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How it’s working.

I was over at a forum which I don’t frequent that much anymore. I have had a standing debate about electronic harassment. Ever since someone clued me into the fact that it was probably transducers or something else responsible for the bulk of the harassment happening to targets I have been trying to find the scientific explanation behind what is being done to torture many people in their homes.

I responded back in a very credible manner and explained that even though I did not know exactly how it was being done, I knew it was not space age technology being used on us. I explained that it was simple science and it would just be a time before people caught on to the simple science of the whole thing.

I did put forward a few ideas however and then I sent off the post. I had sent off another post a few minutes earlier. After sending off this post and reading a couple more. The forum stopped allowing postings. I was thinking, I wonder if the last post is going to get erased? After I posted I realised that my posting made more sense than I had thought and that it might be closer to the truth than appreciated. 

I am sure what is being used is just simple science, smoke and mirrors as one target called it. People are trying to make targets think that it’s all this advanced technology being used to torture them, when in fact it’s just simple science at work. Just like the wizard of oz. Don’t get me wrong, there is space age science happening in the world, but what is being done to targets is not space age stuff.

So I first pointed out that where I am, every time it gets quite and the vibrations stop that they have to bang on the floors, walls or ceiling to get the response they are looking for. I pointed out that it probably was very similar to the movie Dare Devil, where sound creates an image, and then you can see what is going on without having to do any invasive surveillance. A type of radar or sonar. They have something called a fish finder that does something like that under water using sonar. Plus I pointed out the transducers could track someone walking in a house on a floor to such a degree, that in a house of five people you would know which one was walking at which time on the floor.

Then I was asked what science I knew of that could levitate people and smash objects, at a distance. I pointed out that humans and other things have a magnetic center or picks up on magnets in the environment. So much so that they have actually been able to levitate frogs using the magnetism within their bodies. If they could get a powerful enough magnet, they could levitate humans as well.,%2520Sarcol,%2520Haystead,%2520Ng%2520-%2520Magnetic%2520Leviation%2520Trains.pdf+levitating+humans+with+magnets&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=6&gl=ca

Well you don’t have to levitate us, but with powerful magnets you could cause reactions in the human body, that other things would not necessarily pick up. Also I pointed out that sound could smash glass, invisible sound waves could do it quite easily. Just like Opera singers or the right pitch can smash glass, use invisible sound waves at the right frequency. I also posted a link to show how sound had been used to levitate small amphibians etc.

I think then made some other points but then decided to leave it at that, since ehaassment is not my main subject matter right now.

I then found that my post was missing after the little forum service interruption. So I thought that I would share some of my musings here which are not as well put together as they were last night, but I hope it can give targets a few places to look for the answers, which are simple.

I have even been doing some light reading on how heat gets transferred.

Magnets can even be used to levitate a sumo wrestle, if he is standing on a disk. Science and technology have come a long way. FE1C63&index=1 FE1C63&index=3
Now how is this working? God how is this not working? They have every angle covered but loose, however there is always an opening for people who really want to be free, so here goes.

I found out that I was being gang stalked, which now turns out to just be another Cointelpro, Red Squads combined with our Suburban Spy force type thing.
[b]Disinfo. [/b]

I learnt about disinformation campaigns along the way and that things are not as they seem, in fact they are not at all how they seem. These people have it so wired that every place you go, they have reach and they can get to you.

One of the first forums I went to was a stalking forum, probably the most popular ones. I went there only to discover that most of the people on that forum were perps, or people interested in keeping my story quite. What I would also discover, and maybe never be able to prove is that one of those people on the forum who signed up after I did, was someone from work, who I would say held a very high position and whom I sat beside on a regular basis. I discovered this based on something that was said, that’s pretty creepy and scary.

More creepy is that you had people on that site who it seems their job is to hang out on the forum, become popular posters and then when a target of harassment or stalking like me posts, then they push the posts down, to get rid of them. So this way they keep these postings from being read. This seems to be the job of these people. Also the forum like Mark M. Rich  pointed out that there was a connection to some kind of corporation.

How else it’s working.  What you don’t realise.

[b]All the basis are covered by them.[/b]

When they go to put out help or support forums, or if they are trying to run a disinfo campaign, they will cover every base. This means that targets when they are going for help to these forums, most of them are run by people that they have put in place to run them. The few honest ones that are run by real targets or genuine survivors are going to be over run by them.
Eg. Let’s say the subject is government corruption. Let’s say you have 10 sites about this stuff. 8 of those sites will probably be run by people they have converted, bribed, corrupted, or purposely put in place to run those. So someone going for help on government corruption will be going right into the loving arms of the very people that they are trying to get away from, or giving out information to the very people they are trying to get away from.

I learnt this the hard way. As a gang stalking target, the first thing they wanted was my name, which I did not really give at the time, and my location. Not so that they could trust me, but so that they could find out who I was, and which tactics to start using to perp me off.

They have it all covered, when it comes to these support and help places. When you then have legit people who try to run forums, then you will still have the perps take over, and unless you have an amazing moderator, they will take over the forum. Just like how they infiltrate groups offline, they do the same thing online. You will find maybe 1 honest in 10 depending.
[b]They are all bad[/b]

When I first came online from the readings learnt that there would be things called perps, Suburban Spies who troll forums to throw targets off their game. However when I would think one person was a perp, they would do or say something to make me unsure. Then they would argue with someone I knew was a perp for sure, then I would be unsure. Then I read this really great thing from this site for survivors of ritual abuse, or something like that. It said that they are both perps. What these people do is that they will play off of each other. Think good cop bad cop. They will pretend to be enemies and argue amongst themselves. So you are forced to choose sides, because you think that well if A is arguing with B and B is a perp surly A must be good. Not so, most times, they are both perps, and that’s how it’s working. This does not go for just gang stalking. This goes for just about everything. These people have been at this for such a long time, they know the game better than all of us, and those who are new to this, how could we have any way of knowing this stuff? That such deceit and treachery exists in the world? That the world is corrupt and that this world will go to any length to try to hold you down and prevent you from getting justice? There is no way we could have know this stuff. The thing is however now that you sort of know how it’s working be on your guard, trust yourself, maybe God.

Apparently David Lawson said to not trust anyone, and if I am correct, he is either a really bad detective, or a perp, so that should tell you something. I don’t know how people are suppose to win and get free of this corrupt system. I mean this stuff goes way back, it’s not new like I thought, it’s way more ingranded than first realised. Also we have been not told the truth in society about so many things, and we have been brain washed.

One more way that things are working.

[b]If you are in a cult, would you know?[/b]

I always thought that I would, but I was wrong. That’s how it’s working in other cases. I don’t know for sure yet, but I suspect that some of these places are recruiting genuinely innocent people. People who will swear up and down that their site, community, venue, organisation is not a perp or disinfo organisation. For them it’s not, because if you were a part of a cult would you know right? Everyone always thinks that they would know, but not really. So since these innocent persons know that they are not perps or disinformation agents, you have people that are genuene who can swear that they are not and that their communities or organisations are not disinfo places. If you are part of a cult would you know it? Everyone thinks they would, most people don’t.

Those are some of the ways it’s working. Can this system be bypassed? Maybe, but why? People seem happy with this bs, they just seem to be satisfied with this. Like they don’t care and then why should I care, they seem to be happy with the way things are. Maybe it’s just an illusion, but I just don’t know. Can humans triumph? Sure. There is a whole entire history that says they can, but why?

The moment they win out over tyranny and oppression, they just seem to pick people to rule over them? It seems like they like to be ruled over. I guess just because it’s easier that way, because if most people took the time to sit back see how it’s working and decide that they don’t want to be a part of this, they could probably be free one way or other, but most people seem happy to let their fears and dependency bind them to really weird and messed up situations like this.

Tomorrow if we all picked up and too our business to elsewhere, these big companies who have everyone bound would be reeling, but instead they have everyone else reeling. Same way with some of these systems, but that’s how it’s been working, that’s how it is working, and that is how it seems it will continue to be working.

Even when the truth gets out, it will be their version, and if someone decent should manage to get into a position of power for a moment to do some good, they would have it wired so that it would not last very long.

At the end of the Lord of the Rings after defeating a force that was evil and wanted to rule and control them all, what did the people do? They anointed a King who could rule over them. He was a good King, but you would think a few of them would have said enough of this ruling thing, we want to be independent and handle our own affairs? We seem to be pretty lazy like that, and history as so many examples. People seem to want to be ruled over for some reason? I guess it’s just easier then you don’t have to think or take the responsibility or make the decisions? I am sure I like having some elected officials as much as the next person, but I would be happy to do my own thing just as easily.

How is this working? Well it’s not for some of us.
P.S. I almost forgot one more thing. I just opened up my email and it’s reminded me that you might sometimes get threats on forums subtly posted. My email that I just got from dear Gerry about his poisoning just reminded me about that as I opened up my inbox.

Also I was just offline for the last several hours, my Internet connections, all were down. I had somehow expected this. Apparently not all the time on the phone with rep or fake rep and some bs story about new accounts, or repeated attempts to connect would work.

Apparently what works is saying out loud to your empty apartment that if your Internet connection does not start working right away, you will be blogging to the Canadian public about how restrictive the government of your democratic Canadian society is. Apparently that works.

This is just a small brief bit about how it’s working, or not working. 

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To the victor.

How will history view this time? To the victor goes the spoils, and apparently their version of history. I am wondering how this time period will be written? I watched Rosie Odonnell get dissed yesterday because she spoke the truth. I always grew up thinking that we were the good guys, the democratic ones. However now I see our western society on the brink of yet another war. I have to wonder if this is how the German people felt as Hitler invaded country after country? I have seen two wars in recent times. One that was definitely not necessary, and which caused the destruction of 10’s of thousands of lives and a country. A country that held riches that were coveted, by a greedy malignant hunger that needs to be fed. A war called unjust by some and illegal by others like the UN, and yet the aggression continues.

In the last war we had Hitler, Mussolini, Hirohito on the one hand, and now we have the US, UK and allies on the other. We just went out of our way to try to provoke a war that can and will have dire consequences if it happens and yet the aggression continues. Purposely Provoked by war-hungry trouble makers. Yet we are silent. How will history remember this time? The same as now. For now there are voices who would stand up in opposition to this, and say that it is wrong, while there are other who will see it as duly justified and necessary.

How will history remember this time? The same as now. To the victor will go the spoils, and the writing of the history books. History is not necessarily about the truth. It’s about power and conquest, with little bits of truth shining through here and there. Most people seem to have trouble understanding that there is a difference between loyalty and mindless conformity. You can be loyal to a person or a place without mindless conformity, or not going along with every dictate issued and that’s what most people are doing. Individuality and independent thought are not taught in the schools. All they are teaching the children are to be mindless conformists, who are not capable of independent thoughts or actions. They teach them to learn to follow orders and obey. These are not the traits that made up our many and more memorable leaders of the past. They were people who could think independently. They could strategies. They could perform the most complex of mathematical equations, and create new mysteries or schools of thought. They were creators not destroyers. They could think and they were charismatic inside and out. Don’t get me wrong, history also has many great fools that pass for leaders when better people were not available, or could not be called forth, but I like to think that the truly remarkable ones, the ones that we remember most, had something special and unique.

How will history remember us? To the victor will go the spoils.

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