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Corrupt to the core.

Trying to get my police report updated still.
The nice thing about the police here in this city is that if you file a complaint with them, they get to investigate themselves. That’s right. If you so happen to be unfortunate enough to cross paths with the police and they mess you over, and you file a report, it goes to an independent body who then forward the complaint to the police who then investigate themselves, and send it back to the independent body who then forward it to you.
Isn’t that nice? The mob should have such a system in place.
Ok here is a recap for all those who are not familiar with my situation.

Found out that I was being followed around the city last July, after about 6-7 years of constant harassment, found out that this was coordinated and set up in such as way as to see me destroyed.

I would later find out that this is a covert Cointelpro type investigation that is being orchestrated by the those in authority.

Before that I found the term online called gang stalking, which at the time explained these events, but tried to pass the events off on vigilante groups. Turns out gang stalking is more than likely a disinformation term coined to throw people off about what was happening to them, more importantly who it was being done by.

What is happening to me is similar to the movie lives of others where an innocent person is placed under covert investigation, and the state tries to ruin them by degrees. I am not alone in my predicament, this is happening to many others in various other parts of the country, and the world.

This is my saga thus far.
-December 2006.

After many months of researching gang stalking and talking to others who had tried to file police reports about the same thing, I was told that the best way to file the report was in person.

-I was told that to try to do it in writing, and to get a copy of the police report and a reference number after the police report was filed.

-Filed a police report regarding the covert harassment that was being experienced.

-My first attempt to file the report was done in person with an officer. He refused to let me drop off the notes that I had and said that notes had to be taken, and he did not give me a report number. Asked when I would hear back about the report the officer advised that it might not happen.

*Knowing what I know now. I would say the first mistake was going to the police. When this is happening to you, go to a lawyer first, explain what you think is happening and then see what they think you should file in the report. The trick there is trying to find a good lawyer who will touch it. The other thing that lawyers have advised is hire a private investigator, but many targets have spent time and money on this road with no avail. Many of these PI are themselves helping out with these eyes and ears programs and so again conflict of interest. Finding a honest or decent person who is aware of what is going on and who does not have a conflict of interest, or vested interest is hard.

-So after finding out that the report was not filed I attempted to file the report again, and they insisted on doing it over the phone. I would later find out why.

-After I filed the report and no one got back to me. I called and spoke to an officer John Poirpoint at 13th division. The same officer who had five complaints of the same stalking for his area. (The other complainants all being single females, living by themselves.)
I asked why the report was not being investigated? He said he would have to call me back on Monday. Never heard back, tried to follow up, couldn’t get a hold of him.

Eventually I did get a copy of the police report that I filed. Office Badge #3447 filed a chop job report. Many of the things I explained to hear and the way she wrote them, miswrote them, or just inserted her own info, made the report sound crazy.

Eg. I advised officer Brooker that there was heat coming from the floor below me, and it was causing vibrations. I advised that I had spoken to an electrician, who thought it might be transponders or something like that. I did advise her that my upstairs neighbour seems to know where I am at all times in my apartment, as if I was being tracked.

She wrote in the report that

(I think magnets are being used to track my movements.)

Didn’t mention magnets to her. There are several other examples where she decided to insert, not insert, or just insert her own stuff. Very nice the things our officers get up to.
Today.- So since that time realising that they are corrupt, I have just been speaking to community leaders, other targets, lawyers, other activists that are being harassed this way, and of course the police.

I did have some luck about a month back. I spoke to one officer who I advised what was happening and wanted to know if I could get off the list. He advised that he did not think that I could get off the list, but he would let me speak to the investigations unit. He is the most success that I have had so far. Acknowledged that citizens are being used to track people, and that he didn’t think that there was a way off the list.

The person he transferred me to was not so helpful. He said he didn’t know what I was talking about. So I read him the article that came out in the paper, and that shut him up with the denials, but he quickly got me off the phone with he didn’t think there was anything he could do to help. That was the police investigations unit.

-Today I tried to follow up on some information I dropped off last week.

Memory refresher. During my talks and chit chats with the police, some helpful some not, I discovered that they had a report of some kind showing up that referred to an arrest for a fraud from several years ago.

What had happened was I was stopped on the street. I was told that I fit the description of someone who was passing out fake bills in the area. (I would later learn that the person was about 20 years older, looked nothing like me, but had the same color coat. Yeah fit the description.) Anyways officers Redman and Braudrey decided to file a report and apparently the way the report comes up in the system the first thing it shows is an arrest for fraud under. Apparently if you actually read the report or pull it up it does show that I was questioned, released. However that is not the first thing that shows up when they pull my name and date of birth.
That was interesting to learn. Knowing more about how these set up work for targets, I really am wondering more and more about that incident.
Anyways today, the run around.
-Called the records division at head quarters to find out how things were going with getting my records updated. I was told that she had nothing there, but to check back tomorrow. Fair enough. The person who answered the phone, was nice and rather helpful.

-Next call. I was transferred to the central ARU regarding the police report that was filed back in December.

(When I tried to drop the records off at the station, head quarters, and tried to get a confirmation that my records had been dropped off, it was refused. The office an officer K. Mohammed advised that he would give me no confirmation that the files had been dropped off, and that he should not even have provided me with an envelope to drop off the files. I thought yes, finally a company with even worst customer service than bell Internet. I was amazed. He also said there was no guarantee that my letters would get to their destinations. I just smiled and said that that in an office with so many police officers I would be surprised if it did not, and he said then I should not even have bothered asking for a reference. (To serve and protect. Yeah.)

-Oh a good note, there was a female officer who was nice and said I could reference her, that I did drop two pieces of correspondences off.

Central ARU.

-Spoke to an officer, who was helpful, (maybe)? He said that he did not have the files and that there was no update. (Oh side note. When I spoke to the records room, she seemed to know who I was, cause she asked if it was the records that had been dropped off at the front desk.)

Anyways he said that the records had not been updated, and that I should go back to the original department to get the records updated.

-I spoke to 13th division. What an unpleasant and unhelpful officer she was. The call was almost like, who is on first, no what’s on second. It was so irritating. She hung up. But she left me with the impression that I could file the report over the phone, or drop off the records there, or do whatever the heck I felt like doing.

-Then called my own division, cause remember I had to move and leave my apartment that I loved due to the harassment and the electronic harassment which was killing skin cells. While the police sat back, knew what was going on and did nothing.

Anyways I called a police officer form a different division, and I was about to hang up cause it was the wrong division, but he seemed determined to help so I spoke to him. (Helpful officers are so rare and hard to find, that I am not about to pass one up.)

He pulled up my file and asked if I was calling about my report from February regarding threatening mail. Now remember that my last contact with them was around December except for the noise harassment incident which was filed shortly after that. To my knowledge, unless this report was that, which I don’t think so. There is some report that was filed in February, not by me, about threatening mail. Apparently this report was investigated.

My reports are not being investigated, but this report, which I don’t think I filed was. Now I am worried. Knowing how these people are, and that they are helping, some of them, to instigate some of this stuff that is going down, it’s pretty scary.

At this stage, I should probably stop and just leave the reports alone, but I can’t do. However there is probably a right way and a wrong way of doing this. Based on advise my records should only be filed or updated with them in writing. No updates over the phone and when possible, try to have a lawyer look it over. However since the system is corrupt and too many of these lawyers are themselves parts of the citizen snitch programs, this is harder and harder to do.

So he said I better speak to the Central ARU, based on that it’s like, oh boy. (You know it’s not good.) So the call was transferred back to the main reception area, you know where they take the calls when they want to put you off. The officer there again advised that the central ARU was the place to have the files updated, but that she could not transfer me there, that they would have to take my information down and have an officer call me. If you recall that is how I wound up with officer Broker in the first place, so do not pass go, and do not collect 100 dollars, or whatever the amount is that these people have playing on this monopoly that has become part of my life.

Now I am way happier if I don’t have to deal with them if I can. Simply because they actually track who is calling into their stations and how often the calls are coming in. Eg. If you are a senior and you call them so many times in a month each month, then they keep track of that, and if you call them too much they can recommend that someone come out and see you. (Stuff you find out online.)

So they make it impossible to resolve your situation without calling them several times, but then when you do, you get the run around. They have a nice system going. Do you think if the Mafia did this, they would be out of business? They would be in full swing right now. Maybe that’s what the Mafia should do or did, get a bunch of their guys and gals to join the force, start running the show. Wouldn’t be any worst. (Maybe that’s what Tony Saprano will do?)

So that was the day. That ate up 2 hrs. (Including typing up this report.) Somebody has to do it. The only way that I was able to come this far, was by some of the records that Mark M. Rich ( left behind, before he stopped updating his site. I have never met Rich, don’t know what happened to him, and I hope somehow he got out, but at least his records are there.

Targets the people are the ones doing this. It’s like having the Mafia put a hit out on you, and trying to get them to take the hit off, and getting the run around. They have no desire to correct this information. To see that this information gets updated, or anything else. In fact it’s in their best interest, budget wise, and corrupt system wise, to see that targets stay under covert investigation.

There is no time limit for how long they can mess with your life, or what they can do behind your back. It is no secret, that these people will go behind your back, and spread slander about you. They will do it to your friends, family, business clients and anyone that you know. They will try to make sure that you are jobless, homeless, not able to take care of yourself, and you have to be a fighter and do everything that you can do, to get your life back.

I think Rich described it best, when he said that this is an evil that comes out, and has been here before, like with the Salem Witch Trials and other things in history. Most of us still have no clue why we are being investigated or followed around, and all we know is that the authorities of our countries are doing this. Amnesty and all those great human rights organisations and establishments that you hear about will not touch this, and most lawyers will not touch with with good reason. You could end up without a country and improperly disbarred, like the lawyer in American who now lives in Israel, cause she tried to go up against the CIA for shipping in drugs to black communities.

The world is a very corrupt place. Understanding of this, does not come with just the mind. To understand this level of corruption, it’s something that you have to feel and experience, but those of us who have, can tell you what it’s all about.

So my struggle continues. I have a force who it would seem that getting these police reports updated and corrected, is not seemingly in their best interest. One of my reports that I dropped off last week seems to have mysteriously dropped off of the face of the earth, and now I hear news of an investigation that was done in February, for a report that I am pretty sure that I didn’t file. I have to see the Freedom of information records first, but that would mean another trip to my favorites in blue. Maybe just have the lawyers office fax it over, or just maybe they can just find the report, and update it.

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  1. I enjoyed your posting today. I, too, have been given a lot of grief by the police. Their record says that I’m “delusional.” I can’t call 911 for anything. They automatically think that I am imagining whatever I’m calling about and send the mental health car to have me committed. (This has happened 3 times.) I have also been concerned about Rich. I hope they didn’t get him. His site was my favorite one. You may or may not receive this email as the manager downloaded spyware onto my computer and my email is being censored. If you want to contact me, my new email is Good luck and remember Churchill’s words: “When you’re going through hell, keep on going.”

    Comment by Marline | June 8, 2007 | Reply

  2. We all have to keep on going as best as we can, but those who will resist or oppose the system that is coming into place will soon share our fate. Apparently when systems like this are coming into place, some of the first things they do is get the police all militerized, get rid of the unwanted, and the resisters, activist, and others are all framed, looked up and made to seem mental or whatever.

    Apparently we made the black list many of us, cause we did not have anything that could be used against us, no real criminal histories, so they tried to frame some of us, others it’s the mental defence, and other they are trying to make look like terrorists, or pervets, racists or whatever lie will fly best.

    People are so blatently stupid they will believe just about anything. Oh well such is life. You have to document everything and anything these people do, cause they have one goal and mentality. I think Rich said it best and I hope he is ok.

    Comment by gangstalking | June 9, 2007 | Reply

  3. This post covers very familiar terrain for me. Most of your postings could easily be found in my blog, if I kept one.

    A few years back, I was in an automobile accident, caused by a man who came careening out of an alley way, blasting into my driver’s side door, in a split second shoving my car sideways for two lane widths on the main street that I had been traveling. When the policeman arrived, he and the driver of the other vehicle moved away from me as to be out of earshot. For several minutes, the two of them exchanged backslaps and laughter.

    A couple months later I received an insurance rate adjustment notice, wherein my rates were being raised for being the “at fault” party in an accident …

    I imagine that you can add these numbers together as well as I.

    I went to a lawyer, and discovered one of the unhappy truths about the New-Stasi-State in which we live. (NSS) The unhappy truth about which I speak is simply that, in the NSS, the prominence, salary, and power of an individual is always in proportion to his/her willingness to engage and to promote the New-Stasi-State agenda.

    Bottom line: forget the lawyers. Mine gave me two minutes of uninformative gibberish, and a bill for $50.00

    The state still thinks that I was “at fault” in that accident. So the way you think that the world works is exactly the way it works. The whole spymare thing is quickly spiraling out of control, and it really is beginning to exude a stench of biblical proportions.

    Speaking (writing?) of biblical proportions, lately I have been giving serious neuron work duties to thoughts about the Book of Revelation and how it could relate to the asinine societal corruption that you and I now observe.

    And I’m not even religious.

    Comment by Giddily | July 7, 2007 | Reply

  4. A corrupt system that protects itself and that others go along with. All they have to do is show that they are part of the snitching network and it comes with props for them. They honestly for the most part like it or I don’t think they would go along with it. It’s just uncomfortable enough, but not too uncomfortable, so they comply. Cause everyone else just about is going along with it there is no reason for them to stop. Don’t get me wrong, some people clearly don’t want to go along with this, but that hardly matters, cause they do go along with it in the end.

    Yeah the bible mentioned this, and people hearts turning cold, people betraying each other and all that. They just should have specified snitches, that’s all.

    So what happens is when they have enough of the population snitching, then the Stasi police like state with emerge, and then you will have protests regarding it, but a lot of good they will do, because the Americans have already build up additional jails, and let’s not forget the weapons of active denail weapons they are testing out in the middle East.

    Yes when the peoples of our society do grow a pair and decide to stand up and do something, it will be their own children, mothers, brothers and fathers who will be so conditioned they will sell them out to the state.

    Right now everyone is going I won’t get chipped. Then the next second they are snitching. It’s halarious. If you don’t have the guts to not be snitching, then how are you going to have the guts to say no to chipping when everyone else is doing it? When everyone else is going along with it? The society learnt to give into peer pressue a long time ago, and we will see the results in the happily chipped and submissive society this world is going to become, unless we can somehow make it change.

    I would love to see this changed somehow. If you can’t say no to betraying people and spying on them, and selling them down the river for no good reason, then how will you say no to a small chip or scanner tag on your arm or forhead, which pails in comparison to being a snitch?

    Comment by gangstalking | July 9, 2007 | Reply

  5. Everything that you all have described is happening to me in of all places South Carolina. I now consider you all to be my sisters and brothers in this demonic persecution. I have photograffic evidence that this is ultimately being controlled by supernatural forces, they are the fallen angels that really never left earth and will make everyone think that they are aliens come to better our world. This is the Truth. Read genesis, the books of peter and john. This is the spirit of the antichrist. It will usher in the antichrist. These people are antichrist because some of them may proffess to be christians, but refuse to practice the Doctrine of Christ. Which he commanded us to love one another. Not to hate. This is not of God the Father, Son, or the holy spirit. This is the endtimes my friends. Pray for me and my Family, and I will pray for you all also. Thanks and God Bless!

    Comment by will | January 21, 2009 | Reply

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