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Human Stupidity. The Universal Language.

Ok I just had to bring M. at work in check today. The little target turned Suburban Spy, that now acts like a trained seal for the government.

I use to really wonder how the Holocaust could have happened, but I now realise that human stupidity is universal. So is there inhumanity to each other. These are constants that we can count on.

People will believe any lie, follow just about any philosophy and go along with whatever anyone tells them to do, the analogy of the mindless sheeple, or mindless zombies willing to go along with anything is no joke.

I mean I started out on the same planet with these people, I think. I did a lot of the same schooling, and I socially experienced a lot of the same things, however I do not see myself frantically running around looking for whatever boogieman the government wants to throw out at me from one moment to the next, I will admit that I have my eyes set on communist again but that’s just me. You also do not see me mindlessly going along with this new found police state, because everyone else is doing it. Can someone say V for Vendetta, that movie was right on.

If Johnny jumped off the bridge would you? These people would. It’s like they did not learn how to think for themselves. I mean it’s like they did not grow up in the same democratic society that I did. Was it all just a myth? Did I miss something?

Cointelpro back in the 70’s targeted very specific groups. They went after minorities, black, Indian, Puertorrican, they want after women’s movements, the new left and now they are targeting the same people. The only difference now is instead of the FBI being segregated and separate like they were back in the day, they are now allowing more members of those groups into their ranks, not necessarily because they care about equality or anything else. It’s because they can now use those new recruits to infiltrate and take those groups down better than they ever have in the past.

It’s no wonder, they have now learnt to use the members of these groups against the other members. Woman against woman, minorities against minorities, left against left. The very people that have been affected because of these system, and who’s children are likely to be affected by these systems are the ones being used to destroy these systems that could have made a difference.

In the 70’s they just brutally slaughtered members of these groups, or falsely imprisoned them, now they use the very members of the society that these groups are trying to help to further suppress them. Wither it’s the snitches being used in the war on drugs, which I have discovered is apparently not really about a war on drugs, but something quite different, to the war on dissidence. It’s one of the worst kinds of betrayals, but it’s one of the most prevalent kinds of betrayals.

I always wondered why people go along with these systems? Especially people from the primarily targeted groups? Just like the Jews of the holocaust who got to decide which Jews would go to the slaughter first, do they not realise it will someday be their turn? Maybe they do, and they just hope that by betraying others they will extend their miserable lives that much more.

I think that is the case with M. from work and others like him. He is hoping that by betraying others like me and being a tool of the state he will extend his little existence that much more. Don’t count on it, they will use you just the same until it’s time and you are of no more use to them.

Human stupidity is universal and so is man’s inhumanity to man. The Nazis were just good at exploiting it better than other races.

March 29, 2007 - Posted by | Cultural diversity and multiculturalism, Electronic harassment, Gang Stalking, harassment, Laws, metropolitan police, mobbing, New World Order, NWO, Police Abuse, politicians, Politics, Red Squads, Snitches, society


  1. Good Point! You would think with all the college educated people in this country, we would be pretty smart, but no, there are definitely more stupid people than independent thinking people. I guess thinking is too much hard work for them.

    Comment by madmouser | March 29, 2007 | Reply

  2. Hi madmouser.

    You would think that would be the case, but it’s just not. I don’t know if thinking is too difficult or just being a sheep and following what everone else does is just easy. It’s horrible however, cause many are going to wake up into a living nightmare.

    Comment by gangstalking | March 29, 2007 | Reply

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