Gang Stalking World

United we stand. Divided they fall.

No Fate.

This is most likely a part of why we have all this mobbing bs happening. These people in every country and in every city are operating the same way. They are helping to drive their fellow co-workers to suicide and they don’t even care. I wonder if the captivity of these people will not somehow be deserved?

This is the stuff of the mean streets of high school taken into the board rooms and offices of America, Canada, and the UK.

All this bs is this system working right here. When Nora Davenport wrote Mobbing and Emotional Abuse in the American workplace I wonder if she was aware of this system?

I would imagine that some one like Kenneth Westhues, might be aware of this sort of system. He has been writing about Mobbing in the Academic world for a very long time, and he is a very keen individual.

How long has this system been working? Europe seems to have become aware of this mobbing phenomenon earlier than there American and North American counter parts.

Mobbing has always been around in some form, but recently there seems to have been an reinsurance and escalation of it. It all leaves you in awe.

The zero tolerance programs in the high schools works away at the none compliant, pushing them out of the school system and into the hands of the courts and law enforcement, till they are absorbed by the system or pushed to the sides and marginalised. I notice that many high school kids, rather young adults are also taking part in this Suburban Spying. I wonder if this is why we have more bullying, or do we now just have more people who are willing to stand by and nurture this sort of behaviour?

Explains some of the increased suicides, mental illness. I wonder if some of the addictions have anything to do with this?

From what I can see, some people go through an adjustment period when they discover this stuff. Others are ok I guess cause they were always compliant. They learnt a long time ago that the best way to get through this world is to just do as you are told and to not think for yourself, or take independent action. I wonder how people can live like this?

Doesn’t it bother them?

I keep thinking of those high school shootings and those others like Kimveer Gill, and I wonder if there was any evidence of this kind of stuff behind those incidents? I mean it was only in the last decade that people like Tim Fields started linking and connecting the bullying to many of these shootings.

Before this stuff I probably would have written off someone like Kimveer  Gill who said they were being followed around for six years as paranoid, now I know better.

I guess 20 years from no someone will request his FOIA, freedom of information files and maybe we will know the truth one way or another.

I am just so sad to think that the world is just going along with this stuff. In our movies and  writing’s we are so much braver and heroic than this. Is not like suppose to imitate art, sometimes?

Based on the book 2020 by Niki Raspana
this is a grand plan for Global Dominance and who or what can stand in it’s way?

Yet throughout history there have been others that were bound and trapped by the state who cried out for freedom and their cries were heard, and didn’t they have the Red Seas parted for them? Didn’t they get to the promised land?

Final thoughts change is possible, and harsh and brutal systems can be defeated or over come, humans have a history of doing this, but we also have an equal history of sitting back and letting those systems come to pass until it suites our own needs to stop them. If we could only learn to care sooner rather than later, maybe we could prevent some of these tragedies before they began and not after.

Sarah Connor: [narrating] The unknown future rolls toward us. I face it, for the first time, with a sense of hope. Because if a machine, a Terminator, can learn the value of human life, maybe we can too.

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