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You tube is controlled.

You tube is controlled.

I already knew that, but ususally they don’t make it this obvious. Ok you might have read my blog post that I just did and in that post it included a link to a video about how sound affects our bodies by David Icke right. ok. I just checked on the video and it’s off the air. I blogged like about 2 hours ago, and it’s off the air.

Here is the link.

Also the user account has been suspended. (karmic_plight) All within less than 2 hours. Now you tell me that it’s just one more coincidence. Anyways having seen it happen time and time again, I am not surprised.

However having seen it before, that’s why I don’t like to share videos or article links anymore, because this happens all the time. Not just videos, but names and places. It’s just sometimes better to leave them off or out.

This is the super creepy system that you are currently going along with, and bowing down to. So did they get rid of the video because it showed David Icke saying something that I think kind of contradicts what the bible says. He said in the video the word was with God and the word was sound, but if I recall the verse it’s the word was with God and the word was God. If he really is a disinfo agent, then it seems to me the big play he would be going for and is going for is to do what needs to be done to get this system in place, and that is go get rid of Jesus. Tell us enough truth, so that we will believe the one lie that is not the truth. I mean that’s the play they pulled with gang stalking. They gave us all the details, made it so believable and the one point that would lead to the truth, they lied about. Everything was correct, how the operation worked, methods, tactics, just they lied and said it was vigilante gangs and it was the government. See you can’t pass off a lie by lying, you have to mix in just enough truth to make yourself convincing. Having listened to David Icke, I can say that he seems to speak the truth for the most part, or believes that he does, but then when he gets to things like Jesus never existed it makes me think, yep this might be the play that I just saw being repeated.

The other reason the video might have been removed is because it does talk about how sound affects us, and how it can be used for us to make changes to our surroundings and environment. It spoke of how you had atoms in random formation, and then introduce sound to the mix, and they form patterns. It spoke of how our heart beats to sound, how our very thoughts create sound and when we are upset, unbalanced or out of sort those vibrations change. I speculate this might be the other reason the EMF, electro magnetic frequencies are being used on targets. Outside of the tracking and monitoring. We have the power withing to make changes to our external world, just by thinking it, and apparently sound is a big part of this. (I was not aware of the sound part of this before.) So eg. If you don’t want a Stasi like world, where we are all chipped and tagged, let’s find a decent ending that we do all want, and collectivly think on that. Hint, hint.

Now think about this, I blog a simple post, keeping in mind I am heavily under surveillance/observation, and then the video and account are removed, and the account is suspended. Youtube is the biggest file sharing site on the Internet, but these creatures can pull the video, and kill the account in like 2 hours. Do you see the reach? Do you see the danger? Yet I am still not impressed. Irritated to be sure, but not impressed. I have seen impressive and this is not it.

Also can you say obvious. Now you might want to just write it off as paranoid, but when I see things like this happen over and over again, I don’t know what else to think. I checked back on the video, cause I thought this might just happen, cause it’s happened before.

Anyways if anyone is interested in finding out more about how we create, how sound and vibrations are used, then that is someplace you might want to start with, and in future will have to try to find better ways of getting the info out to you. Interpret it how you will.

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  1. Are you sure it wasn’t pulled because David Icke sells his videos, and a video with him in it is likely copyrighted?

    Have you sent a note to Mr. Icke to tell him he got censored by youtube?

    I believe these things do happen, but the danger is in not applying a little Occam’s Razor to the whole thing.

    If you don’t exhaust the probable reasons for things before you go to the unusual reasons, you might be doing their work for them by making yourself more fearful.

    They win by you believing in their power.

    What you think on grows.

    Try asking them for change next time they harass you. Or piss on ’em. Literally.

    Ask if you can join.

    Or beat the bejeezus out of the next scumbag m*****f****r who street theater’s you.

    I feel for you. Empower up.


    Comment by provenant | July 16, 2007 | Reply

  2. Those your reasoning sounds probably and logical think of it this way. The video was up on youtube for over a year, no problems. I link to the video and within 2 hrs the video is shut down.

    Ofcourse on the surface we can say, oh the material was copy written. However the underlying is the same. I have seen articles, other videos and information pulled in the exact like manner.

    I don’t think they win by believing in their power, it’s called assessing the enemy. This enemy has a wide reach and it would be wise for targets to be cognizant of this.

    Why would I stoop to associating with them? The only time I do is for information gathering. Pissing on people, where are you from?

    Why would I want to join the modern day version of Hitlers snitch network? This is what he did in Germany before he brought his state of things into power. Least we forget how that turned out.

    It’s ok. Don’t cry for me Argentina.

    Comment by gangstalking | July 18, 2007 | Reply

  3. The stalkers could have sent a ton of complaints about the account to get it closed. Even one person with a bot-net can generate a lot of problems in a lot of places on the internet. I keep finding two of the same cyberstalkers that I have identified through screen-shots of their posts and other information from websites. Every victim needs to collect as much evidence from every source as possible, if only for your own peace of mind. Being caught at their game and identified is their worst fear. Don’t let their tricks make you believe they are “powerful”. They are clever, but they are just criminals.

    Comment by T.L.R. | July 20, 2007 | Reply

  4. The problem is they are not crimnals. They are our average citizens that are being backed by the state in this insanity. Just like the Germans were backed by this insanity before they killed off how many Jews? This is evil. It was then and it is now. It’s the exact same thing. Just like then the citizens are going around baiting targets, those they have deemed to be unworthy to make their pathetic selves feel better.

    No I have watched it and youtube, google are monitored and controlled. The things targets say about encounters like this are just true. We are controlled now and there is this cult like level of corporation just like there was in McCarthism. Most of society is going along with this. It’s one giant network.

    They are not clever, they are the stupidest of the stupidist, the lowest of the lowest, but even worms can devour a human body, and when did a mindless mob ever have to be clever? All they have to do is follow orders and be told who to hang.

    The fourth reich cometh.

    Comment by gangstalking | July 21, 2007 | Reply

  5. Have you seen this on CKA blogs?

    Quote – “Well, our dear friend Gangstalking has broken out of the HooHoo Hotel somebody had thoughtfully locked her up in.”

    Did you get forced into one of the bogus “mental evaluations” we hear so much about?

    I was told there *is* some sort of “government program”. A program only a Nazis/Stasi could love. Oh, how far we have come beyond common sense. Zombies on patrol.

    Did this program run out of *real* dangerous targets? Did they have to drop the qualifications for targeting somebody to include things like looking at somebody the wrong way, having the wrong hair style or not holding your mouth right?

    Maybe any participant can just say someone is *dangerous* and they have a target to torture so they can keep receiving government funding.

    This would be a great way to get rid of that pesky individual you don’t like or one that may cause you problems, cost you money or testify against you in court.

    Comment by Darren | July 22, 2007 | Reply

    • No I had not seen it, but it sounds like something some banned people would post. Thanks I had missed this comment.

      Comment by gangstalking | May 26, 2009 | Reply

  6. Ah more love from the people over at CKA. No I have never been forced into or had a mental evaluation. The dudes over at that place just like to make fun of anyone who speaks about conspiracies and things like that. There are three others that they make fun of equally. Have you seen some of the responses to the comments?

    Any-hoo. There was a great discussion about this over at ctv news forums, but the discussion got deleted. I still have a copy, which I can post.

    It’s basically that to get funding they set the targets up to make them look crazy. The people evaluating the targets don’t see them getting tripped, or harassed in their homes, they just see someone acting out in public and so give an impartial feedback that the person acted crazy.

    It was a really good discussion. Just let me know and I will post it at GSW and on the blogs.

    Comment by Gangstalking | July 22, 2007 | Reply

  7. Quote Gangstalking – “It was a really good discussion. Just let me know and I will post it at GSW and on the blogs.”

    I would read that if posted here.

    Comment by Darren | July 22, 2007 | Reply

  8. Quote Original Poster “Gangstalking”- “It’s basically that to get funding they set the targets up to make them look crazy. The people evaluating the targets don’t see them getting tripped, or harassed in their homes, they just see someone acting out in public and so give an impartial feedback that the person acted crazy.”

    I have suspected that this same type of thing is what these people have been doing to me. This makes sense out of some of the comments that were made to me by the people involved in setting me up for this crap. Please post that discussion, I would like very much to read it. It must have had some truth to it. Usually anything on a mainstream forum about this that uncovers any truth is deleted.
    I have some easy methods that work on how to protect from electronic weapons if you want or need them.

    Comment by Gangstalked | July 25, 2007 | Reply

  9. I’m sorry to hear about your friend’s site. I’m sorry for all of us who go through this and wish that we could live together in one community together so that gangstalking can’t take root. I’d like to post a link of your site on my blog with your permission. I need to be proactive and for now, this is a solution.

    Comment by sepia | July 31, 2007 | Reply

  10. I am not a westerner, but I have lived here most of my adult life to be cnsidered one, at least culturally. I understand western culture, maybe even more than you guys. i think a lot of people born here are blind to some realities of western culture because it happens to be the water you swim in.

    I believe the reason covert warfare against innocent and oft-times unwitting civilians, for the purpose of research or elimination, does not get out is because it is institutionalized. a whole lot of structures have been set up to make sure it stays a secret. a lot of people are in on this, meaning your average stalker is usually the upright citizen next door, who is cnditioned to react to a designate target in a particular way because they believe they are doing their part to protect their way of life. once you are marked as a target, you are at the mercy of your own neigbours, who otherwise are model citizens, upright in every other way.

    the tragedy of covert warfare is the fact not all citizens in the west are in on this institutionalization. it is like the institutionalization of racism, where police officers do not flinch to be biased towards minorities, do not care to abuse minorities in full view of everybody, because they are convinced they are doing something useful for society, because they know they will get away with it when the real rules of the land come to apply: in a court of law.

    there is a last word, a sacrosanct order that goes around and condemns a soul to life long harrassment, and there are levels of involvement of the so called perps in the harrassing process. there are those who will do the actual elimination, who take the risks, and they are usually a different crowd of characters altogether, while normal citizens double as stalkers, taking on quasi military roles around the victim, knowing exactly what to do, what to say to ensure their conditioning and the war of attrition and harrassment is maintained.

    on another level of this complex structure are those who preempt the escape of victims by spreading lies about them, by making media releases that mislead people about the mentality of victims and especially the source of the stalking, in case they are believed. you do not mean to tell me some fringe group is respponsible for covert warfare, and that they are beyond the law itself, here in the west? members of secret services become whistle blowers, yet, to date, no single stalker has scome forth and spilt the beans. even when police officers, under condition of anonymity, talk about stalking they always blame it on some powerful fringe group that has not been exposed by leakages to date? this is hardly possible. this is shifting blame.

    extremists in western societies happen to be the ones who do society’s dirty job for them.

    the group of last resort, as I call them, are those individuals in the structure who step in to prevent real evidence of stalking/covert warfare from getting out. these are the people who will come and eliminate you on the spot if you have captured a real microwave device in your neighbour’s house, or have made footage of a situation that is far too sensitive to expose to the sleeping masses.

    David Icke is one of those purveyors of falsehood about a lot of issues that enable a wholesome understanding of the system as a whole, but he too does say some things that lead people to thoughts that can lead to uncovering of some sensitive truths, which I believe happened here.

    Comment by Mukazo | November 30, 2007 | Reply

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