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Where is the money coming from?

Who is funding this operation?

Is it the government by themselves, or do they get funding from corporations? If it’s the government on their own, they have too much money to waste.

Now remember at my old place by the time that I moved most of the floor was being used for surveillance. Who is funding this? Are the S.S. Suburban Spies mostly just volunteers, forced snitches, forced spies, or other? I guess it’s a combination. Are they paid or just some of them? What percentage are paid? If so how much.

We all know that these people are not above paying out three quarter of a million to a signal spy, but I doubt these people are seeing dollars like that. Still some of them are getting something for doing this. As per what I have read of the Red Squads that existed, many got pin money for spy. Remember back in the day, pin money was how you bought those little extras and things.

I can tell you at the last place the space was being used and the people moved out by hook or by crook. I assume they upgraded them etc. Now remember that I would in time find out that not only people that I knew knew things in my home that I ha not told them, but people in my place of work.

Where this started I still am not 100% sure. I can tell you that if you can get on a list for being anti-war, for writing letters or signing petitions or being out-spoken, then that me to a tee. However before this I have never been overtly political, so I would love to know where this started from. Who decided to do this and why. Remember I am still examining several angles. Most people seem to think that this started with Rogers, but I think this could have started before this. Not that they would not have exploited this. Apparently they were going for the crazy or paranoid thing from what I have been able to gather. I am not even going to justify that with a response.

I think my research so far has been quite eloquent and articulate for the most part.

At my new place I discovered that the person upstairs upgraded to a 2 bedroom. The Asian family across the hall now just got a home in Mississauga. Now remember I was ready for these sorts of patterns with the new neighbours and the upgrades and requests to move out. However a home in Mississauga? I didn’t hear if it was paid for outright, or just a down payment. I didn’t get that part. Even the guy above me is not too bad, cause to upgrade him to a two bedroom is nothing. It’s like 100-150 extra per month. That’s nothing for the State, but a home in Mississauga? I thought they would offer him an upgrade to move, not a home in Mississauga. It’s not the first time I have heard of stuff like this either. So where is the money coming from.
The woman beside me does not seem to have taken the bate or maybe she was not offered. Maybe there are different rules for certain ethnic minorities. I know she is either part of the spy force or was warned about me, however some people have more common sense than others.

However if this is the kind of stuff they are pulling, no wonder there is no money for the poor, woman’s shelters, the homeless. This I would bet is where some of this money is going to. Now I don’t have the proof that I wish I did, it’s just some things that start to come together after the fact, but if someone else wants to explore this angle of this, they so should be looked into and audited. However what’s the point, even if someone proved without a shadow of a doubt how much money and unnecessary spending was going into something like this, nothing would ever come of it.

I remember just reading about a whistle blower who found out that the politicians were spending too much money. First she just did her job and tried to report it to the right people, the higher up’s, they all tried to get her to bury it, but it didn’t sit right with her, and she finally had to become a whistle-blower. Then she lost the job and had to sue them, well 12 years later or so, the case was just making it into court and if I recall correctly she lost.
This is justice in Canada. Hell it’s the new system of justice in the world.

[quote]Two whistleblowers at the Department of Foreign affairs have been ordered to pay about $80,000 to the government.
John Guenette and Joanna Gualtieri attempted to sue the government for harassment they claim to have suffered after speaking out about wasteful spending in the department.

But five months ago, an Ontario judge ruled that Guenette and Gualtieri couldn’t sue.

As part of the ruling, the two have to pay the government for its legal costs.

Axworthy’s lawyers, and lawyers in the Justice Department, demanded a reimbursement from the whistleblowers of about $400,000.

But Justice James Chadwick settled on just under $80,000.
At least she tried however and now she is a voice in society that can be looked up to, but sometimes this is cold comfort. Where is the justice?

She waited fourteen years, and all it did was allow this system to become even more rotten.

I am still in my home, these people are using God knows what on me, to electronically harass me. There is not one organisation that is willing to do anything about this, and yet what these people are doing is sanctioned by the government. It has their blessing and their approval. Yeah our society is not corrupt. It’s more rotten then a bad apple at the core. Eventually someone is going to take a real bite, and find out just what they have been eating all along.

It’s rotten from the bottom to the top, and then when you go and seek justice, they have that wired also. They own most of these places that we are suppose to go and seek justice, when they don’t own these places, there people infiltrate these places, take over the forums, and so you run into the arms of the people that you are trying to avoid.

Still the system can I still believe give you justice, but you have to know the criminal elements you are dealing with. At this stage the mob probably has more ethics. These people are working on a level and playing on a level that is hard to imagine.

Where is the money coming from? The same place it’s always been coming from, while you break your backs, scarping to get by and take care of your kids, or keep up with the Jones’ these people have more of your money than they know what to do with, and they will use it how they see fit, and if that leaves you someday marginalised, and broke, or just making ends meet too bad. If this means that there is not enough money for social programs, or to help the homeless or the down trodden, they don’t care. They are off in their multi-million dollar homes that your hard earned money paid for, or buy snitches off, so that they can spy on other innocent people.

These people have the whole system wired, and they have been playing this game for longer than you ever imagined. It’s a game that has been going on for a long time, and at each corner your turn looking for justice you will find corruption, injustice, and the immoral, sitting in powers of authority, and privilege. The money comes from the same place it’s always come from, these systems do not change, and it’s the same game over and over again, in every time period. The brave few will fight the system and a few might even win, but know what you are getting into and know what you are going up against first. It’s corruption like you never even dreamed or imagined.

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  1. |…|
    The tone woke me up from a dead sleep. It was constant and moderately low sounding. The tone was not loud enough to cause any pain, but it was definitely loud enough to wake me up abruptly from my sleep. It sounded artificle in nature because it didn’t oscillate

    Comment by Feedback Jack | April 16, 2007 | Reply


    To whom it may concern, I am Canadian citizen without criminal record.

    I fled Canada 2005 with foreign partner of many years Mr. X. who resided
    in Canada for 40 some years, we are in EU where Mr X was born.

    Mr X was victim of terrorist harassment in Canada, from municipal
    provincial federal and civilians since 1987 or so.
    He never was into politics, cults, religion, been physically disabled for
    some time.

    Moving in that town in his late twenties, his criminal record was bare: 1
    speeding ticket, 1 mischief, now looks like: Bin Laden via malicious
    prosecutions etc.
    Partner collected official documents of what was being done to him for 20
    years lawyering himself.
    We had mailed original documentation to EU.

    All distilled now, 5 p. typed manuscript, backed with sufficient legal
    documents, hand picked from massive pile, exclusively points of law,
    summary description of each exhibit and what each proves.

    Proof re 1994, Attempted murder, sanctioned and covered up via cc 736 and
    141 ( 2 ) by the Attorney General of Canada and his agents. with no cause
    nor justification.

    Laws such as 736 and 141 ( 2 ) of the Canadian criminal code, used to
    terrorise and distroy civilians.

    cc 736 a program of the Attorney General where criminal does deeds on
    contract for the Ministry of Justice.

    cc 141 ( 2 ) the Attorney General allowed to refuse to prosecute
    anyone part of his programs ie: 736.

    Mr X’ s constitutional legal rights were all being systematically, violated
    with no cause nor justification

    Proof re 1998 Mr X arrested and charged with imaginary crime and about
    same day, (months before kangooroo court appearance), labeled a national
    security risk, refused to give him a trial, twice, put gag order on his
    appeal in Supreme Court ( but kept the label and used it against him
    over and over, like he had been found guilty, until now).

    2002, May 29 the Crown realised Mr X could prove the 1994 hitman who tried
    murdering MrX and failed, was sent by the Attorney General.

    2002 Oct 30, Other documented attack, using a German national with service
    papers from the German Attorney General…

    The swat team summoned by German was on its way, we inadvertently aborted
    operation, had we not… Bernard Bastien was shot by swat team in Canada,
    claiming having the wrong address.

    A year later, Mr X had been charged criminally over a civil matter, for
    taking a fence down on his yard, but they had to let him win or he would
    send Canadian property laws back to wild west, what a laugh, but via this
    unrelated charge, we got the info re: German

    Being handed a misplaced police log mentioning the call the German made to
    swat team , complaining about weapons (he himself had planted on my husband’
    s property), as if they were ours…also shows the reason it failed.

    Oddly from the day we aborted their plan, we never heard anything from the
    police again , until this odd paper a year later, while 2 months after the
    main event, we found and returned the weapons etc to the police, got a
    receipt, and found and still have the German’ s original sevice paper from
    the German Attorney General plus some expired identification.

    Did Germany know their official professional exchange human confidential
    source was to perform act of aggression against a foreign investor from
    reputable EU country?

    Mr X trapped in Canada all his life, been told he was only Canadian and
    could never move back to his country in EU.

    2003 EU Consulate disagreed and said Mr X never stopped being EU
    Technically Mr X never been Canadian !

    After 20 years, and one last fabricated charge Jul 2005, Mr X decided to
    abandon all his possessions, duplex house, paid for, in a recreational area
    and fled with me to EU.

    Mr X cannot sponsor me to EU, his assets remained in Canada, his physical
    condition doesn’t allow him to work in his trade.

    I am Canadian but dread going back to Canada, besides wanting to be close
    to Mr X, am known for being privy to Mr X’ s story and evidence, my name is
    all over for help I provided and much commotion created, alerting Ministry
    of Foreign Affairs in EU, the RCMP have taken my picture and filmed me
    when not being charged nor arrested for anything.
    Been relocating an average every 2 months.

    >From: “Derrick Robinson”
    >To: “V. Varan”
    >Subject: Re: Fwd: rectenna ?
    >Date: Wed, 30 May 2007 13:08:16 -0400
    >Hi Moondust. Robert would be the one to answer these technical questions.
    >Let me know if you don’t hear from him.
    >Also, are you targeted by these weapons or just curious? If you need
    >support for targeting, then you may call me to speak about it if you wish.
    >On 5/30/07, V. Varan wrote:
    >>Hello Derrick and Robert, how are you ? hey you guys, are you gonna let me
    >>know if this rectenna thing works ? and here are 2 more minor technical
    >>questions from me in the same lines:
    >>1) re: faraday cage, if one was to knit a sweater/ suit inserting copper
    >>thread, would this garnment act as a faraday cage ?
    >>2) would having a grounding wire, attached and concealed in someone’ s
    >>shoes, deflect the zapping of a taser ?
    >>There you have it, as I said I am not expert of technology, just very
    >>curious and imaginative, but also none of my technical friends seem to be
    >>able to answer these 3 questions ( # 3 rectenna )
    >>One last thing, I have had this field compact geiger counter for years,
    >>given to me as a birthday present during my anti nuclear activist times.
    >>In or around 1992, I detected a perfectly vertical ” beam” the diameter of
    >>hair, landing right in the middle of the bed, of a homeless person I
    >>harbored for a month in Edmonton AB Canada, it really puzled me, because
    >>fellow, who of course was classified skizzophrenic, was adamant he was
    >>beamed on by satellite, and according to my geiger counter reading, he was
    >>telling the treuth, my only problem is: I do not know and cannot find out,
    >>if a microwave beam can trigger a geiger counter ? and nobody seems to be
    >>able to tell me, what about you Robert.
    >>Ok for now, please let me know, these things are not normal and worry me,
    >>and we are only a handful even beleiving it can happen, please share your
    >>On this regards to both of you, take care : moondust

    Comment by anonymous | June 1, 2007 | Reply

  3. As far as the money I always thought the government had to account for all the money it spends my question is how are they doing it who are they saying the money is going to because I believe one person targeted would cost around 10-20 million when every person is being paid to participate even state offices and officials maybe thats it the money given to the state just to operate it maybe thats where the money is coming from but still how are they hiding where its really going to.

    Comment by bj | January 27, 2008 | Reply

  4. You figure wrong. Remember East Germany did this. They paid their citizens to spy, not all but many. They monitored a whole population by turning everyone into snitches. Most people in that country, just like our own countries have files opened. Even Orson Wells, had a file, and look how far back he lived.

    The Snitching system has been in place as far back as England, before the U.S./Canada/Australia, it’s one more thing the pilgrims wanted to get away from. Didn’t happen I guess.

    There was this great article that talked about how bad the snitching system became in England, many empires have always had their citizens snitching. I just never realised it.

    I think honestly, some people go through this life, and are never aware that most of their fellow citizens are snitches.

    A couple of times this summer when I managed to let’s say evade my stalkers for a few minutes, 10-20 I sat with people, and they were just having a normal conversation, no one handed snitch speak. Then my stalkers found me, and the people I was sitting with, started with their one handed sign langugage.

    Most times if you are not being targeted, you probably have no reason to notice this, or tune into it, cause they obviously don’t use this stuff all the time.

    Once you are aware of this stuff and that society is like this, you can go back to sleep. (Well you can, but don’t.) Stay awake. Help the others.

    It would not cost as much as you think, East Germany did it, you think our democratic countries can’t? Won’t? Why cause they told you so? Yeah, that’s what I thought too, cause they told me so.

    Comment by gangstalking | January 28, 2008 | Reply

  5. Hi,

    I sure hope you’re legitimate. I am a whistle blower in San Diego, California. I have been working as a Planner/Estimator/Inspector, Plumbing and Mechanical for San Diego City Schools, the 3rd largest school district in the US, since 1998. During this time, also taught Plumbing for the Regional Occupation Program through the Grossmont High School District Adult Education.

    My problems started when San Diego voters approved a 1.5 Billion Dollar Bond to improve the schools. I was responsible for all the surveys, estimating, designing, engineering, writing the district specs. etc. Cradle to Grave on all projects for the most part.

    They didn’t count on the fact that I knew what I was doing and I documented EVERYTHING! I discovered a lot of waste, but what really got me, was the fact that the whole thing was run by the military, as is most government and major comercial operations in San Diego today, and no matter what, money driven.

    In plumbing, a cross connection between the sewer and water can mean diseases like SARS or LEGINAIRES. Whenever I failed an inspection of pointed out any discrepencies, I was ostrisized rather than making the contractor remedy the situation. To shorten up the story, I was kicked out of my office, put in a small cubical in the middle of the office where I could be stalked from all directions, not allowed to go out and inspect jobs anymore, just humiliated every day.

    This led to my being escorted out of the office in Nov of 2005 oh yeah, I forgot to mention that they didn’t pay me my full paycheck for two years or so before that and our union could not help. My union rep gave me Micheal Turko’s #. Mr. Turko is the local investigative reporter for KUSI channel 51tv here in San Diego. I gave Mr. Turko access to all my CDs and files which led to a week long TV report on the supject in which the school district really looked bad and admitted fault and the superintendent assured everyone that nothing would ever happen to me. Yeah right!

    I am still followed 24 hours a day, they have and are still trying to take my house. A bunch of staged car accidents, before this I had never had an accident, My insurance “wawanesa” raises from 800 a year to 2500 so I didn’t have any. I get pulled over, ins ticket. Before I go to court on it pulled over again, ins ticket and towed my truck. When I couldn’t pay the 1500 dollar assessment, The Law says 100 first offense 200 2nd in 3 years, they pulled my license and registration. After turko they paid me my full paycheck .Paid administrative leave, for 1year and a half, but got me in other ways. Gas and Electric bill triple what all my neighbors were paying. I have been finally ruined and spiritually also. My son has been shot in the face, Two days after getting the news to go back to work this last Dec 18th, my son was sucker punched through a plate glass window and almost died. I was jumped by 6 guys that broke 3 ribs and cracked two, 4 people involved in decision making of Mechanical work on the bond are dead, one more “fell” off a school roof on his head and lived but will never be the same. another retired with asbestosis. This is just touching on the 24 HOUR harrassment that goes so deep into my life that I can’t even trust my close friends. Everyone in my life has people in theirs either discrediting me or ever so subtley ruining them. please forgive the punct and grammer, I just want to get this out. Turko said he has a family and won’t pursue this further, I have had 3 Attorneys that quit after being gung ho as this is an easy documented case. I need help. I am in constant fear for my life and the lives of my children.



    Comment by Richard Kite | February 12, 2008 | Reply

  6. Hi Richard,

    I am really sorry to hear about what you are going through. I can not advise you, however if I can tell you your situation sounds a lot like many other. The car accidents sound very similar to the lawyer who tried to get the CIA brought up on charges for bringing drugs into ethnic communities. That did not go very well. Here is a link to her site.

    It depends on how much exposure you are comfortable with. My posting your contact details here, I assume you are comfortable with quite a bit.

    I would take the post that you just made, and start a blog. I would also start a channel or start to post credible videos of the harassment that you are experiencing. Don’t just post cars driving by, the examples have to be very credible and detailed. Document everything.

    Post to sites like Craiglist, and other forums. Tell everyone what is happening to you. Names dates, don’t be shy, but get ready for retaliation. This can do one of two things. It will probably make your attackers more angry at first, but after it might be your saving grace.

    If you drive, post your site on the car. Or post sites like

    Let people know what is happening to you. Had out flyers. When you get pulled over if you have a camera in the car you can post the video to youtube. (I bet this cuts down on the incidents of getting pulled over). The car accidents would also be good to record, with an on deck camera.

    Write an ebook of your experience. Sell it or just post it to Just get exposure. Exposure and praying are the two most effective things that have worked for me, since I discovered that I was a target.

    Shame them and show the world what is happening to you. Locally let them know that they are being exposed for what they are doing to you. Again becareful because these people are dangerous. However if I was in the situation, I would fight back as best as I could.

    If you have people close to you, they should also be cautious and you should let them all know what is happening to you. I hope this helps, again this is just stuff that I would do if I was in the situation.

    Exposure is the best weapon so far and prayer.

    Comment by gangstalking | February 13, 2008 | Reply

  7. You are so brave and right to try and fight these people. I was horrified to find out another San Diego City Schools employee has suffered a similar fate of my own. I was raped by my supervisor who is a NAMBLA member and has owened me in the past. I have other children by him that was sold on the black market. I’ve been a child sex slave and have over 30 children. Many of our higher ups in the district are NAMBLA (North American Man/boy association.) They are trying to get the age of sexual consent lowered down to 7 years old. I had my first set of twins before I had my first period, they were sold. The person who runs human resources is a NAMBLA member and also a whitch. She has the ‘good witch’ on her plates of her car. She raised my son who is afraid to help me due to threats made to him. NAMBLA’s religion is whitchcraft and Satanism. It goes deeper than that and higher. We need to talk since we are both dealing with the same evil in San Diego. I’ll call you. Alisa, If anyone wants to get in touch with me 1-619-255-9607 or1-619-467-6109.

    Comment by Alisa Faust | October 17, 2008 | Reply

  8. Hi,

    This is RK. Although true and I still stand by every word, this posting wasn’t the smartest thing I have ever done. If possible, could you please remove my name and info for my protection.
    I would be much better off.
    Thank you and God bless us targets.

    Comment by Richard W.Kite | December 28, 2009 | Reply

    • HI RK,

      Do you mean this posting here or another? Do you have a comment number?

      Comment by gangstalking | January 9, 2010 | Reply

  9. Hi,
    This is RK. I meant comment #5 of this posting where I put down my name and contact info. That is my real name and real info and I am just asking to have the ID and contact info changed. This is real! Live and let live, and right now, I quit fighting and My gas & electric is 1/4 what it was, open sores are gone, etc. etc. I am just being monitored and at times, it seems, helped. I want to have a life and my kids to be safe!

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Comment by Richard W.Kite | January 12, 2010 | Reply

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