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Can you keep a secret? Everyone else can.

Can you keep a secret?

Of course you can. If you can have hundreds of thousands of people taking part in some Stasi like State program and keeping their mouths shut, then you can get people to keep quite about just about anything.

People always say that if 9-11 happened and it was done by the US government, someone would have said something or it would have been in the papers, but why would it be?

I have been here in the world for awhile, and did I know anything about these suburban spy programs? No. You have millions of people in these types of programs around the world, keeping the secret, so then why does anyone think someone would spill the beans about 9/11 if they knew?

Compared to 9/11 these spy programs are small fry. If people can keep their mouths shut about these programs, then the trusted ones who would have been let in on the 9/11 secret, would keep that a secret for sure.

I mean if peoples friends, family, etc can all be made to keep their mouths shut for fear of the state over something like a community spy program, then you bet your assets they can be made to keep quite about 9/11, same with our media, etc.

The only thing you can do about 9/11 is take a look at the inconsequential of that time period, that add up to a big consequential, like who cancelled flights, who’s flights left days earlier than planned to avoid flying on 9/11

An aeroplane fire is allegedly strong enough and destructive enough to destroy all the people on board, take down 3 buildings, but the wreckage from that leaves the passport of the sleeper terrorist agents in tack? Yeah I like fairy tales as much as the next person, but even I would have to ask some questions about this fairy tale, and the crappy ending that went with it.

These same supposed terrorists who allegedly knew they were not coming back, still packed suitcases, that they left in parked cars for people to conviently find.

People can be lied to, but only if they want to be. I knew there was something going on, I knew that everyone around me were taking part in something. I thought it was something simple, I never dreamed something like this could be going on in the world, much less in my world, and happening to me, but it was. I could never have believed that so many people could keep their mouths shut about something so relevant and encompassing, that was important for me to know, for so long but they did, remorselessly.

It was my own need and perseverance and desire to learn the truth that finally lead me to a place where I have some of the facts about the unbelievable stuff that was happening in my life, that so many people knew about but me. I knew I would have to prepare myself for some betrayal when the truth finally came out, how much I never knew.

If you want to know the truth, you can find it, but be prepared to be hurt, and to feel betrayed, and you might not like what you find, but no one ever said the truth would be pretty. Ever hear that saying, the truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable. Well the truth is, it might set you free, but it might continue to make you miserable.

People can keep secrets, don’t fool yourselves, and sometimes it’s the people you think you should be able to trust the most, those are the ones that betray you, but you know what if you can deal with that and get past it, the truth is there in all it’s refined glory.

Can you keep a secret? Everyone else sure can. If you want the truth about anything, you are going to have to go and find it out for yourself, and many people are not going to make it easy for you. It can be done though.

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  1. If you thought, if you revealed the secret, you would become gangstalked and your friends and in some cases your family would turn against you, wouldn’t you keep the secret? Knowing that the group was large and your telling could not in the short run help the target.

    I know that many people I deemed friends took the side of the gangstalkers. to the point that when I meet someone there is no trust. The first thing that comes to my mind is: Is this person one of them? I hold back my feelings knowing what can happen in the relationship. For me this is one of the insidous aspects of being a target.

    Even after living in a new state for 4.5 years and not being stalked I never trused a new relationship. And its a good thing because some of my friends and neighbors turned out to be GANGSTALKERS.


    Comment by Margaret Cone | March 31, 2007 | Reply

  2. I just read ‘can you keep a secret’ ? My ‘program’ has gotten so widespread and out of control I have no doubt the “pods” as I call them are in definite research and experiment mode based on the widespread and blatant civilian participation. I liked what you said about the truth and I CAN handle it and I already have some pretty creepy suspicians about whats going on. It’s so warped and twisted, – and they are masters about keeping their lies and deception compartmentalized and everyone quiet – including so-called friends and family. Please help provide direction where I can get to the truth – there are no answers I can’t handle.

    Comment by Chris | July 6, 2007 | Reply

  3. The stalkers who talk to me on-line always ask me about my life, I know they’re stalkers so I tell them about it, they suggest that I’m dellusional (of course) and maybe I am that I sometimes believe that telling them how painful it is for me and my children when they physically attack or use mind control tactics on us will change how they think or somehow get through to them. If anything, that is the dellusion. As for the truth, a few times a stalker has told me that possibly I’m scitzo. My response is “sometimes I wish I were, that would mean I was imagining my entire life and that none of this ever happened.” Unfortunatly the only mental illness I have is the one given to me after a lifetime of torture, terrorism and experimentation 😦

    My neverending message to the lunatic fringe (stalkers): If you stalkers love suicide so much, then why not give it a whirl, maybe you’ll enjoy doing it to yourself.

    Comment by Tammy Battaglia | September 6, 2009 | Reply

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