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Out for a walk.

So I went out for a walk today. It was really nice. This month has been all together just so nice. The sun was just the right amount of warmth, and it was just so beautiful. It’ the sort of day you dream about, maybe I did. I went for a walk cause I am offline today. I woke up and my telephone and Internet were just gone. It was like ok. I really needed to get some stuff done and the last while has been sort of problems with the Internet and things like that.  Plus there are all these other weird things happening with my phone line it’s hard to explain. Like yesterday I called someone from one connection, they could not hear me, so I called back the same number on the land line and ofcourse someone completely different answered the phone. I could see that I had dialed the right number, but I called again same thing. Plus sometimes the phone upstairs in my neighbours home rings, I hear nothing at my end in my apartment, but then I get a message on my answering machine.  The phone company has offered to look into it and to try to bill me if the problem is on my end. Government covert investigations, what category does that fall into? Anyways I hope they get the problem fixed soon, but then I don’t. I really enjoyed my time outside today.  Plus since the phone going dead without any dial tone was what would happen at the other apartment I am sure it’s being done from the same source. I understand this is outside of the guidelines, but then so is everything else, however it’s something that should be getting reported, so here it is. From what I understand there are guidelines that should be getting followed and cutting off my phone/Internet service is not one of them. So many targets report these sorts of interferences. Sometimes you just have to watch them in action and see the stuff that they do, and come up with. They get the stupidest creatures working for them, and with them sometimes it’s just frustrating, but that’s the idea. Oh well.

It’s weird you know it feels like the world has changed, but then I realise that it has not.  The world is the exact same as it always was, the only thing that has changed is my perception of it. People snitching, spying, betraying, lying it’s all the same as it ever was. My awareness is all that has changed. The world is as it always was. I don’t know if that’s  a good thing or a bad thing, but that is where it is.

I had gone for a walk the other day as well, and it was so nice, people, children the park I walked past, it all seemed so nice, but in the back drop their is this knowledge. It’s almost like in T2 (Terminator 2) You see Sarah at the park with the kid, and the swing, then you see the other Sarah, the one who is all too aware of the danger and the destruction that is about to happen, and then you get that really cool nuclear war scene. It happens so fast. I am not exactly expecting nuclear war, but my city for me has changed. I mean we are nothing better than the Stasi’s were. People lying, spying and betraying each other.  Then there is still the other scenes. People living their day to day lives. Some maybe not snitching and spying, some maybe not even aware of these happenings, like I was not just a year ago. That anniversary is up and coming. A year of being aware of this weirdness. I don’t see how targets do this. Some for years and years. I guess I understand why some opt out of the game, or change sides, or just lose it. Anyways for today the world is just so beautiful and wonderful.

I decided to take some time and go to the park. I wanted to write and update you, my people out in cyberspace. Offline it’s like cat has got every-one’s tongue, and online it’s just so different. Some people can actually talk about what is happening, offline it’s harder. No one knows who they can trust, and they are scared, or happily going along with this, leading their little existences, hoping to stay off the radar of the powers that be. Knowing this time is coming slowly, but surly, like a woman who is about to give birth, the contractions of this end time, will start to come closer and closer together, till the moment is here. I think that is sort of how the bible described some of this stuff. It’s all making sense. It never does at the time it’s all written down, but prophesy unfolding is a pretty neat thing. One world government, global dominance, and a snitch force to keep everyone in line, mini contractions of this system that is soon fully to be born. People giving up their wills, and worshiping or bowing down to whoever and whatever. Yep humans pretty much do not change.

Back to my day. So I took a walk, it was a wonderful walk. It was a walk that was straight out of a dream. It was just so nice. It was like I had walked it before. It  was just so familiar. I felt like I knew what would happen along the path I don’t remember dreaming about the day or how it would be, but it was more like a feeling, like I knew what would happen along the path.

I knew that when I walked down a specific street, it would be like I would run into an old friend, and in a way I did. I expected to find this specific store at a certain point and there it was. Remember this is a path that I have never walked before, but I knew it with such certainty. Then after I left the store, I just realised or had a sense that I was going the wrong way, so after I changed directions, I walked the other way. I wound up in front of a police station. Today I was suppose to follow up on trying to get the reports filed, I had called and left a message yesterday, to say that I would be calling back today. So I really did not want to go in face to face, I mean we all know my wonderful journey thus far, and I was just going to walk away, but I had the strongest feeling that I was suppose to go in, you know, like I had already done this. So I bucked up the courage, I did not have any of my notes with me. I mean I didn’t have the report printed out, so I could not just leave a copy of that with someone, which is the advice I received last week. Like I said I would have walked away, but it was just so familiar, just like everything else on that path. I have heard people describe this before, I think I have forgotten a lot of this spiritual stuff that I know on the one hand. So anyways I went in. I ran into this really youthful looking officer. He really looked very young. However he seemed really nice. Now I use to think I could tell if  people were good or bad, etc, but ofcourse the last year of my life has taught me differently. Remember I was the one with everyone in my life helping directly or indirectly to ruin me. Most of the people I thought I knew or sort of trusted were a part of this, however  he just seemed so familiar. The conversation flowed more or less, and to make a long story short he is going to try to update the report from December. The one where office Broker really messed up the report that I filed, and based on the stuff that I have seen, and that has happened to other targets, probably intentional.

So anyways I have no assurances that this officer will do anything different than the others have, I did not do all the things that I know that I am suppose to do when interacting with the police force, since I realise that targets are not able to trust the people they were taught to trust. I have no guarantees, that he will do anything different. My guarantees are his word. Are people’s words worth anything anymore? He seemed really nice, but then so do a lot of other people including sociopaths, and pedophiles, that’s why they are able to get away with that stuff for such long periods of time. The main thing that I am going on is that it felt like what I was suppose to do. No more importantly it felt like something I had already done, and the physical here and now was just this formality.  There were these awesome flowers out on the road today, nothing out of the ordinary, but how many times have I stopped to smell the roses in the last year? It was just so nice to do that today. I really don’t know how I manage to spend so much time inside. Yet I do.

I am going to cut this post short. I am in the park and I am out of juice or soon will be. So all I have is my own sense of this was what I was suppose to be doing today, and the word of a really nice looking youthful officer, who seemed sincere, but don’t they all. So we will see what we will see. Anyways, I am going to enjoy the rest of the day, and the moment I am back online, or get to a cafe, I will get this cool mellow post out to you.

Peace out.

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  1. I have day slike that,too, I force them n my self, I try tomake myself remeber waht it was like when I tok freedom for granted.

    When my problems were family-related, makingthe next payment on something,hoping for a promotion took up ost of my mind’s free time.

    Now i htink i would give the world tohave what i thought were ‘real problems’back: divorce,custody battles,money problems, all pale in the wake of being followed, surveilled 24/7.

    I have seen cameras in my home,have my phones and home buggerdand i am swarmend when I walk or drive away.

    My cars ahve been broken and ransacked,I have been wrongfully accused of swearing at people and fined for it,when i was jsut sitting there,and my life is interrupted as well as disrupted daily,by noises ,smells ofethnic cooking in th events, I have had my pets kiled, windows tothe car shot out, once while in it,and any call to the police put me on th espot.

    There is so much moe,it has been daily since 1998,buthtatis only when I didcovered it seeing myself on my nighbors deck tv..realizing cameras were in my hme nad reporting it to th epolice led that nighbor to have me arrested for ‘staliking’ when told to get proof by them.

    The immediacy of their coming to get me after year sof eporting,vandalism,home invsions,even the cameras in my home,from me,all need ‘proof’ form her,jsut took onetime to put me now I know she is partof a ‘community poling’ effort.

    The days in the park are different now, they ARE unreal, because they are not the same for us as they are for those unsuspecting their every innocent move is under suveillance, for fun , profit,and home grown terrorism,by those we pay to protectand defend us .

    The park is upside down,the world is too, th ecriminals have rights,andthe law abiding are refused the right to life,liberty and the utsuit of hapiness.

    Telling anyone makes us ‘mental” whilethe real ‘mentals’ are those who allow it.

    Comment by overcomer | June 22, 2007 | Reply

  2. I agree with a lot of what you are saying, the park is not the same, nothing is. Now that I am aware of how many people in our society are snitches it disgusts me to no end. I am really shocked that so many people in our society would go along with this. we use to critisis Germany and Russia for this. Oh well I guess times change.

    I agree with what you say about telling people about this, but just like Anthony and other targets that have gone public, it’s our best shot at fighting this, so though I do encourage targets to go public, I say be careful how you do it.

    I use articles, video, books, movies, whatever I can to proove my point. If you have the facts to back you up, it’s harder for them to mess with you. I also am aware of their stupid little set up’s, and looking back, I now realise that a lot of stuff that’s happened was a part of this, but how could an average, sane person realise that something like this is going on in society.

    If this was Germany, I would believe it, but it’s so hard to think that my country is capable of this stuff. It’s so hypocritical. Oh well live and learn. It like the preacher who preaches against adultry, only to get caught with the pants down.

    It does not look like the Cointelpro investigations are going to get opened again, but there is more awareness, just not enough awareness.

    The only way this is getting better is for targets to go public and do it in a credible manner. I don’t think you have to go public all at once, but do it in little ways. Think of it as coming out of the targeted individual closet. If we don’t go public, they will destroy us, and others like us in the future. This is something that is just spreading, till it consumes all one way or another.

    Comment by gangstalking's | June 24, 2007 | Reply

  3. I really found your observation that the world and people have not changed, rather it is only your perception of them. It does require some mental gymnastics to reconstruct your view of the world after you have been a victim of crime. But hate needs a target, and no one ever hates alone. Have you noticed that? It just takes one person who is hateful to enlist any number of others to their “cause.” I am still learning the hard way that no one can be trusted. It still astounds me how many people who don’t know you from Adam and whom you’ve never done anything to are, nevertheless, willing to abandon their ethics (doctors, therapists)and even commit criminal offences just for money. Maybe we should just go the route of Club Med and wear colored pop-beads around our necks instead using money. Why doesn’t anyone have the guts to stand up to these creatures? I can see how easily a Nazi Germany type state could occur anywhere in the “civilized” world.

    Comment by Still Standing | June 24, 2007 | Reply

  4. See everyone always assumes the Germans were bad people, they were people, just like in every society and just like in our society they went along with what the State told them to do. Long before he was able to bring that system into full swing Hitler also instituted a system of snitches and that is what has and is happening in our society. We are on the edge of that same knife. It’s hard to believe, but we are. A year ago you could not have gotten me to believe it however.

    Some of this is about force, but a lot of it is also about conformity, people who can’t think and don’t know how to act independently. It starts in the schools with what they are taught, peer pressure to conform, be like everyone else, the moral break down. This has been going on for years, and it’s no accident.

    They litterally will see a happy couple or family, who have nothing that they can use, and go after those people, having no crime and no sin, is the new crime and the new sin, in this pre-society of what’s to come.

    If we look back in society the world has always been like this in one form or another. I don’t know what’s worst anymore, going through like never knowing it, or waking up in the middle of it. All I know is I am here.

    Comment by gangstalking's | June 29, 2007 | Reply

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