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What were they thinking?

What were they thinking?

Ok I was at the subway station today and there were these two white teen aged girls walking around in what might have been swim suit bottoms, but I’m pretty sure it was like their underwear, and I just had to ask myself, what on earth were they thinking?

First of all it was snowing today. Running shoes do not go with undergarments, no matter how much you try to accessorize. Don’t these girls have parents, common sense? I saw no signs of them being drunk or on drugs, although I was hoping, cause at least that would explain the behaviour. I can only imagine that they were performing some sort of a dare.

Not to worry a chivalrous young man came along and offered to take them straight down town, he told them that they could just prance up and down young street and he would take care of the rest. My faith is once again restored in the human race. Not.

Is it just me or would it have been hard to find kids willing to walk around in what I am pretty sure was underwear on the subway few years back? I mean can’t they get their kicks like every other child nowadays? Drugs, fast and easy sex, cheap alcohol, trampy Paris Hilton clothing, MP3’s and Nintendo 64?

Well just in case this is a new fashion trend, I say we put a stop to it before it gets fully integrated in society. Just like the pants below the hips, or the thong look that was popular not too long ago.

Along with me they traumatised a few other people ahead of me. The spy force were not sure where to place their attention. For the sake of modesty, I had to comment to one woman about kids and their fashion these days, just to play it off. She was having the same shocked response.
So kids if you want to walk around in your underwear, this goes for the guys also, maybe consider your homes, or the beach, but maybe the subway is not the best choice for such fashion statements or dares. Just a thought.

This public service announcement was brought to you by concerned targets for a more clothed society.

April 10, 2007 - Posted by | Fashion, society, Uncategorized, zero tollerance

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