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Leashing the snitches

So it’s 6:00 am right I in my apartment minding my own business and one of the low life little snitches has the adacity to come and look into my apartment via the slot. At 6:00 am in the morning. Now the snitch made it onto the elevator before I could catch up to them and let them know what I think.

However I realize just like a leak if you don’t get buck with these little creatures, then you
really will have a problem. Now usually I am pretty decent about it, but these creatures need to be sent back to the pit from whence they came. They really need to be leashed and put into line.

I really never realized that there were so many low creatures in the world. People that just don’t have enough of their own. However in the last year, I have learned enough about the compliance and stupidity of humanity to fill a book. A small one, because it’s the
same over and over again.

So this week I was just reminiscing on some of my electrical burns, I get those from time to time when my shielding fails. I got one this week, and it made me remember my year of electronic harassment and other things.

One fond memory the job that I had in the smaller sized office where I came across another target. (Just one more realisation of how far and wide spread this is.) Anyways the electronic harassment they were doing to us in the workplace, made his eyes twitch and then eventually mine. The thing is the whole office knew what was going on, and they were just so complacent and willing to go along with it, as long as it’s not them. I have never met a worst group of people. Not cause I didn’t get along with them, because I did, but just knowing that the majority could just watch be aware of this, and do nothing. However that’s not a fear assessment, because of of the girls in the office had people constantly calling in and asking her if she was getting ringing in her ears, and she was always nervous and scared. So I know I can’t judge. I know that many others are going through the same things, and many in silence. (Silence is the power they use and that they have over this situation, you need to break that silence if you are ever going to make a difference.)

Anyways it’s almost laughable to look back on the situation, I mean there you are in an office, where you could cut the creepy happenings with a knife, and no one says anything. I remember trying to have conversations with my eye twitching, while my manager tries to ignore it to the best of his ability, it’s all so bizarre.

I remember the other target, he use to make buzzzz, sounds, you know like being electrocuted. It was funny I guess at the time because he knew and I knew, but it’s really not funny.

Then I was remembering my introduction to ultra sonic, I would guess bullets? No sure, but from the description on this site, I am guessing that is what it was. now I won’t repeat what I said upon that occasion, cause the sensors would go off, but I think it’s safe to say, sometimes it’s ok to get upset, and say mean, cruel vicious things. Needless to say, it seems to have solved the situation on that occasion, and I was able to let the laughing proclaiming snitch know what I though of him. (Where ever he was, he was esclaiming his pleasure at hitting the target, not the exact words, but close enough. I gave him a few words to write home about.)

Then I am still trying to figure out what was used on me for my introduction to the wonderful world of electronic harassment. Whatever it was it left a burning under the skin, for over two weeks. I still don’t know. I do remember a bright blue flash at the window, the first and second time it happened, but not sure what it was. Just some fun memories of the last year.

Realizing that the world is completely corrupt, and that many in society are ok with this trade off cause it allows them to live their little hydonistic lifestyles. I admit I am a little pissed right now, and would love to have 5 minutes with the snitch to let it, know what I think of it.

There are some who are going along with this because they are scared, and just have no idea what to do, but there are others that are power hunger, loathsome little creatures, who get off on this. Who enjoy being cruel to other people, social psychopaths, who have been granted full consent by the democratic governments of the world, to do what they will to their fellow citizens.

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  1. I thought I was the only one. I guess not! I’ve been harassed for almost ten years. No one seems to care. I’m glad you’ve taken the time to share your experiences. It feels like the people in this country are in a coma! Wake up before it’s too late. Perhaps maybe it is.

    Comment by Ed | September 17, 2007 | Reply

  2. I don’t know if it’s that they are asleep. Maybe they are, cause I sure did not realise what was happening a year or so ago, but the question is once they wake up, what are they suppose to do?

    It’s good to have them wake up, but then I suspect many of them are already wide awake and have been aware of the nightmare aspect of things for some time, that’s why many have just decided to be the living dead.

    Comment by gangstalking | September 17, 2007 | Reply

  3. I wish I could find a way to really connect with you. Have you been watching CNN? The House of Representatives has been interviewing Admiral McConnel regarding Warrantless Survellience. I would like to get a copy of the hearings. Over and over they have stated that it is a felony to surveil a US citizen without a warrant, however they sneak in exceptions here and there. The problem is suspicion of crime. If any of these hyper meth head acting people points a finger at one you are doomed to a life of electronic surveillance. (someone out in a car thought that was funny. You know they can watch your screen.) I think the end result of this surveillance is cancer, joint problems, holes in your brain, holes in your gut, vision problems leading to blindness, circulatory problems and on and on. I know people who have suffered and they do not know, but because I am aware and can sheild, I have realized what has happened to them. Because of people like you who have gone online and have shared your experience, I know what is going on.

    Here is a list of the Representatives who were the most outspoken regarding the violation of our rights:

    Representative Tierney – Democrat from Massachusetts
    R James Langrin – Democrat from Rhode Island
    Jerrol Nadler – Democrat from New York
    Jan Schacowski – Democrat from Illinois

    Of course you may realize that what most of this boils down to is political persecution. These people will accuse you of the most heinous of crimes in order to focus hatred and electronic torture upon you. The people who do the footwork are usually frustrated brain surgeons. They will mutilate your body. Electronic surveillance is the new slow acting gas chamber mandated by the “new world order”. I will not make a list here of whom they are comprised of – you probably have a good idea of which organisations profit the most from our oppression. And this is also complicated by supposed foreign spying.

    I’m running on and on. Please get a copy of the hearings on FISA also. If only, for the good of all, a concienceness raising could occur. It would be quite simple.


    Comment by Angelica | September 24, 2007 | Reply

  4. This comment is an answer to comment 2. We need to make the legislative branch of the government understand exactly what is going on and they need to legislate laws so that we can prosecute these unlawful persecutors. Two things are obvious to me as I watch the senate and the house of representatives. 1. Some of them know what is happening. 2. Some of them are being subjected to exactly the same thing we are. I would like to say more, but the sadist is at hand.

    Comment by Angelica | September 27, 2007 | Reply

  5. Hello:

    The gang-stalking stasi rats deserve our full disdain for two simple reasons:

    1 – They are ruining our country.
    2 – They are ruining our world.

    I have a modest little website which will be devoted to the cause of calling for the curse of every man’s god upon these wretched little miscreant deviants:

    Keep the faith – Love you all for not being part of them!

    – Tolly

    Comment by tolly | October 21, 2007 | Reply

  6. I myself have been a victim of electronic harassment. I can remember back as far as when I was 2 years old, and the sense of knowing that something about my life was different. It is just so all unbelievable. I can also attest as to why people want to believe that this is not real. The corruptions of the local government where I live at are living proof. They just hem haw around knowing damn well what is at work here. They are weak people and are not able to stand up for the very fabric for which they say they are protecting.

    I agree with all of the above comments and I also want to commend all of you that make a difference everyday and know that you are making an impact for the better of mankind. I am so thankful that I finally can come forward on this and admit that I have been a victim of heinous crimes. I only hope that it is not to late for all of the nations that try and coexist here and that they would just let there guard done long enough to let your fingers do the research and you will find a vast knowledge of all that is contemplating and to not be afraid of what is out here for the world is not as big as we might like to think it is sometimes

    Lastly, remember that the roots among the young people as well as the older and the oldest, all have within the makings of themselves to make a contribution to all mankind. It would be nice not just in the today, but in the tomorrow as well that the future citizens of all the great nations form a solid kinship that would be joined by a bond of mutual understanding that has never coexisted before. Then and only then will we truly find a solution to the terrible and heinous crimes that exist.

    Jeffrey Peve
    5611 N Manchester Ave
    Kansas City, MO 64119

    Comment by Jeffrey Peve Kansas City Missouri | October 21, 2007 | Reply

  7. Been getting a lot of “directed conversation” from fellow bus riders who I don’t even know, talking about things like what the inside of my house looks like, the fact that I have one style of shirt in three different colors, and a direct quote “yeah, he’s a ‘cradle to grave'” (I guess meaning that whoever they were talking about (and stalking) was someone that has been harassed from ‘cradle to grave’. How awful! How do these people get away with this? What is there about my life that is sooo important, sooo all-encompassing, that someone needs to know what I do from cradle to grave? Do we targets maybe have some special kind of genetic material we’re carrying around that has to be kept track of or something? That’s the only reason I can think why someone would have to be tracked and monitored from cradle to grave.

    Has anyone ever noticed that these people who engage in “directed conversations” are very loud and most of the time they think they’re hilarious? They laugh at everything they say and do and laugh hysterically, as if they are the ones who need to be locked up somewhere. It’s all a part of getting your attention and making sure they keep your attention so you’ll know you’re being messed with.

    Comment by Sherri | October 31, 2007 | Reply

  8. Keep the faith endure to the end this too shall pass God is… Help stop Gang Stalking the following site has helpful info. There are many victims out there being terrorized even as I write this, calling for help and some don’t know exactly whats happening to them.
    Please help us go to this site and others seek out info of how to stop this and beaware: & & and
    under mind control look for the true story Ultrasonics Americas Secret police
    and google “stop gang stalking and emf” please we need more exposure of this not only home land terroizism but it is happening in Canada and over seas.

    Comment by TJ | December 12, 2007 | Reply

  9. Sherri:

    You are right-on-target with the statement that our situation relates directly to something that can be found within our genetic material. We (ti(s)) are somewhat immune to the behaviour modification technology being used to turn the planet populace into docile sheep. The fascists do not want us to reproduce. See

    The whole rotten scenario is being directed and controlled by an (unfortunately) quickly rising oligarch/corporate facsism. For more on the oligarchs, see

    – Liberty4all

    Comment by liberty4all | February 12, 2008 | Reply

  10. i haven’t had the electrical torture yet. But im pretty damn sure i had a encounter. right after i found out bought gang stalking i walked outside and ppl were racing in-front of behind me and coming up beside me in cars. Its annoying they’re to pussy to even run me over. Never even came towards me head on. only in the distance and backed away from me.

    Comment by alex | February 20, 2010 | Reply

  11. Hello,

    I Have been stalked for well over ten years now. I have been chased from residence to residence. Set up by these people in false jobs so I could be harrassed and financially ruined. Slandered. Threatened repeatedly by people I have never met via e-mail, phone, in person, while driving, have had my residence watched by electronic survelance (not the police, but neighbors), had my vehical and residence broken into, had members of my family stalked and harrassed, received phone calls at all hours of the night and morning, suffered sever sickness due to electronic weapons, the list just goes on….

    I noticed that most of these “stalkers” are young, have time available in their busy lives to pull this off and have money in which to carry out these games, many are unsavory types such as skinheads and gang members, and many are involved in local government (police, fire, utilities, road crews, city office holders, and more…).
    There seems to be a large group of the religeous right involved as well.
    I’ve met people in the local community who have complained about being harrassed and have subsequently dissappeared.
    Moving Doesn’t seem to help as they have a large network that bypasses state lines (in some cases international boundries) so they send people from the new area to continue the harrasment. Apealling to their moral side doesn’t seem to help either.

    Many also appear to be college and university students who are highly impressionable in their early years and havn’t figuered out how to think for themselves. Many just want to be part of a group that seems to be making a difference.

    The Group itself seems to a popular yet secretive organization with internal perks to keep people harrasing and harsh punishments (or threats there of) for those who don’t go along. Seems obvious why so many keep their mouths shut. Its a powerful organization beyond the individuals ability to control or stand against. So, many just go along hoping they won’t be targeted.

    The disturbing thing is that they have also recruited many from the modern peace and spiritual movements. Supposed peace loving hippies and spiritual leaders (self help gurus)and the like are involved. I have found that they have the missplaced idea that they are actually helping to “clean up” society or helping people by badgering them to new heights.
    The tricks are cruel and insidious often involve unsuspecting neighbors and citizens who are told the target is a threat and needs to be either put away in jail, or in an insane assylum, or driven “away”. “Get rid of him!” Was a comment I heard often.

    This virus of thought is destroying the lives of countless people around the world and needs to be stopped. The paradigm these people are creting is akin to the Nazi movement in Germany before WWII and McCarthyism.

    These activities are illegal but are being condoned by police and government officials as crime watch activities. Some of these grouups are being financed by government and local officials.

    It is up to those of us who see this crime to take action and begin a public awareness campaign of these activities exposing them for what they really are. Arm your selves with video cameras and notebooks. Keep meticulous records and be careful who you speak with as many of these people are your closest friends. Keep records of phone calls, police contacts and any other incidents pertinent to the harrasment. A day will come when they will make a mistake and you will have the evidence. If you can afford it move. If you can afford it hire a trusted private investigator. Build a case and keep your defenses up as what you are experiencing is the manifestation of evil in our times. Learn to defend your self for as I have learned, they will not stop until you are dead (preferably by your own hand) and will everything it takes to ruin you, your family, and your life.


    They don’t want any public srcutiny. Print fliers and pass them out to people. Talk openly about the harrassment. Confront your harrassers. Don’t shy away (they love this). You have a voice and right to go about your day with out being harrassmed by people. The laws are quite clear. They have no right to do this. Stand up and be loud in public. If the police get involved, use a video camera, keep notes of the officers name and badge number and get the names of your harrassers if possible. Be a thorn in the sides of the authorities if they will not cooperate. Call the police as often as possible if they become uncooperative. Contact newspapers. Write Blogs. Send e-mails. The power is in your hands. Step up to the fight and like most bullies you will either see them run before you or you will have the fight of your life. Everyone will be able to see it because of the noise you are making. The embarrasment and problems caused will be a thorn in the side of this “syndicate” of thugs.

    Stay strong and keep your faith. You have a right to live or you wouldn’t be here.


    Comment by Steve | February 23, 2010 | Reply

    • I am sorry about what’s happened to you, but I look at your first paragraph and I think, welcome to the club. Been there. Stalked, chased from home to home, set up, job loses, threats, slander, surveillance, torture, physical repercussions due to torture.

      Every aspect of society takes part. What they use to do is try to get targets to think it was this group, or this group, but in society everyone takes part.

      Moving just gives you a break from your usual paracists.

      McCarthyism, Germany, Stasi, Cointelpro, Stalin Russia, all appropriate.

      This is part of the system, and it’s been like this for some time, with the internet we just have the ability to talk about it.

      Keep evidence sure. In Russia the way they exposed how the state was using psychiatry to destroy dissidents and list them falsely as crazy was by getting the stories out to the west. Who should we send our stories to? Al Jezera, maybe? (It’s a news network)

      What is happening is the calculated, systemic destruction of innocent people. Randy Weavers story should have woken people up.

      If you print fliers and pass them out, be careful, they will use this to say that you are crazy. Trust me on this one. Carry signs and if someone asks you a question ask if they want a flyer. Always get consent.

      Don’t confront them, unless they confront you. They feed off of our reactions. Don’t give them that power. I don’t know about you, but my time is too precious and valuable.

      Well don’t be an ass in public. You don’t have to be loud or obnoxious to get your point across, plus it just gives them credence in saying, see something is wrong with him or her.

      See try to make sure the police don’t get involved. The informants will lie, the police will lie. If an incident does happen do take it, but don’t go seeking trouble.

      Don’t call the police as often as possible. They keep a record of who calls and if you call too much, you can end up on a list. Eg. Even non targets who call the police too much, can end up on a list. File a report, one report, drop it off in person, in writing. Get the badge number, request the FOIA t make sure it’s filed properly, that’s it.

      Write blogs, contact papers, in a credible manner.

      Comment by gangstalking | February 26, 2010 | Reply

  12. I have been a victim off and on for seven years. When I wans’t being stalked it was because I lived in a populated neighborhood with four people for three years and nine months with freinds and family. I am not being electicly harrassed but everything else is more than enough to mess your life up. My case is about revenge or personel hatred. It started with one man an ex friend and co-worker, we had a falling out and I told him where to go, end of story. Then one eve. I saw him at my window in the rain at 2:00 am., well I wasn’t exacactly dressed in clothes I could chase him with. oops! To make a long story short he kept on spying and eavesdropping. I never did anything to him to deserve this. A year later I moved in the country and had one incident but soon moved in with my girlfriend and it went away.At this point I still had not put 2&2 together that all these strange happenings were related.
    After three years I moved back into my house and it all started with multiple cars and people messing with me. Then a year later i moved back to the city with friends and had not one problem and thought it was just there in my country house. After nine months I got my own place and they startes right up again. In the last year in the counrty house and the new place my girlfriend has witnessed all. Knowing who it is means alot. I tohught it could be the accussed but It was looking like someone big.
    I have a witness that gave a description of one of the stalkers and turns out she was also a former co-worker (one i fired ). these people are in thier 30’s and 40’s. I cant belive they waste thier life doing this. I live In Kansas City, MO. If there is any help or advice you could give that would be great. Please e=mail me

    Comment by Mark Fisher | October 19, 2010 | Reply

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