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Mark’s letter to Targets

Mark’s Letter to targets. Below is a letter from Mark M.
Rich. to TI’s. It was on his site.

Dear Friend,
I call you friend because if you & I were to meet face to face we would sense a special kinship & would probably know each other immediately. I know nothing about your background. I’m not aware of your personal circumstances, whether you’re young or old, male or female. I don’t know what your religious or ethnic background is. But I have an idea of the type of person you are. You are probably very artistic & above average in intelligence. You are probably honest & live by a higher set of ideals than the general mass. You are probably a self-correcting person. You probably have not been satisfied with the knowledge you’ve received through traditional channels. You are most definitely a seeker. Regardless of why you think you have been targeted, relatively speaking, you are probably a saint. This may be why you’ve been chosen. 
Your life has changed drastically. You will never look at people, or the American flag the same way again. You are directly experiencing a result of the primitive, unresolved collective-insanity, that you have heard of other historical figures running into. By now you have probably concluded that this is the same entity that has killed people who have recognized & resisted it throughout history. Its name changes from place to place, & from time to time. It expresses itself in different ways. But it is always the same; it is large & powerful & has the minds of most people. You are face to face with it in the form of Organized Stalking. It has focused its attention on you & it will not stop. At this point it doesn’t matter when or why it started, or what the name of the group or agency is. It would have happened anyway. You will end up jobless & Mobbed out of work. You may end up in jail or dead. You will loose friends & family. You may end up homeless, possibly living from shelter to shelter. And you will be persecuted the whole time. I am personally not very religious, but I know evil when I see it. You are in a fight for your life against people being used by Satan. There is no more accurate way to put this. It is necessary that you document your case & survive as long as you can, to provide testimony to anyone with eyes & ears. You are not alone. 
Mark M. Rich

That was Mark’s letter to TI’s. It was up on his site before it went off the air. We are really the best shot we have for preserving each others memories. I often wonder why there are not a hundread other targets posting Mark’s words, or having the forethought to do the same for other sites, target’s activists. I mean there are supposedly so many of us out here, so why are we not activly doing this for each other?

I was thinking about his words, and what was going through his mind when he wrote them. By that time it looks like he had figured out that yes this is more involved than any of us realised. Collective-insanity
he called in. I see it as collective conformty of the
worst kind.

I find that as I read his words they match my own thoughts. This is so much bigger than a lot of us. Be it mobbing, bullying, Journalist and the buzzsaw, it’s the same thing that is killing, imprisoning, jailing, institutionalising, driving to poverty, rack and ruin all of us. That’s why we all need to be working together.

It’s doing the same thing to all of us in different ways, and to different degrees. I was mobbed out of work for years, and so many different times, and I never even knew what mobbing was, or knew that the whole thing was deliberate. I also did not know that it was systemic and
that it was happening to so many others. Or the bigger
picture. I now know for sure that being sensitised the first time, was completely deliberate. Even up until recently, I still thought the whole thing was just accidental. (There are some parts of this that I can not come to terms with.)

Why people are targeted. We often want to blame ourselves. It’s because I filed a suit, it’s because I am a dissident, whistle-blower, white, minority, Asian, Indian, male, female, gay, straight, religious origin, whatever. In part you are right, but in part you are wrong. In my opinion Mark was on the right path. You are targeted because of who you are you, and the type of
person that you are.

I use to think, if only I had taken the other job, or whatever, then this would not have happened, but it would have. I now realise it would have happened because
where I go, there I am, and my personality type would have
been targeted. A famous saying, “The nail that stands out,
get’s hit first. It’s a simple saying, but it makes sense. Something about us and our types, stands out. Targets
seem to have aspects of this in common. When Mark says I
would know you and sense a special kinship, he is not that
far off. We are that type. I see what he means.

I can’t stress this aspect of the real reason we are targeted enough. In his bullying research Tim Fields, and his reasons as to why people are bullied, are because they are moral, good at their work, showing independence, refusing to join established cliques, etc.

You can say it in a billion different ways, but we stood out. We were none conformist. I don’t care if you are the housewife, who just stood up for her kids, or the store clerk who said this is not right. Somewhere along the line, your personality type was noticed, and this was planned out, because none of the other methods work. By the other methods I mean, bribes, blackmail, bullying, mobbing, attempts to conform you in subtle ways, social pressure, honeytraps, etc.

What I am trying to say is, you did nothing wrong. You are getting targeted just by virtue of being who you are, and by being a none conformist in some way shape or form. This is not a bad thing, but for this system it is a bad thing. Most people in society can be kept in line, they can be threatened, bullied, bribed, blackmailed, socially or peer pressured, to confirm. Something can be used to keep them in line. With us that was not the case, at some point. You are that nail that stood out in
some unexpected way. (That or they just needed more fresh

You may never have done a day of activism in your life, but we are all the same, or very similar at the core. We are the types to say heck no, I not doing this, or not taking this. We are ones to write the stories, no one else will write, to speak when no one else will speak. It does not have to be anything as dramatic as whistle-blowing. Now it can be signing a petition, but it can also be that guy at work who always does the right thing, and is unknowingly not falling inline with a system that is based on corruption. At some point they will put you into a situation where you are compelled to blow the whistle, or file a suit or something, then they increase the targeting, and you blame yourself, and think it was your actions that set the ball rolling. It’s only a means. 

Society is all about social conformity. To join the groups we do, to participate in the things we do, most of us give up a little of that independence. So maybe you were a little too outspoken at the PTA, or in church, or whatever, but you showed independence, none conformity, and you were probably at some point profiled, and it was realised you were not yet fully part of the system, or would never go along with the system, and this system does not like our kind. It never has, all throughout history. And why should it, what communion should light have with darkness?

This is another thing that I agree with Mark about. You can not have heard of the Spanish Inquisition, Salem witch trials, Mccarthyism, etc without realising the similarities.

I also agree that this is a life changing experiencing. For me it’s helped me to become more the person that I wanted to be. For me the world was simple, and my life was sort of boring. I didn’t mind it, but now my life is so different. I mean it’s the same, because this was happening for years, but my realisation and interpretation of things has changed. I have been shocked, literally and figuratively. I am amazed at how corrupt the world is, the weakness of human kind, but then I am amazed by the potential for good, and the strength of people like Mark, who took the time to write a letter for the next target, becuase he knew what we would be going through and he didn’t want us to feel alone. It’s people like this that give me hope, and ofcourse he is not here, but his words are and that’s a good thing.

Yes you will never look at the American flag the same, not so much the flag, but the concepts that we have been taught about our societies and cultures, countries. The
things we were taught about these social constructs.
It’s such garbage. The truth is so much different.
The movie the Matrix says it best.

“By now you have probably concluded that this is the same entity that has killed people who have recognized & resisted it throughout history.”

Yep right there with him on this one as well. Martin, John Lennon, Jesus, it’s the same jaws, that have opened up and said aw. Have any survived it? Their words have, their songs, their art, their spirits.

“Its name changes from place to place, & from time to time. It expresses itself in different ways. But it is always the same; it is large & powerful & has the minds of most people.”

Large and powerful I get that. The minds of the people. I just don’t understand this part. Anymore than I understand the browncoats. But I do understand it, with my mind anyways. Remember I got the former friends, family, co-workers that are all part of this system. Many that like it. They like feeling a part of something, some don’t I think, but it fills a need in some people. I mean of course some people are just sick twisted individuals and this is the perfect outlet for that. Others are scared, I can respect that. Others don’t know what to do. I am right there with ya on that one. Other just like the connection, it brakes down walls, the skin heads, Jews, Black, White, male, female, whatever. It gives them a certain degree of unity. I have seen this as people are signaling to each other. It’s a language that is universal and they like that. It’s also secret to some in society and it makes them feel a part of something so great and powerful, and so they give their wills to it. For me ofcourse who is on the other end, being tracked like an animal, I just want to scream, and be like stop the insanity. Wake up people, look at what you are doing. They probably would, and then go right back to doing it, because it gives them a place in society. People like that.

The people doing this, controlling this, know this. I am sure they have an understanding of history, and know what’s worked, how humans have functioned throughout time. That’s the part that makes it really hard for me to be hopeful.

“You are face to face with it in the form of Organized Stalking. It has focused its attention on you & it will not stop. At this point it doesn’t matter when or why it started, or what the name of the group or agency is. It would have happened anyway. You will end up jobless & Mobbed out of work.”

Again I covered this, but let me say it again. You did nothing wrong. That’s the thing you have to understand. In there minds you dared to go against the system, to stand out and not fall in line. In our worlds we were just being who we were taught to be, or feel a need to be. Apparently the two are not compatible.

Mark goes on to talk about job loss, loss of family friends, etc. If you are here you probably know it. For me I just think of those words, “I count all but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ.” (Philippians 3:8) It’s just par for the territory. It’s common, oh so common. I can’t tell you how to deal or cope with it, you have to find your own way. I can tell you that you go through a lot of stages. The fact that everyone in your life was betraying you, not a fun thing. However you need to tackle the realisation of this and do it quickly. It’s too easy to get consumed by the anger, and get stuck there. There are probably still good people in the world. Tuning into that is really hard however, it is a deep hurt and wound to come to grips with. It’s a process.

Mark was apparently not very religious, but even he apparently knew evil when he saw it. I know mindless conforming zoombies when I see them. That’s the part that still leaves me shaking my head. That anyone would want to go along with this, be a part of this, but they do. Yeah.

Mark wants us to document our case, survive as long as we can, and provide testimony to anyone who will listen. (Those who have ears, let them hear.) Pretty much the same thing others in history have had to do. Others who lived in such times, they are the only voices and records we have to try to understand this collective insanity. This consuming corruption. They have bared witness for the past and so we must do so for the present. Mark did that for us and we must try to do that for others. It seems to be the best way to honour each other, and give strength to the others who will wake up into this living nightmare.

I hoped the Indigo Ribbon campaign would do this for others, just like the white, red, and pink have done for other causes, but we are not like other causes. People don’t have a tendency to want to target cancer patients or their supporters, where with our cause they do have a tendency to do that. To be in the open is to put yourself at greater risk, and yet if we don’t take risks we let this continue. We all want to live long healthy joyous lives, and that’s why many of us when we first see this collective insanity and realise it for what it is, do nothing about it and say nothing about it, and then it grows and spreads, and then finally that is all there is, and when it’s time to speak up and do something, because it’s gotten so bad, it’s too late by then. Yet I am sure you know that, and yet you continue in this vain. (It’s a cancer that needs to be stopped.)

I don’t want to make anyone else a target more than they have to be, myself included, but at the same time, I do know that there is strength in numbers. Only by exposing what is happening can we do anything about it. Bullying, mobbing, the buzzsaw, gang stalking, etc. Only by making others aware do we stand a chance. Only by seeing that much of the above that is happening are all different managed branches of the same collective insanity, can we begin to mitigate it and manage it. I find it impossible to sit back and do nothing, and yet I want to make the right choices for myself and for other targets. Ofcourse I can’t make the right choices for other targets. You have to make your own choices and figure out what’s best for you, in your own time.

There is more talk and discussion of this stuff than there was in the past. There are more who are seeing it for what it is, but yet I am not sure we have come any further, or are any better than we were before. I only say this because this keeps happening over and over again in history and it’s never changing. The thing that makes this time so different is it’s so globalized. However there is always hope and I do want to focus on that. That’s why I was hoping that we could find some way to unite, come together, find some way, symbol to unit our various efforts. We are fighting against the same thing, and to have a common unifying symbol has helped others. I was hoping this would do the same for us. 

Below are Mark’s words incase he goes missing, etc.
“Due to the events that I have witnessed & read about, I have concluded that it would be in my best interest to make as many people aware of my situation as possible.  To that end, I have created this entry so that if I (or a member of my family) am killed, framed, setup, institutionalized, incarcerated, disappear, appear to have committed suicide, have an “accident”, or otherwise neutralized, this site 
will provide testimony to what really happened.  In addition, this site is for people who believe they’re 
targets of Organized Stalking. ” 
Mark M. Rich.

Well you know the rest. Mark’s last entry was March 06, he had kept the site updated pretty regularly, and had said that he intended to continue to do that. At the time Mark had been staying with family and was trying to learn a way to survive, because he had not been able to find work for a few years or something like that. I can find no other online entries of him after this point. Then about a year later the site, expired and
so here it is. Mark had been pretty open about his
location, posting his address, phone number etc online.
Again each target has to make there own choices on this
front. The people in your area might not be fanatics,
but others might be, remember the state has lot’s of
different branches. (Do what you think it best, it’s all
we can do.)

The same is going to be true for any activism you do. The Indigo Ribbon campaign has the potential to be the  same. Wearing a ribbon as someone pointed out, will make targets more visible, this can be a good thing, but ofcouse it can be a dangerous thing. We are up against a system, and I am not going to lie to you, it’s a dangerous system. Mark confronted it, exposed it to the best of his ability, and numerous others, and it’s still here, but every little bit helps. Everything he did helped me, and I hope my piece of the puzzle, quilt, helps others. It’s the best we can hope to do. Remember the world is not an evil place because people do evil, (Well in part it is) but it’s an evil place because people like us who see it for what it is do nothing about it.   (Previous to this, I had no idea it was like this.)

If Ribbons and the color Indigo is not your thing, then I hear ya, but we still need a way to come together, to get open dialouge going, to direct people to sites where they can understand that there is another side to this wonderful system they have given themselves to, the side where Mark found himself, and others like me find ourselves. I daily have dozens of my fellow citizens who stalk, harass, try to sensitize, annoy, and mob me on a daily basis. Some of them as much as I hate to admit it, are just average people, some are even decent. (I know that’s a hard realisation.) Yet they are a part of the system, and they don’t want to be where we are. (Who in their right mind would? The brave, the stupid.) 

The only thing I know is that this continues because we let it. You get the odd light here and there, and then it’s back to business as usual. Those lights come and do what they can, they teach us, share their knowledge and perspective with us, and then it’s up to us to try to convey what we can to others in our own time.

They stay strong, because they keep us divided. They succeed, because they can unite, and get people to unite, they keep us stumbling in the dark uncordinated and stagnent. They have the minds of the people, but we can win their hearts. Conformity is their creed, and their voices are loud. Security is our creed, and our voices are often silent. They have got it going on, and we have to get it going. They are so far ahead of us in the game, heck they wrote the game and the rules. Many of us are just playing catch up, and trying to survive.

Before anyone decides to be a part of the Indigo campagin, I would ask you to think about what it means, cause it’s different than other ribbon campaigns. I like to think that our cause is like any other, and in many ways it is, but in other ways it’s not. We need unity, we need our voices back. However we need to balance that with a certain degree of safety, security, and stealth. There is a reason the underground railroad and other causes like it did not take out ads in newspapers. For me the thing that has worked has been exposing what is happening, shining a light into some of this darkness, but that’s the thing about darkness, it does not like to have light shined in it’s face. It likes darkness for a reason. There are so many people, if each would just shine their light into this darkness, it could not do this to us anymore, but they never do. This system is in place because we keep it in place, it controls us because we let it. We are the only ones who can change that. I don’t think anyone is coming to save us, and so we must try to save ourselves, or do the best that we can.

Mark was not very religious, I like to think of myself as a spiritual person. I don’t think I should be limited by one religion, though, each has value and merit in it’s
own way. I would just recommend that you find something
to believe in, something to center and keep you balanced.
I believe it’s a physical battle, and a spiritual one.
Every little bit helps.

The one really good thing that Mark did was to let targets know that they are not alone. You really are not alone. All those that have gone before are with you, and all those that will come after are with you. As you walk on the path you will feel alone, you will see things that will try to break your spirits, you will loose people that touched your soul, that inspired you, but then you have to use that to inspire others, to be leaders in your own right. How you do that will be up to you.

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  1. im speechless,and still in the pissed off stage,if i could catch one i fantisize about torturing them slowly,just like they do me.but i cant do that because i dont even hate them enough or at all,its just not in me.they are evil and i am not.

    Comment by FUCK BABYLON | October 27, 2007 | Reply

    • the vfw in eagle river alaska runs most of the gangstalking in this town.they are keeping me from posting.

      Comment by karl | April 17, 2013 | Reply

  2. I am one of you. In the past two years, I gradually became aware of what has been happnening to me and my two daughters for most of my life and theirs. I am a single woman and have been a single Mom for more than 20 years, and my life (and now the lives of my two grown daughters) has been ravaged by these people. I could never figure out why I have always been treated so badly through the years, why no matter how friendly I tried to be with people, no matter how hard I worked, everything in my life seemed to fall apart all the time. I do have a deeply held religious belief that these kinds of things will not go on forever–God has promised that He will step in to remedy these kinds of things. The 37th Psalm would be comforting reading for those who want to see what God has promised He will do for the righteous among us and what He plans to do to the wicked who perpetrate such things. This is at least a little bit of comfort for those you don’t mind reading scripture. This truly has been a gradual but rude awakening for me, and when you finally begin to realize what is happening and that other people are going through this too, it helps some of the anger and frustration dissipate a little. I would like to see other post their comments here too–I have this bookmarked and will be back often to check to see if anyone else has been here. And I hope and pray that Mark is OK, that he’s only hiding for now. Thank you for providing his letter to us. Please let me hear from you. Strength to you, Sherri.

    Comment by Sherri | October 29, 2007 | Reply

  3. Hi F. Babylon,

    It’s good that you are at that stage where you can get past what they are doing to you. I really wish there was an easy solution. I mean people are parts of snitch networks and they don’t seem to realise in some cases that this is not a localised thing. Many are so proud of what they are doing and they don’t have the foggiest idea that they are contributing to the demise of others. Others are all too aware that they are hurting others in some way shape or form and just don’t care. It’s good that you have held on to your humanity.

    Comment by gangstalking | October 29, 2007 | Reply

  4. Hi Sherry,

    I am sorry to hear that you have been going through this for such a long time. I think it does help to hear that others are going through this, but not enough exposure is happening with this. We need more exposure. I wish more could be done. Even though this is societal, some only see the one side of their actions, the snitches (Suburban Spies) in many cases think they are doing something good, and hurting people that are bad, or disturbe, and they feel nothing about what they are doing, others only see that one small part of what they are doing and never see the bigger picture.

    There needs to be more exposure.

    Comment by gangstalking | October 29, 2007 | Reply

    • vfw gangstalking is truly bullying on steriods here in eagleriver.alaskait is the one great thug group.this is why i dont associate with other veteran groups, why be a part

      Comment by karl | April 17, 2013 | Reply

  5. I agree with Sherri; I have been going through the same thing myself most of my life.I found that there are sex offenders working for the government that ruin it for the rest of us government employees.They change their names so the personnel departments don’t find out, and their relatives, who are also related to folks in large corporations and insurance companies or legislators, will send any employee who complains to a doctor.I protested this, but feel that most government people are hard working and good. Keep the faith.Government by people for people can work.
    I think these folks may be the same ones that brought down the World Trade Center; wealthy international drug trafficers,who have that in common with Osama Bin Laden.I hope they are caught and held accountable for their despicable acts.
    Mary Rose

    Comment by Mary Rose Deak | November 4, 2007 | Reply

  6. I’m going to get an indigo ribbon. I’d like a clipart one to put on my site, if anyone has the skills to make one. I have to relearn what little HTML I knew.

    I’m surprised this started when it did. I seemed more a threat to the organized evil, the Satans, as the letter said, a few years ago. But before six months ago, any stalking was sporadic or subtle. Now it’s fullblown. And I’m not going to lie down and take it. And I’m going to find a way to give them the same unease I feel every day. Their plate numbers are going up on my site, for one. If I ever find the address of one, I will post that, too. I am not going to lie down and die. I am not going to cower from accusations of madness. Crazy I may well be, but I don’t hallucinate, and my craziness is the same kind as the first commenter, I am furious, but I can’t hate enough to do to them what they’re doing to me. I can hardly fathom that depth of evil, that cold patience, and I think that’s why I make such a good victim. Well, I’ll make it harder for them than it’s been.

    Comment by LouJones | November 7, 2007 | Reply


    my story might help ….I have been a target for
    about 5 years , and have turned it into research .
    the more obvilious you apear , the more they will
    expose themselves . just act like its going over your head .

    Comment by cat (pam h. ) | November 9, 2007 | Reply

  8. I am a “targeted individual” (TI) that has just become fully aware of what has been happening to me and my immediate family (my children) at least for the past 20-25 years now. The results of this monitoring and resultant harassment has been devastating to not only me, but both of my grown children too–our lives have been virtually ruined by these people, these perps. People need to be made aware, even against their objections, that these things are taking place here in our United States of America.

    I was brought up in a very patriotic household. My Dad served overseas in WWII, and my parents were members of the VFW and the American Legion. I worked, myself, right out of high school, for the U.S. Army as a Civil Servant. Yet, I know that if I even tried to turn to them and tell them about what I’ve been experiencing here in this country for at least the past 20 years, I know it would not be met with much support and a lot of skepticisim.

    I have lost all hope in and honor for this country as a bastion of REAL freedoms and liberties, and I’m beginning to believe they never existed at all, from all indications. It all started with the assassinations that people of my age group witnessed in the 1960s (JFK, RFK, MLK) and has deteriorated since then.

    When this can happen here in the U.S., then we know things are really getting bad–and yet they have been really bad for people of other countries for so much longer than here. I also believe that we Americans also need to STOP being so closed off from what people in the larger world are experiencing, as in most cases, they have experienced much more horror than we have up to now. Our horror is just beginning it seems.

    I keep pointing people to Psalm 37 for comfort. I have a profound belief in a God Who will not let these kinds of things continue to happen for much longer. He is really our only hope. In Psalm 37, God tells us what He will do FOR the righteous among us (those who, like Mark, “know evil when they see it” and refuse to submit to it), and Psalm 37 also tells us what God will do TO the wicked among us (those who perpetrate, allow, ignore, and otherwise further such evil). So in this way, some comfort can be felt knowing that God DOES see what is happening and has promised to DO something about this, and by all indications sooner than later.

    TI’s need to remember though, not to retaliate in kind–that’s exactly the trap the perps set for us and that’s the trap they want us to fall into. DON’T give them your dignity. DO what you can to protect yourself–carry those cell phone cameras and recorders and make good use of them (but use them legally and wisely). Expose them for who and what they are.

    Also, a note to those “weaker willed” people who ignore, find humor in, and allow these things to happen without stepping up and objecting when they see it happening to someone else–IF THEY CAN DO THIS TO ANY ONE OF US, THEY CAN AND WILL DO IT TO YOU–IT’S JUST A MATTER OF TIME. You have the ability, by your objection to this to, if not put a complete stop to this, to at least ease the harassment that some of us are experiencing and in making other people aware of this. Paraphrased, the old saying goes: “When they came after the journalists for reporting the truth instead of lies, I said nothing, and they were censored, bought, and blocked. When they came for the lawyers for representing the poor and mistreated, I said nothing, and they were jailed and harassed. When they came after those who tried to warn us about the things to come according to Bible prophecy, I said nothing, and they were targeted for torture and death. And when they finally came for me, there was no one left to speak up for me or to help me state or prove my case.”

    Friends, this is happening right now. Wake up and do your part to help, even if it’s only something small, and stop denying it can happen here–it IS!


    To Gangstalking:

    I just saw your “Cheap Trick” video. Wherever you go, I’ll be with you too. We both have been taken for the ride of our lives. Now it’s time to get off the bus and make everyone aware of this. Don’t get downhearted. There IS a God Who knows what is happening, and He is there for us. Things like this won’t go on for too much longer. We just have to be patient, but He has promised to act in our behalf (read Psalm 37).

    Comment by Sherri | November 10, 2007 | Reply

  9. Hi , 7 years to date 11th november, and a bit more , so you now where im at with these inhumans , emws , etc etc , but i want to join you to aim at NOTHING LESS THAN GLOBAL EXPOSURE . Ive got a film production back ground the only thing thats stoping me is funding , maybe we can come
    together and get a film crew in the faces of the perps bosses .

    I can do this i must do this i will not stop until i do this !!!!!! I allready have many perps names in the Supreme Court Sydney NSW Australia on the 29 the November ,

    I a self litigant Mark Flowers againts the Australian Federl Government file number 10208/07

    Im alianated and isolated , perps broke me and my x up in 2005 we have a son 6 , i will go them {the POLITICALLY ORGANISED STALKERS that is } till I can no more . But untill then look out here i come . And may the holy angel St Michael the warrior angel help me slay the beast ! For it must be slayed !!!!!!! Come on together we can go GLOBAL help me expose this . Sombody help me to comunicate on phone in the first place .

    I live at {1 Galen Avenue Hornsby Sydney NSW 2077 } Australia ,{surrounded by perps } my phones are all messed up { dead ringers i think } please try to contact me , land line 612-94773997 mobile 612-401406957

    I will check these post reguarly , i hope this is an up to date sight . GOD BLESS YOU ALL . Mark Flowers ,

    Im not the Mark in the above letter I just found this site . My prayes go to him and all the other Victims stay strong Mark Flowers is on the job LETS GET EM !!!!!

    Comment by Mark Flowers | November 11, 2007 | Reply

  10. it was very scary for me in the begining,because I didnt have the vocabulary to express what was happening to me .
    I had to get on the net and learn about it , and I didnt know words like mobbing/gangstalking & psychological harassment . I felt like a blind person .

    Comment by cat (pam h. ) | November 11, 2007 | Reply

  11. Shortly after moving to the small town where I now live things were happening around me that caused me to check into the VA hospital. The situation was at first a storage locker I’d rented having the lock cut and door left wide open. Nothing appeared to have been bothered. I had on numerous occasions to dodge cars to avoid head on collisions while riding my motorcycle. I was followed by well dressed men in late model 4 door sedans that were equipped with red lights behind the grill. A black CH47 helicopter hovered in plain sight just where the tree line ended very close to my residence. It took me 4 months to get electric power to my property,and 1 month for a phone. I was stopped and had my cars wiring all messed up because the deputy claimed to smell marijuana. I was jailed over night for taking the keys from the ignition of a car being driven by a person that was drunk and had already been in a wreck, even though I had a witness who was a county deputy. The county veteran rep. had my case file status changed costing me 60,000 dollars in back money. My bank didn’t cover a direct draft,causing all of my uninsured loans to raise my interest rates to the max. That caused me to be late on my land payment which resulted in hundreds in fees to reinstate my financing at a higher interest rate. It all boils down to, if a Lodge Brother wants your land, They will make your life as unpleasant as they can to have their way. There is even more that has happened to me, and I know of others that have even experienced worse.

    Comment by Warner DeFord | November 28, 2007 | Reply

  12. I am afraid of what ghosts from my past these creeps might bring up if I resist them, but now I say let them because I know what is right and they are doing wrong by tormenting me this way. I have dropped out of college because of it already. I almost killed myself already, but I stopped because of something that some might call God, others might call a spiritual experience, others may call it enlightenment. And I will treat the moment I wake up to a honking horn (either beep-beep, or to the rhythm of shave and a haircut) like a rooster’s crow and refuse and resist these f***ers.

    Comment by Kevin | December 9, 2007 | Reply

  13. I,m now living in a town of 1500 people in Ca.It did not follow me here??always??Bend Oregon is where it was going on ,50 cars running grid pattern around me 24/7.besides the construction trucks with ladders,ups and fed ex witch were empty of packages, local heating and gas service vans without a single tool in them,most of cars were very new . I traced them to hertz used car sales,not by plates but by there movment.Cops are involved!i I’ve fliped them off and they did nothing.How about fliping off a 280 on constrution worker in his stalking truck and he responds with one of those monalisa smerks. Have you noticed there signiture smerks ? You want to rip them off there face. Do not seek help from any shrink! They want documention that can be used against you. I’m against those dam ribbon” they use the ribbons”they also use NRA marine , 8, or,33 racing sticks. Oh ya also fear no fish sticker. We should use big red bulls eyes , after all we are targets! Every one posting should note if there Jews,black, gay ,drug user,ECT .also type and condition of cars diesels, hummers, dark windows,ect.most of all we need the name of the town.every one needs to compare notes! We allready know there jealous because we are better then them.Its not our fault they are just looser. Looking foward to some feedback, bullseye Rick.

    Comment by rick shain | January 23, 2008 | Reply

  14. I am a 24/7 targeted Victim. Homeless, hanging on for dear life. Broke, not eligible for any Government benefits.
    Need cash flow.
    Can;t aford lawyers.
    can’t get a lawyer.
    Framed for mental illness.
    Please help
    I have no phone.
    Adi Zippor

    Comment by Adi Zippor | January 27, 2008 | Reply

  15. Sorry to hear about what you are going through but welcome to the club. The longer I do this the more I realise that most of the sheep are happy with how things are, Facism with a silver tie. They make their lives just comfortable enough that they don’t want this to change.

    Comment by gangstalking | January 28, 2008 | Reply

  16. Hi Rick,

    Your experience seems to mirror a lot of what I have seen. I have been airstalked, it does not get anymore messed up than that. I have seen truck, that drive up residential streets after hours, Fed ex, other workers, that you just know are not there for the normal intended purpose. I guess I could explain that statment better, but you just know it when you know it.

    These people are very well organised, but no system is infalable, especially when they have to dumb down the population to get them to go along with this.

    Soon it will be just like those movies, and you are like, no one could be that stupid, when the good guys are about to get caught and the bad guys do the stupidest things, it’s not a joke though. To get people to go along with systems like that they have to dumb down the population, and by doing that they eventually pave the way for their own distruction. It just that it takes awhile, from what I have seen, a couple more generations should just about do it.

    Comment by gangstalking | January 28, 2008 | Reply

  17. I was just reading Mark’s post again. That second paragraph really says a lot of things well. I like his term “collective insanity” – it’s spot on.

    I hope he is ok (and, like you say, only in hiding). I checked his domain ( and it doesn’t expire until Feb 15. (Found by using the “whois” utility). If he renews it, then maybe he is ok.

    His comments really made me think a little bit more about the possible religious aspects of this whole mess. Thanks to his post, I made a resolution to re-read the Book of Revelation – been about twenty years since I have done that!

    BTW: Your have one of best ti resources on the net. Keep the faith!

    – Liberty4All

    Comment by liberty4all | January 30, 2008 | Reply

  18. Hi,

    I checked the rich-essence domain info with the whois utility again today, and that domain has just been renewed under the same name (renewal was dated yesterday, I think). So, it is likely that Mark has just been busy with other things. The site now comes up as “Under construction”. Thought you’all might want to know.

    – Regards,

    – liberty4all /

    Comment by liberty4all | February 20, 2008 | Reply

  19. Its hard not to get downhearted isn’t it. It just goes on and on. At the moment my dog 3yo is vomitting blood, blood in his stools and his urine. He has been through so much too. Just because he protects me, thats all. He has saved my life numerous times, when I was living on the streets, and also at other peoples places to. I don’t have a home of my own. I was gangstalked out of that and my work. Nearly killed on a few occasions. I have had verbal threats, V2S threats, and brake fluid let out of my vehicles a few times, 4 I think it is, 3 cars stolen, entering where I lived nearly every where. And break and enter robbery. The list goes on. For what reason? No reason, just plenty of lies and slander. Today my email and other blog has been denied, can’t access them, as says wrong password, have had it 12 months. Try for new password, says invalid details. Obviously someone is very scared of the truth coming out.

    Comment by aussietargetted | March 6, 2008 | Reply

  20. Please read my posting in the Britney section. Guess I really am “going down” from what I read here. Does look llike I’m being set up to look like i “turned to the dark side.” Am told I have an “evil twin” who wil lead the good life while I go to jail and to hell. How much more bizarre can life get???? I’ll tell you: just saw a guy who looks like a twin of my ex…is the twin thing possible??? Are there twin dimensions, mirror images, and we’re in the evil one?? If I am yourQueen I love you — even if only fellow sufferers.

    Comment by Inhiding | May 11, 2008 | Reply

  21. Please read previoius postings Britney section. Been assailed with doubts this afternoon that having e-mail, posting here will be used against me. Especially the problem of this “evil twin thing” How would you know if it was me or her??? CRAZY QUESTIONS!!! They control me with fear and I’ve sure had a bundle of fearful thoughts today. Please advise. Don’t know of a way to prevent online identity theft since they know all my thoughts and everything I do!!! Definitely have implants. Worked for a major corporation dealing in mind control before I knew anything about it – or that the corp was dealing in it!!

    Am told bad things will happen to me very soon. THat the person who I’m framed for _____ (can’t write the word!) Is an ordinary joe of great courage and goodness in this world – -when the other world sees what i’ve (supposedly done) they’ll assume I’ve “turned” Can’t deal with all this stuuf too unreal. Please post thoughts and I’ll read them if I can’t even if I don’t post again.

    Love and good thoughts to you all -they feed on negative energy try to avoid fear, etc. Let’s think of each other, and send positive vibes!

    Comment by Inhiding | May 11, 2008 | Reply

  22. Wow! Was really hit with it last night for posting. I thought it was strange I was allowed to. I’m a total coward and they control me easily through fear – thought I’d be too afraid. Am told I do what they want me to, anything I try to do to help myself will be used against me; anything I say is really coming from them – I’ve been hypnotized with the message to print, name to use, etc. I just can’t deal with how weird this is and how totally lost I feel. They are certain to win – I’m just a rat in a maze. If any of this BS is true I’m sure to get hte worst of it. Told me there are worse things than jail: should fear torture, etc. Can manipulate situatuation, “good” and “bad” twins so no one will know who is who. Told I’m sure to lose. So i give up – scared going to see if I can close e-mail, stop posting. Don’t know whether I’ll ever do it again. Will still try to read.

    Comment by Inhiding | May 12, 2008 | Reply

  23. No one has responded to my plea for help.

    Does anyone contact us targeted individuals ?

    please write to
    74 Corey Road
    Brighton, MA 02135

    617 935 7750

    Comment by adi j zippor | June 3, 2008 | Reply

  24. HI Corey,

    We learn to help ourselves. Learn from the other targets, we are what we have. See what has worked for others, and then take their lead.

    Ask for help if you need it but be specific, and remember, we are all trying to survive.

    Comment by gangstalking | June 5, 2008 | Reply

  25. jeez, it’s a nasty piece of shit without a doubt- i had the lunatic reverse insight- why don’t a bunch of us victims- form a large and eventually saavy group- obviously to use the same electronic devices to service- there’s a word the gangstalkers wold be prohibitively immoral- and perhaps slightly effective- i personally don’t enjoy be tortured- though i suspect the some of the gangstalkers may get a real kick out of being tormented- even up to the point of putting that proverbial noose around their proverbial neck- and end there miserable stinking existance- there’s a lovely foto- of french women making nazi soldoers run a gauntlet- and their kicking the living shit out of them- and god they, the creeptoids don’t look very soldierly- they look like they hope they might get out of that gauntlet alive………………………….i don’t know- maybe someone has a better idea

    Comment by marc kaufman | July 8, 2008 | Reply

  26. I was targeted after blowing the whistle on a large corporation for corruption. I had experienced all sorts of street theater shortly after that lasted for 8 months. This was over 5 years ago, and I my knowledge the harrasing has stopped. But I do think that I’ve been blacklisted in my particular trade, and have found it difficult to get jobs at the top teir companies. And I an above average performer, but I speak my mind and that’s what they don’t like. I just wanted everyone to know I’m here and I understand what you’re going through and that it’s real. Just how we can bring this to light in terms of the general public is the challenge. Until we do the perps will continue to rape the our civil rights on a daily basis. And we will continue to be portraied as fring loons.

    Comment by TI_here | January 3, 2009 | Reply

    • The perps would be the same types o people that brought us Cointelpro and the former East Germany. So really exposing the state is the same then and now.

      Comment by gangstalking | January 25, 2009 | Reply

  27. Hi
    I have been targetted for 4 years, I am in the UK and I live alone with my young daughter. My biggest fear is if this starts to have a serious effect on my daughter as I am recognising the signs of electronic weapons being used, if i have to make it my life time mission to expose the im-bred scum who are doing this to myself and my daughter, then so be it. My daughter WILL have a normal life. I have an idea of who and where, I am documenting evidence constantly, the difference is I have a brain whereas they dont own even one brain cell between them. I will expose them I am in no doubt about that and when I do I shall post everything I possibly can to help others. God bless. xx

    Comment by jessie | June 2, 2009 | Reply

  28. I have been a victim of gang stalking for 20 years now and, no, it does not stop.

    It began when I was young, idealistic, and wanted to be a police officer in upstate NY. I applied with the county. Little did I know that the sheriff was involved in organized crime. (I later found that both the county and city police work in collusion) I met “by chance” one day a young sicilian man, going to law school and working as a paralegal a very large prestigious law firm. he was very polite, even a real gentleman. He claimed he knew the sheriff and could get me in. In fact, when he took me out, he exchanged salutations with many of the sheriff deputies I saw throughout the application process. (funny that they’d all be at the same restaurant we went to, isn’t it?) He took me out to a high class restaurant, where he knew the owners whose son was running for a political office, and then started talking about how he does business with this sheriff and that they are involved in organized crime. Then he drove me to the red light district of our city where he showed me a massive drug operation.

    What he wanted was for me to cover it up, and if I had, it would have been the condition of my employment as a police officer to cover up organized crime for the life of my career. I’d have none of it. This piece of sh!t made threats about ruining my life, even killing me. I really didn’t believe some legitimized mafioso punk could manage something like this. I told one police officer everything I learned that night. From there my life became sh!t, and nothing, nothing happened to this young punk. Years later, he became a criminal defense attorney in that same city. I read online that a couple of years ago his family members were arrested by the FBI for dealing prescription drugs and possession of explosives.


    I have moved from state to state. I can tell you that the DOJ is the enemy of any American who values the tenets of the Constitution. I can tell you that the health care system has nothing to do with your health. They are the final nail in the coffin. You are experimental fodder for their liaison with the pharmaceutical industry. I can tell you that the Department of Defense is also against you. We are isolated and, therefore, a prime subject for emotional torture experimentation.

    The reason you cannot identify these . . . people . . . as criminals is because they are organized crime legitimized. In such an “acceptable” form, it is called socialism, but it will get much worse. History has shown us this repeatedly. Others in this predicament have equated it with Stasism. The “health” care system’s role is no different than the tactics of Soviet, Lavrenti Beria’s “mental healing.”

    If I could do it all over again, would I do everything the same way? Not a chance. there are no real protections for whistle blowers. The police officers who thrive in that vocation are scum. Like any mindless idiot, they just exercise the will of the criminals who have taken over this country, the country that was once ‘We The People.’

    The America I loved is dead.

    Comment by Tracy | February 6, 2010 | Reply

    • What you wrote made me sad. There is something about loving your country, and wanting to protect it, but watching what is becoming is so hard. Years ago we were all in democratic countries taught to hate anything RED, we were told how bad East Germany was with the spying, and that we we lucky to be free, now to watch our societies be what we we warned against is hard.

      Your experience is not unique. I have talked about this dozens of times, the whistle-blowers and those who file complaints get punished, the evil doers, rise to the top. They get promoted, this is deliberate, cause their dirty has been covered, this system has something on them, they can say, remember when we got you out of that scrape?

      I read a story about a whole fire department where the female fire fighters all quite due to harassment.

      I have read reports that say the same thing or similar to what you are saying with the corrupt rising to the top. Read Tim Field and his bully site.

      Many targets of bullying report that they seem to be obstructed every step of the way in their pursuit of justice. The management refuse to investigate, or use an untrained investigator, or whitewash the case. The union refuses to help, or initially shows interest but suddenly changes sides. The solicitor initially shows interest but then starts acting in a manner which suggests they have the other side’s interests at heart rather than yours.

      The employer’s lawyers apply for, and obtain, adjournment after adjournment, then obtain a pre-hearing review which the tribunal chairman handles in favour of the employer. In the tribunal, favour is shown to the respondent (employer) and you get the impression that the verdict has been decided in advance. Your solicitor, the respondent’s lawyers and the tribunal chairman seem to know more about your case than you think they should.

      After the tribunal you’re left with no option but to privately sue the employer, the union, and your solicitor, and appeal the tribunal decision, but by this time you have no job, no income, your savings are gone, so is your health, maybe your marriage too, and there’s no prospect of ever being employed again, especially in the professions.

      Sound familiar? If so, you might be surprised to realise how often this happens. Mostly it’s in cases from the education sector, although it may happen in any public sector case, for example the NHS. Occasionally, but less often, it happens in private sector cases, and in rare cases from the voluntary sector.

      Although there’s never any substantive proof, it seems that all the parties arrayed against you have been colluding in secret. The question is, what allegiance binds these individuals together, and where could they meet such that the normal rules of confidentiality do not apply? What fraternal obligation places their duty to support and protect each other above the moral, ethical and legal obligations by which the rest of us are bound?

      Employers, unions, law firms, and employees of the justice system are part of society, and every group, professional or otherwise, contains a few poor performers and rotten apples. This ranges from inexperience through ineptitude and incompetence to collusion and corruption.

      This corruption is happening at every level of society.

      Comment by gangstalking | February 6, 2010 | Reply

      • I should point out when I say hate things “RED” I don’t mean the people. What I hated was that countries spied on their citizens, that citizens lived in fear, that they were asked to turn on each other and spy on each other.

        I think social policies such as health care for all, enough for all are ok polices. I think such policies in the right hands can work.

        Comment by gangstalking | February 7, 2010

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