Gang Stalking World

United we stand. Divided they fall.

A world enslaved.

A world enslaved?

Who would believe it unless they were living it, but that seems to be where we are heading.

A year ago you could not have convinced me of this, and you could not have done anything to get me to believe that people in Canada, America and the UK, were walking around in Stasi like conditions. I just would not have accepted that people from those societies would have so easily given up their wills to go along with something that will not only enslave them, but their children and grandchildren, but here I am a year later and I am a believer.

In my city we have a civilian spy force that encompasses most of the city. People are being cohered into spying on each other, and into spying on others. They are allowing themselves to be used like this. I mean did they grow up in the same society that I did? I just can’t believe how quickly they have given up their wills. Their freedom, their ability to choose to not go along with this, but I am seeing it, living it, and finding it so hard to believe.

Had a bit of street theater today. I was on the train and I had some suburban spy, pretending to be crazy threaten my life. Like I said pretending to be crazy, but he he knew what he was doing, and saying. I am guessing my postings online and actions offline are being loved and adored by he powers that be. This is the second occurrence of this, let’s not forget my friend with the very long knife also recently. However anyone who has gone before or who will come after knows that these people are dangerous and lethal, so we take nothing for granted and yet we must live as we see fit to do.

I can honestly say that though this was street theater, it’s not to ever be taken lightly, these people are dangerous and they have eliminated others in the most violent and extreme ways at times past in society. The survivors of Cointelpro 1 some of whom are still being hunted down today, or in jail could tell you. Some of the one’s who didn’t survive our year of the gun could tell you also.

My question is how far back does this slave society, this prison planet go? I mean this concentration is nothing new. In doing reading and research they tried to have a spy force back in WW1 there has also been spying at Universities and Colleges since then, so I can only guess that this goes back a bit. How I could have missed this is beyond me, but it seems to be more recent times that we are seeing a more overt manifestation of something that has always been ongoing.

People are scared out of their wits by this, and they should be. The state is a dangerous and cruel master, and if you give your will over to the state, prepare for a brutal and unmerciful master at the helm. Social control like this is the only way you could ever hope to control a global population. Think global and act local. I just don’t understand how the men and woman of this time could go along with this, could give over their wills to this. So many and in such a short space of time? Well so many, but since I don’t know the time frame we are looking at, it’s hard to say, how long this has been working for? How long have things been like this for?

All I know is that these people help commit some of the worst things on the planet, and the people in our societies are just going along with this. It’s heart rendering to see people that are so subdued. The worst slavery is when you do not know that you are bound and they are bound.

Someone on my forum was saying that the social control is very similar to how cults control their populations. I have never been a part of a cult so I don’t know, but how do people get free of cults? Considering this is a global cult or soon to be once the other free nations are subdued, how do people break free? It’s so funny, if all the people tomorrow could just pull it together and decide that they just were not going to go along with this anymore, then it would end, but that’s always the joke of every forced and controlled society. The people always have the power to defeat it, but they are always too scared, or they just don’t believe that they have the power and so the state gets them to control each other. It’s like the wizard in the land of Oz, this little puny guy, who scared the heck out of people, and yet he’s just this puny guy, pulling some very powerful strings. Everyone has the power somewhere to click there heels and somehow get out of this but yet they won’t.

At least since I have start blogging, I have seen better formations. If you are going to work for the state then you should walk and march like it. That’s the only plus side that I have seen so far. I also know that systems like this in the past did not necessarily get defeated with open rebellion, some were defeated because the people quietly rebelled and they were able to over come, but this is crazy, and when I see something like this, I can’t help but be open about it. I mean for the sake of the innocent that are up and coming, someone has to speak out about what is happening.

March 27, 2007 - Posted by | Cultural diversity and multiculturalism, discrimination, Electronic harassment, Gang Stalking, harassment, High technology, Laws, metropolitan police, mobbing, NWO, Online Stalking, Police Abuse, politicians, Politics, Snitches, society, Stalking


  1. You have observed that the gangstalking effects the person doing the stalking.I agree that the torturor is affected throughout eternity where the tortured endures only in this lifetime.

    But how is it affecting you? One tactic I learned: When what I view as a life threatening situation arises, I throw my hands in front of my face and scream, “Don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me”. You’ll be suprised how much attention is brought to the situation and how quickly your stalkers will back down.


    Comment by Margaret Cone | March 27, 2007 | Reply

  2. Yeah sure. Ok.

    Never back down to these people. They are not worth it, they don’t understand or show empathy for others, because they don’t possess it in some cases. Especially the ones who prance around with their multiple personalities, pretending to be targets.

    Comment by gangstalking | March 29, 2007 | Reply

  3. I look at what I did as a strategy for being the one that comes out on top in the street theater. I turned the tables and put them on the defensive. People looked at him as being a perp and what I did forces them to keep their distance from me, because believe me, I have other tricks up in my bag. This is a game to them, that’s all, just a game. Another good book is the Art of War.


    Comment by Margaret Cone | April 4, 2007 | Reply

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