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3.  Baltimore Police Arrest, Handcuff 7-Year-Old Boy for Riding Bike,2933,259302,00.html
Baltimore Police Arrest, Handcuff 7-Year-Old Boy for Riding Bike on

Saturday , March 17, 2007

[quote]BALTIMORE — Police arrested a 7-year-old boy,
handcuffed him and hauled him down to the station
house on a charge of riding a motorized dirt bike on a sidewalk.

Then, according to his mother, Gerard Mungo Jr.
was handcuffed to a bench and interrogated before
being released to his parents.

“They scared me,” Gerard told The Baltimore
Examiner before breaking down in tears.

Mayor Sheila Dixon apologized Friday for the
arrest, and police commissioner Leonard Hamm said
it would be investigated internally.

The arrest came after an officer saw Gerard
riding his dirt bike on the sidewalk in east
Baltimore on Tuesday, police spokesman Matt
Jablow said. Hamm, citing the internal probe,
declined to discuss how the rest of the incident unfolded.

Kikisa Dinkins said her son was sitting on the
bike with the motor off on the sidewalk when an
officer grabbed him by the collar and pulled him off.

“I told them to let go of my baby,” Dinkins said.
“Since when do you pull a 7-year-old child by his neck and drag him?”

Dinkins said she called for a police supervisor
to intervene, but the confrontation continued to
escalate after the supervisor arrived.

“They started yelling at him, ‘Do you know what
you did wrong, son?'” Dinkins said. “He was so scared he ran upstairs.”

Police arrested Gerard and confiscated the bike.

Dinkins said officers fingerprinted him and took
his mug shot. Hamm could not confirm that and
said those actions would not have been normal procedure in a non-felony

Dinkins said the arrest scarred her son. “This
has changed his life,” she said. “He’ll never be the same.”

The Police Department’s zero-tolerance arrest
policy—begun under former Mayor Martin O’Malley,
who is now Maryland’s governor—has drawn
complaints that such arrests occur most often in
poor, black neighborhoods. Gerard is black.

Hamm said the officer had the option of talking
with a parent or confiscating the bike. He said
that although the city is concerned about
nuisance dirt bikes, the arrest “was not
consistent with my philosophy of trying to solve
problems in the neighborhoods.”

The mayor, who appeared Friday with Hamm, said
she also planned to look into the case.

“It is clear to me that the arrest was wrong,
that the officers on the scene should not have
arrested the child, and on behalf of the City of
Baltimore I apologize to the boy and his parents,” Dixon said.[/quote]

What is wrong with this picture? You know what nothing. Nothing until some people wake up and realise that something is really wrong here. Where do you get off doing this to a seven year old child? I guess you want to get these young black males use to the jail system really early on, and on the least charge. Couldn’t you wait till he was at least ten years old. No come on now, you see some kid sitting outside apparently his own home, on a bike, with the motor off.

You talk to the child, don’t come grab him, like he’s some criminal. Then continue to ruff him up, and then when your supervisor comes over, who should know better, the same continues. Then while the mother cries cause you are ruffing up her seven year old child, you blatently ignore it, and take the child to jail, where you interigate him, and finger print him, and take his mug shot. Are you out of your minds? Of course not, this is every day behaviour for you, and until these people wake up and stand up, it will continue to be.

Some days I can hardly believe the stories that I am hearing, but why should I not. Until someone(s) stand up, then these sorts of practices will just continue.

Now I wonder if they offered to make him a part of the community snitching programs, as a condition for his release as they do so many other young black males?

This was obhorant behaviour and for so many different reasons. These officers of the law should know better. They should be out getting real criminals, not children sitting on bikes in front of their own homes with the motor off.

To serve and protect?

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Human Stupidity. The Universal Language.

Ok I just had to bring M. at work in check today. The little target turned Suburban Spy, that now acts like a trained seal for the government.

I use to really wonder how the Holocaust could have happened, but I now realise that human stupidity is universal. So is there inhumanity to each other. These are constants that we can count on.

People will believe any lie, follow just about any philosophy and go along with whatever anyone tells them to do, the analogy of the mindless sheeple, or mindless zombies willing to go along with anything is no joke.

I mean I started out on the same planet with these people, I think. I did a lot of the same schooling, and I socially experienced a lot of the same things, however I do not see myself frantically running around looking for whatever boogieman the government wants to throw out at me from one moment to the next, I will admit that I have my eyes set on communist again but that’s just me. You also do not see me mindlessly going along with this new found police state, because everyone else is doing it. Can someone say V for Vendetta, that movie was right on.

If Johnny jumped off the bridge would you? These people would. It’s like they did not learn how to think for themselves. I mean it’s like they did not grow up in the same democratic society that I did. Was it all just a myth? Did I miss something?

Cointelpro back in the 70’s targeted very specific groups. They went after minorities, black, Indian, Puertorrican, they want after women’s movements, the new left and now they are targeting the same people. The only difference now is instead of the FBI being segregated and separate like they were back in the day, they are now allowing more members of those groups into their ranks, not necessarily because they care about equality or anything else. It’s because they can now use those new recruits to infiltrate and take those groups down better than they ever have in the past.

It’s no wonder, they have now learnt to use the members of these groups against the other members. Woman against woman, minorities against minorities, left against left. The very people that have been affected because of these system, and who’s children are likely to be affected by these systems are the ones being used to destroy these systems that could have made a difference.

In the 70’s they just brutally slaughtered members of these groups, or falsely imprisoned them, now they use the very members of the society that these groups are trying to help to further suppress them. Wither it’s the snitches being used in the war on drugs, which I have discovered is apparently not really about a war on drugs, but something quite different, to the war on dissidence. It’s one of the worst kinds of betrayals, but it’s one of the most prevalent kinds of betrayals.

I always wondered why people go along with these systems? Especially people from the primarily targeted groups? Just like the Jews of the holocaust who got to decide which Jews would go to the slaughter first, do they not realise it will someday be their turn? Maybe they do, and they just hope that by betraying others they will extend their miserable lives that much more.

I think that is the case with M. from work and others like him. He is hoping that by betraying others like me and being a tool of the state he will extend his little existence that much more. Don’t count on it, they will use you just the same until it’s time and you are of no more use to them.

Human stupidity is universal and so is man’s inhumanity to man. The Nazis were just good at exploiting it better than other races.

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Can you keep a secret? Everyone else can.

Can you keep a secret?

Of course you can. If you can have hundreds of thousands of people taking part in some Stasi like State program and keeping their mouths shut, then you can get people to keep quite about just about anything.

People always say that if 9-11 happened and it was done by the US government, someone would have said something or it would have been in the papers, but why would it be?

I have been here in the world for awhile, and did I know anything about these suburban spy programs? No. You have millions of people in these types of programs around the world, keeping the secret, so then why does anyone think someone would spill the beans about 9/11 if they knew?

Compared to 9/11 these spy programs are small fry. If people can keep their mouths shut about these programs, then the trusted ones who would have been let in on the 9/11 secret, would keep that a secret for sure.

I mean if peoples friends, family, etc can all be made to keep their mouths shut for fear of the state over something like a community spy program, then you bet your assets they can be made to keep quite about 9/11, same with our media, etc.

The only thing you can do about 9/11 is take a look at the inconsequential of that time period, that add up to a big consequential, like who cancelled flights, who’s flights left days earlier than planned to avoid flying on 9/11

An aeroplane fire is allegedly strong enough and destructive enough to destroy all the people on board, take down 3 buildings, but the wreckage from that leaves the passport of the sleeper terrorist agents in tack? Yeah I like fairy tales as much as the next person, but even I would have to ask some questions about this fairy tale, and the crappy ending that went with it.

These same supposed terrorists who allegedly knew they were not coming back, still packed suitcases, that they left in parked cars for people to conviently find.

People can be lied to, but only if they want to be. I knew there was something going on, I knew that everyone around me were taking part in something. I thought it was something simple, I never dreamed something like this could be going on in the world, much less in my world, and happening to me, but it was. I could never have believed that so many people could keep their mouths shut about something so relevant and encompassing, that was important for me to know, for so long but they did, remorselessly.

It was my own need and perseverance and desire to learn the truth that finally lead me to a place where I have some of the facts about the unbelievable stuff that was happening in my life, that so many people knew about but me. I knew I would have to prepare myself for some betrayal when the truth finally came out, how much I never knew.

If you want to know the truth, you can find it, but be prepared to be hurt, and to feel betrayed, and you might not like what you find, but no one ever said the truth would be pretty. Ever hear that saying, the truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable. Well the truth is, it might set you free, but it might continue to make you miserable.

People can keep secrets, don’t fool yourselves, and sometimes it’s the people you think you should be able to trust the most, those are the ones that betray you, but you know what if you can deal with that and get past it, the truth is there in all it’s refined glory.

Can you keep a secret? Everyone else sure can. If you want the truth about anything, you are going to have to go and find it out for yourself, and many people are not going to make it easy for you. It can be done though.

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