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Gaslighting on the soaps

These are the young and restless, gas-lighting, days of our, one lives to live.

I was just putting together some random links of gas lighting throughout the ages, and it came to my attention that a soap character recently was gas lighted into thinking she was going crazy. (Remember gas-lighting is the practice of trying to make someone think that they are going crazy.) This is frequently something that is done to targets of gang stalking, the new societal Cointelpro of our ages.)

A lot of things that happened to her were things that targets might experience, with the crank calls, illegal entry, people moving their stuff around but not stealking anythng, property destruction, stalking, harassment and no one believing them, etc.

So apparently on the show they showed the mental stress and melt down the character had because of this and no one believing her, she eventually checked herself into a mental hospital. Eventually the person gas lighting the character was caught, and she got out of the mental institution, she had checked herself into.

I thought it would be fun to do a quick Google check for other soaps that had used this plot and there are a few over the years, just about every soap in fact. So here are some quick plot points over the years.

Barbara had visions of herself, James and Gunnar (Hugo Napier) as their 18th-century alter egos, Bianca, Jason and Geoffrey.
Paul Ryan Timeline
1981-82: James’s true nature became apparent (to viewers, at least) when he dabbled in drug and jewelry smuggling, tried to kill rival John and dallied with other women in 1981. Barbara stood by her man, but in 1982 she began having psychic visions of herself, James and a mystery man in the 18th century. She was shocked to meet James’s “cousin,” adventurer Gunnar, who looked just like the man she had envisioned. Barbara realized that she was in love with Gunnar and then discovered another of James’s affairs, so she took Paul and moved out. But James wasn’t about to let her take custody of his son, so he began gaslighting her. Her drug-induced behavior freaked out Paul, who became afraid of his mother. Babs regained her sanity, but then accidentally shot James while he was trying to kill Gunnar. Stenbeck tattled to their son, who became even more  terrified of his mom. In the middle of all this, James learned that he was the nanny’s son, and Gunnar was actually the true Stenbeck. When John came across this info, James tried to kill him again.

After meeting with Angelina, Tico located Duke in Texas. Unaware that Todd and Blair were gaslighting Asa, Kevin and Jessica feared Asa might have Alzheimer’s disease. Later, Todd, Blair, Starr and Jack moved into the mansion in hopes of getting Asa to move out.


Max Hoyland was a fictional character in the Australian soap opera Neighbours, After this, Max began to come to terms with the fact he killed Paul’s son but Cameron’s sister Elle Robinson could not stand seeing him going so well so she devised several schemes to make Max think he was going crazy, a technique known as Gaslighting. First she stole his football tickets, then she moved Charlie onto the road, then she kidnapped Charlie. She then forged Max’s signature and made him buy unnecessary alcohol and stole his car.

Guiding Light (1970-1979)

In late 1970, the gaslighting of Sara led to a tragedy when Sara accidentally shot and killed Foss. In late 1971, Gantry was accidentally killed in a struggle with Joe Werner, and Sara and Joe were married.
All my children

Joshua Madden  Crimes Committed

Permitted Greenlee, Kendall and Simone to break into a sperm donation center. [Jun 2005]
Statutory rape; had sex with an underage Danielle Frye. [Jul 5th, 2005]
Gaslighting Erica Kane. [2005/2006]

Y&R (Yonge and the Restless) Drucilla Gaslighting 2007.

I don’t have a lot of details on this one. David & Ines continue to gaslight Drucilla. Apparently the character ended up checking herself into a mental ward and then getting out later, and was able to catch them in the act. They would enter her home, move stuff about, slash tires, crank phone calls, etc.

So gas-lighting has been done on television for several years in many platforms. I thought it was very appropo to mention this, since it something targets can relate to.

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  1. I am in the antique gas lighting business and I saw your search of gas lighting. Paul

    Comment by paul | September 29, 2007 | Reply

  2. I was subjected to gaslighting and street theatre for over a year until i ended up in psychiactric dept.
    I had no idea that i was being targeted, i had been prescribed copius amounts of various different medications which did not help because the stalking was still going on although i could not prove it and it was only because i was directed to this site i now know what is going on.
    A lot of people who come across this targetting are forced into suicide, some last longer due to the fact that they cannot get everyone to commit suicide as people would start believing what is going on if suicides reach too high a level.
    nobody knows haw exactly this is done but everyone going through it KNOWS IT IS BEING DONE and the aim is to control, blackmail, threaten,and to destroy the person it is being done to.

    Comment by tracy O'Donoghue | April 24, 2010 | Reply

    • I agree, that is why we have to each do our part. Check out the new post called The Dark Side. I am glad someone directed you to the site. Did you see the post on Jane Clift? You can use section 10 if you are on a similar list to control how your information is distributed in the U.K. I am working on what Canadian, U.S., Australian, and European targets need to do. European targets can use the U.K. rules in many cases. Australian targets might be able to as well, follow the U.K. rules, but I have to check into that more.

      Comment by gangstalking | April 24, 2010 | Reply

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