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The System 2

The System. It controls all.

So when I wrote my last post a couple of days ago, I think I was starting to get this, but I don’t think I really got this. I was sitting on a bench the other day and this little Asian boy and his family passed by. He was skipping along just young, innocent, happy, unaware of the evils of the world I would say. His parents were doing the snitch patrol thing, but he was just being a kid, unaware of it all, and then I think I finally got it. (Well some of it.)

Just like I would have been this happy kid, not skipping along, but unaware of the world, and this systemic system that is before me. Much like that kid, I probably had adults in my life who were aware of this snitching system, and who were also a part of this. Much like him, I lived and grew oblivious to this system. Much like some of the other targets. The same targets who are seeing these family patterns, we are all assuming it’s something recent, because how could any of us envision a system that is like this.

At some point the targeted ones, are not for whatever reason absorbed into the Borg system, and maybe they do something that is out of line with our little controlled system. I mean I am still in the mode where I am thinking that my sensitization was accidental, but just like Mark and the other targets, there is probably nothing accidental about this stuff. It’s all used for purposes of control. Thus why they try to attach (Anchor) other sensitizations to the original one. (As was attempted with me last year.)

I would or couldn’t see this a year ago, not six months ago, maybe a month ago, but I get it now, well sort of. I think the problem is that most targets keep thinking this is brand new, most of us don’t think that something like this could exist in society and why would we? I mean we are taught one thing, and apparently the truth is something quite different. What I don’t get is why not just be honest about it?

China is pretty open about their snitching, Russia, East Germany, why all the farce and pretense, that you were not doing the exact same thing? This should have clicked before now. Red Squads (Red Squads, Protectors of Privilege) go back over a hundred years, the spying on campuses goes back over 70 years, ( This was never anything new, the only thing that is new, is our ability to compare notes. (The Internet)

When this happen to targets 15 years ago, even just 10 short years ago, the Internet was not what it was, so most targets would have suffered alone, unable to get help, thinking it was just them. Within the last few years however, with the groups that have formed we have targets comparing notes, being lead in the wrong direction by the disinfo agents, and now it makes a bit more sense.

There are no boundaries. I mean being rich or famous does not stop this. Eg. John Lennon. When he complained about being followed around in public by strangers, he said that if anything ever happened to him, it would be no accident. I just found out that in addition to his own government spying on him, my government also did. What a tag team.

I have pointed out Eminem’s most recent lyrics. [quote]The track makes references to his phones being tapped, how an FBI van might pull up and he might just disappear, or maybe get taken out by a sniper one day. He goes on to say how he is focused on writing as many tracks as he can just incase something happens, and takes it one step further saying that he has already accepted he would be killed and then painted negatively for his actions. This is the point where the track briefly references 9/11 (after mentioning tremendous tremors) before going on to talk about 2 Pac predicting his death, and JFK’s assasination – an allusion to them both being killed for being ‘public enemy #1’ in the past.[/quote] Very telling.

And of course Mark M. Rich had said if he disappears, has an accident or goes missing, etc,etc, it would be no accident.

So this explains a lot, but not everything. Why do some parents get their kids into this creepy snitch system from an early age, while others leave their kids oblivious to this?

In these little covert investigations which are part of the farce, why are some people made aware of what’s going on, while others are not?

At least this explains why people go along with this, they are facing a an all encompasing system that is corrupt from top to bottom, that has ****large chunks of society,**** which I would say are in the majority that are a part of this. Thus explaining why people do not show more gumption.

If you are one of those people not in the know, you would never get it. You would just go through life, being unaware. You would also not believe it. You would have to see, feel and experience this for yourself. Once you do, you are not likely to forget.

Mobbing? How long was this going on in the workplaces, before it started getting documented? Is it as new as we first thought or was it on going for years, without being reported? Same question goes for bullying? It does appear with our ability to share and pass on information with the Internet and other mediums that there is now more awareness, but is that because the problem is at an all time high, or because people are finally in positions to document it? The same goes for who get’s targeted most.

Is it really an increase disproportionate to other time frames, or are we just documenting the occurrences more accurately?

Finally. The nice thing about a corrupt system, it will not sustain itself forever. There is a reason we don’t have the stupid and the corrupt at the helm. The Enron scandal comes to mind.

Lot’s of people knew about this, from what I have read, it was a big open secret. Many knew, many did nothing, and look how well that turned out? The problem is, the system that supported this happening, has not changed, and if anything is probably worst than ever. Now that’s not too bad, because it’s only people’s money. What about when the stupid and corrupt are responsible for your drinking water, food supply, medicine, health care? We already see this working in our tribunals, courts, law offices, police departments. As a target you get to see the corrupt side of the tracks pretty quickly, and you understand the underlying consequences of this, but the rest of society, will not experience the fruits of these labours, the full fruit of this corrupt system till later, and then it will be a bit too late to correct it.

Just some food for thought. It’s early morning, for some odd reason the target is being kept awake, the EMF is flowing fast and free, so I thought it would be nice to share. If I can’t sleep, then I guess I can blog. 🙂
Oh and remember, think nice thoughts, think nice thoughts.

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  1. I think types of this have been around since the dawn of time, or at least since there were beings capable of forming rudimentary thought.

    The earliest basic similar behavior by humans was open “mobbing”. A “ganging up” of numbers to overpower opposition or impose will, usually instigated by a few individuals or just one with a different idea of how things should be and the ability to persuade others to follow.

    Mobbing behaviors are even common among some animals.

    Human history is rich with examples of similar behaviors, especially among criminals. What we see today is just the modern updated covert version. What is fairly new is the liberal use of so called “less that lethal” electronic and chemical weapons being used.

    I cannot know for certain anything other than what I am experiencing, so I have to base what I say on that alone. The “disinformation agents” on-line and in real life want any target to doubt everything they truly know and everything they think they know.

    One job of an “assault stalking enterprise” is to constantly spread fear, uncertainty and doubt.

    I see many writings that have that “scent” of disinformation, some more skillfully composed than others. I consider everything I read about this just part of a study. If information can be proved through corroboration of several credible, reliable sources, then I consider it as possibly repeatable with proper credits.

    Like I’m sure some others would, I consider all the people involved in these covert assaults to be participating in criminal activity. I don’t care what they have been told or believe. People who are forced are still at fault, but at least did not fold without resisting.

    If I am to believe what I was told by what should be a credible source, at least some of these activities are connected to government in some fashion. If this is the case, the big question would be who can make these decisions about someones life and what criteria are these decisions based on. And more importantly, how can this be stopped.

    With all or parts of this being true, some of what I have experienced might be a subversion of this mismanaged “program”, and if it is, this “program” has certainly been corrupted on one or more levels.

    The primary reasons for my situation remain unchanged.

    Comment by gangstalked | August 3, 2007 | Reply

  2. DO know that NOT all police officers are involved. The officers that choose not to or are not “invited” to “play” the “games” become T.I.’s themselves.
    The very same things happen to them as the average citizen. The get turned down for promotions, get the worst beats/shifts, even discredited to the point of have to leave a job they love. They & their familes get backballed also. They get set-up when they are on duty in order to get them fired. IT HAPPENS people.when you hear of an upstanding Officer with a stellar career all of a suddene being accused of “crimes” – think twice.
    Stay safe out there people

    Comment by onewhoknows | August 6, 2007 | Reply

  3. I’ve read several accounts of police officers and one about a Chief of Police being attacked this way.

    I’m sure these groups work the political system too. That is primarily what “the game” is about, working or more accurately *subverting* the system.

    I do know that most law enforcement officers I’ve talked to seem to know or do know something about these groups and what they are doing.

    I’m not so sure that law enforcement knows that these groups are little more than contract “hit squads” for clients with money and/or influential connections.

    Comment by gangstalked | August 6, 2007 | Reply

  4. Comment by gangstalked | August 8, 2007 | Reply

  5. The link above is an example of real and future potential problems that are proven to exist in “intelligence based” policing. In this adversarial “Cop Watch” example there are the usual false allegations.

    In my situation of organized assaults, false allegations to police and the community formed the basis and was the beginning of the process. The group attacking me made comments that they could “control” law enforcement.

    The first perpetrators I saw came from other areas, some very far away. Many moved into this area to live but most just come for a few days or weeks at a time. Over time they worked their way into my community using “mob” tactics.

    Maybe the leaders that control these “hit squads” are just getting “old and grumpy”. They are probably “giggling” to themselves about the lies they tell. I think they picture themselves as some kind of “wizard”, playing an evil game that destroys mostly innocent victims. A concentrated effort by honest law enforcement and citizens could take the “wind out of their sails” and sink their “boat load of deceit”. I know these attacks can be stopped, but until honest people take action, stopping it is just a “dream”.

    Comment by gangstalked | August 8, 2007 | Reply

  6. Hi gangstalked.

    I hear you. You summed that up very well. So true. I agree with the trying to verify what is being said and done. I also wonder if these civilian spies themselves are not sometime fed lot’s of misinformation. I mean they go after targets based on lies much of the time.

    They themselves in some cases are fed a bag of trash, and I have seen ones be sorry after they realised what they were doing or that I was obviously not what they had been told I was, but you are right, this does not change our basic situations.

    For this it’s regretable.

    Comment by Gangstalking | August 8, 2007 | Reply

  7. Hi onewhoknows.

    [quote]DO know that NOT all police officers are involved. The officers that choose not to or are not “invited” to “play” the “games” become T.I.’s themselves.
    The very same things happen to them as the average citizen. The get turned down for promotions, get the worst beats/shifts, even discredited to the point of have to leave a job they love. They & their familes get backballed also. They get set-up when they are on duty in order to get them fired. IT HAPPENS people.when you hear of an upstanding Officer with a stellar career all of a suddene being accused of “crimes” – think twice.
    Stay safe out there people[/quote]

    From what I have seen of the police. I would have to say that this is true. Not all of them are aware of this, but God help them.

    I don’t know why some people are made aware of this and others are not. I guess in time you just learn to recognise your own. I have seen this at work, people just know their own kind. They know the ones who are the smokers, the ones who will keep secrets, the ones who can be bribed. Then there are the annomolies. I guess they after awhile know those ones as well.

    Comment by Gangstalking | August 8, 2007 | Reply

  8. [quote]I’m not so sure that law enforcement knows that these groups are little more than contract “hit squads” for clients with money and/or influential connections.[/quote]

    There are no groups, that was part of the big lie, the big disinfo lie. This is just how society is, and this is them getting society to go along with this. Many of them not willingly, but they don’t know what to do. None of them want to be where targets are and so they comply.

    If I can do anything it will be to have the big lie changed. The big lie that has been spread, by too many fake targets pretending to be real targets. Most of the so called gang stalking community.

    I wish Rich had made it. Oh well.

    Comment by Gangstalking | August 8, 2007 | Reply

  9. What is up with the breading for the state? Is there like a reward for this, extra money or is it just a good way to have cover when they go out patrolling?

    I get the dog walkers I really do, but the breading for the state, which seems to be happening. (I don’t have concrete proof, this is just observation.)

    Why? That I still don’t get. I mean I know that they like the pretend families with the babies so they look inconspicious, but to deliberatly use your kids, just so gross.

    Comment by Gangstalking | August 8, 2007 | Reply

  10. Again, we’re smack dab in the middle of law enforcement & the most crap goes on with your local little PDs. Trust me, they wont even answer our calls & we’re a large dept PD family. our property has been vadalized, calls are ignored.
    Your smaller PD habe a lot of “buds” on them where forces w/ 4000+ people are way too busy answering calls to worry about gang stalking. We live in a little, corrupt redneck union-town & there’s the ” do you know who I am?” attitude everywhere. Newcomers like us are not trusted. We have the locals driving by in their marked & civilian cars all the time b/c we rattle feathers & called them out. They protect their DUI friends, “forget to show in court” so charges will be dropped, etc.. trust me, it can happen to Cops that don’t play the game too. We watch as losers get promotions but the good cops get crapped on & pushed out so they have to transfer, quit, etc.
    Esp here where so many are out of work, you can get losers to follow us. We get mobbed @ the mall, eateries, playgrounds… etc.. local PDs will show up pretending to have a call in the mean time, there was no call over the radio -we listen. So we go over & call their bluff to ask if we can be of assistance – common courtesy – funny, they say NO & leave quickly. Me & my kids have been followed bu off-duties @ the store, etc….
    Trust me… I feel like I lve in Steprford except my spouse is NOT playing the game.
    when this happened elsewhere, any cop that would help us seemed to get transferred quickly.
    it never ends.
    our car repairs never last more than a few mos I think in hopes of stranding us somewhere.
    Dr’s treat us like CRAP. We’ve had to change Drs several times b/c of all this.
    it’s a pain.

    Comment by onewhoknows | August 9, 2007 | Reply

  11. I’m clearly not having the same problems as some of the posters, but I do believe that police harass people without cause. If someone in the community is singled out as being trouble, the police are on it. It’s abusive when the police are repeatedly called in when there is no disturbance. You know something is up when you arrive at locations and the police are just sitting in their cars, but as soon as you get out of your car, they pull up and make a show of walking in with you. That’s uncalled for because you haven’t done anything. That same scenario gets repeated again if you happen to go back to that place. You know something is up when the police cars are parked and the cops are outside talking, but as soon as your car approaches- they get in and follow. It’s abusive when, for months at a time, they follow your car everywhere. It’s not okay for them to see your car on the street and suddenly flip U-turns to follow and tailgate. If the individual ever actually did something, disrupted the public, or threatened someone, I could understand this. The police around here need to lighten up. There is no reason to tailgate and follow people. If citizens aren’t doing anything wrong, leave them alone and don’t send your really loud helicopters over people’s houses either. They used to do that too, it was like they were landing on my roof. Too much for a law abiding nobody like me.

    Comment by wow | March 26, 2010 | Reply

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