a way to have some fun with it.

    Comment by gangstalking | June 8, 2008 | Reply

  12. This is the most horrifying peice of propaganda about the high tech mafia, I’ve ever seen, you’re filth. Please help these victims,. the government is not designed to murder people,. basic laws and common sence protect us all.

    Comment by Rhys Hovey | May 4, 2009 | Reply

  13. Again, about having fun with it, well I do so only when I feel its safe to, and as I aren’t so far subjected to experimental weapons.

    Sometimes I try and lose them, like change my top/jacket or hat after I’ve been in the restroom, and lose them.

    I definitely agree with the list by ‘3v3ng3la’ of terrorized individuals. The people on this list had better look out.

    Rest in peace Michael Jackson.

    Comment by proudchristiangirl | July 28, 2009 | Reply

    • Everyday of our lives after we become targets is a day we need to look out. I hope that poor girl was able to get herself and those kids out of the bad situation that she was in.

      Comment by gangstalking | August 5, 2009 | Reply

  14. as a secret site you shouldnt be requiring peoples email….Your comments

    Comment by Mary Swift | October 16, 2009 | Reply

    • It’s wordpress you are meeting their requirements not mine. Most people who don’t want to leave their email addresses don’t.

      Comment by gangstalking | October 17, 2009 | Reply

  15. poor britany murphy too

    Comment by proudchristiangirl | January 23, 2010 | Reply

  16. A bunch of this is wacked, but group stalking is real. It happens in tight communities. Someone is smeared through gossip and singled out as dangerous or crazy. The individual “deserves the treatment.” They hack your computers and follow you everywhere. They show up wearing certain things to make sure you know they were waiting for you. They hack your phones and watch you at work and constantly drive by your house. It’s especially bad if the stalking is started by those in power. Christian communities are great for this stalking behavior because they are able to somehow justify any of their illegal activities. Christian music publishers start this targeted stalking if they don’t like what people say about them. Don’t even type in a private email account that you suspect their writers are thieves. Because the community is so tight and the targeted individual has been so maligned, no one steps in to stop the stalking. No one. If the town is wacked enough, local police will join in the stalking, even if the individual has broken no laws and is going about normal life activities. It’s a nightmare come true and it’s all in the name of God. It just breaks you down to nothing and makes you not want to leave the house. It can go on for years, there is no way out of it.

    Comment by wow | March 25, 2010 | Reply

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