Gang Stalking World

United we stand. Divided they fall.

The run down.

The psycho civilian spy force.

Ok these members of society that are suppose to be protecting the city, but who are in fact mobbing people out of their homes, apartments, and communities.

They are driving innocent people to their deaths, or to the mass homicide of others.

They are causing others to lash out violently and to be placed under arrest, or worst, to be committed to mental hospitals.

These people are doing society no good, and they are a harm and a hindrance to those around them. Some citizens might be genuinely trying to do their civic duties, but too many are using these new found powers to hurt and harm others.

So here is the run down on how the civilian program is working and will continue to work, until someone gives these people the wake up call they so richly deserve.

1. They like to dress themselves, and their children in military fatigues. Why I don’t know. Cause if they really think that they are soldiers, they are the worst soldiers on the face of the planet. They could protect a fly, much less the city that they currently fester and infest with their stupidity. I guess thinking of themselves as Soldiers guarding the city gives their meaningless lives purpose. That’s great, just stay out of mine then. I am sorry but can we find another type of perp dress? Don’t get me wrong, so perps, pull off the military look rather well. Girls and guys, and I have to give those ones an A for effort, but then you have the others, who just throw on something military looking, that does not go with the rest of the outfit, and it’s horrible. Functionally stupid and fashion victims. Not a good combo.

2. They use the one handed sign language to communicate. Cover month, or pretend to be yawning to begin communication. You can touch your nose to indicate a few things, like I know or pointing and touching the nose for directional signals, the double blink would be I understand, and the touching of the eyes to say they are on watch. Now they are many others but if you care, you go out and you try to learn their language, or get a book on one handed sign language, or hold down a perp and tickle them till they confess what their language is. I don’t know and I really don’t care.

3. They will try to box in the target. Eg. They will try to sit in square formation around the target, you know, should the target do anything crazy or terrorising, like telling them how lame the target things they are. This is likely to be interpreted as crazy or a terrorist threat, and will undoubtedly get the target stalking even more by our civilian forces, which is undoubtedly lead by inspector Clouseau and his relatives.

4. This one is funny and it took me years to even realise. When they are trying to provoke you, eg. Jiggle keys, cough at you, slam down lap tops, smack hands together loudly, whatever the idiot perp activity of the day is. They will do it to something specific. Remember perps can not think on their own. (I think I mean that literally.) So for example, in my case, on the subway they will try to perp me off to the subway stops. Eg. Every time the driver reads a subway stop, they will do a perp action to try to provoke a reaction from me. On the bus, it’s every time the bus stops and starts. On the street I don’t know. So in your case just look for a pattern or count off the times, these creatures, are like trained lab rats, except less intelligent.

Wow someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. That would be me.

5. They do use something below the dry wall to cause the vibrations in your homes. Eg. In my last place I lived there like a year and a half and nothing. Then one afternoon I went grocery shopping only to return to the smell of paint and the floor vibrations, and future electric body burns. Well when I moved into my new place. I had one good night of sleep, no paint smell no vibrations. I went to work the next day. I came home only to be floored by the stench of paint, which still resides and when I finally went to sleep the vibrating floors. I also found traces of paint splatter, or that stuff they use to slather over the walls to even it out. Whatever that stuff is called, like plaster or something. Also I found a small bit of copper, and it looked like it had been soudered. So it’s some kind of wall modification. I don’t know if they do anything below the hardwood floors, cause I am not an expert, but it could be both.

6. How many people are a part of this? I work in a smaller office now, and I can tell you, that every single person I have meet so far in that office is a part of this, including one person that came in on my heals who I suspect is a government, or security shrill. (I have no proof of this yet.)

7. These people are seriously stupid. I would feel sorry for them, except for the fact that they are destroying people’s lives and I can’t find it funny. They really do seem to be going after decent people. I meant someone recently who I think is another target. I have not had time to confirm it, but based on our brief meeting and the things she said it sounded like it might be the case. She just seems to be that decent, discriminating taste sort of person. These are the ones that they seem to go after. That person at work who always does the right thing, never breaks the rules, the highly moral. The worms of the earth get to eat and devour the flesh of these people. Great.

8. I think they check their phones for the jobs in the area. I was leaning over someones shoulder rudly, trying to read what the hell was on the phone. I could make out something about jobs in the area, but not much else. I say this, because I notice that you will have them on the train, they will be checking their phone. Then one will read something, then that one person will figure out what the sensitivity is, and then translate that to the others who will then begin the perping. So something is on their phones, that they are reading, and learning info about the specific target.

9. Did I mention that they were stupid, functionally and otherwise? Do I need 5 people in the washroom when I am going to the bathroom. Some being rude enough to actually try to peek through the stalls? Are you on crack. (Don’t answer that. I already think I know the answer to that question.) People if the target is in the bathroom, they are stationary, and unless they are going to slip through a hole in the floor, they are probably not going anywhere. Yet perps will be so intense on doing their thing, that they will follow you into the bathroom, and if it was permitted, they would follow you into the stalls.

10. Apparently there is a way to repel them. It sort of how you would use garlic or a cross to repel vampires. Perps really hate having their covers blown. They really think that they are being covert. Even when they are signalling so horribly that the moon men from space could make them out. Now there are some people who signal very well and they are extremely subtle and they get high marks from me. Even though they are perps and trying to destroy my life, it does not mean I can’t give high marks when I see quality signaling. The others should be sent to perp remedial school. (Well they all should be, but some more so than others.)

First the good. Spanish ladies and the pretending to do the make up while perping. This is an art form in itself to watch and witness. I think they should be given a gold medal. They do it so expertly and so well. These chicka deserve high praise.

You have the Canadians with the coffee cup to mouth, which is like putting your hand over your mouth, or the fake yawn. (Oh that’s the other thing. When perps yawn and they don’t cover their mouths. They are not being rude, they just don’t want their fellow perps to start signalling again.)
Some will use a pen or other objects, for the strokes down the side of the check, again very good signalling.

I have seen the caribbean perps, use the handkerchief to do the three wipes to the forehead. This is great you just pretend to wipe away some sweat a few times, and the signal is passed.

The signal that I love not the best, are the perps sporting glasses, one quick tap to pretend to adjust it on the face and you have the watch signal passed. This one is cool.

Now the bad. The Indian or Pakistan way of doing the nose thing gross. Eg. The men pretend to pick at the nose while passing the directional signals. It’s crafty, but gross. The target(s), eg me, find it gross, and just so you know, your fellow perps find it gross as well. Just so you know.

Oh and the lame perps who have to rub their whole face to get the eye signal across, just so wrong. Eg. They will close their eyes and pretend to run the eyes repeatedly. It’s just too over the top, you need to find a way more subtle way of doing this. I swear I was like so about to reprimand one yesterday. If you have to be a perp, it’s called subtlety. Goss. Look into it.

Dislikes. I saw a young girl, she must have been 6-7. The child was passing off signals. Her trash mother was with her. You know the type, the child is dressed in mixed matched clothing and perping is the first time they have had anything in their lives to call their own. She had her child passing signals. I find this gross and offensive. Why do I think this is the type of parent who would also trick out their child to some gross fat man for rent? I just find it wrong. Trick yourselves out, not the kids. (For the child’s part, she was pretty decent at the signalling.)

Honorable mentions. The teens are really good at this, as are many of our Asian friends. Both can perp and appear to be really natural. The teens especially. They can make a date and perp and it’s all flowing for them. I guess kids learn languages better than adults, they are just so good at it, most of the ones that I have seen, and it’s almost seamless. The kids are good at this, but with teens they are old enough to make choices and if they want to take part, it’s their business.

OH another honorable mention. The kissing perps. Eastern European or some sort. I don’t think Russian, but I am not sure. Anyways, this was a few months back, when I was just noticing the perp signals. They were all pretending to snuggle, then she does this lean back thing, and perps while looking over the shoulder, while he is supporting her, with one hand on him. (I can only speculate as to the other incredible, gymnastic feats these two get up to, but they also get honorable mentions in the good perping category.)

11. Find the conductor. Now like I said, perps do not seem to think for themselves very well. So their seems to often times be someone who is conducting things. Eg. Someone who is telling this perps to go here or there. Don’t get me wrong, they will also instruct themselves to say who should get off at this stop here, and that stop their, but what I have been noticing is their seems to be a master conductor. Usually this person stays on the train longer than the others and they tell the perps where to go and what to do. So my new game is find the conductor. Oh maybe I should save my games to play with perps for another post. However there are several and they are all fun for the bored and stressed out targets to play.
This is what I have said before, but I will say it again. I think that they are getting the lists from other countries. I think this goes on in other countries, and has for many years. I think they are using the people in other countries that use to be a part of this system over here. It’s the only way to account for the large concentration of this that I am seeing. It’s crazy, so many people are taking part in this bs. I can’t believe these people are that stupid. However I get that that they genuinely believe that they are protecting the city, or keeping an eye on potentially dangerous people, but this is crazy.
Anyways that’s been the run down for this week. I am not sure if this will be a one time post or a multiple post. Now keep in mind that the army garb is specific to my city only. I have heard in other cities they use the crappy baseball caps and other things, so some things are only city specific, other things are universal. I don’t know if the language is universal yet, but I am trying to find out. I suspect that it is. Oh and yes they do use money terms. Eg. They will say stuff like do you have 2 toonies, I guess in the states it would be like 2 Franklin’s or something like that. I think this is covered in Terrorist Stalking in America. I would not really know however.

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  1. Thanks for this good article. I had to laugh when reading about the different categories of perps’ signalling.

    Let me add one more:

    the German perps, when they follow me to the wellness pool, they come in swarms of twenty or thirty at a time (it is a very big, nice pool with sauna, water falls, aqua fitness).

    They do their nose job, rubbing the nose, their neck job, rubbing the back of their necks – and they stick one finger into the ear. I do not know what this means.

    But it is a lot of fun imitating them.
    Today, when I swam by, I stuck one finger in my ear, with the other hand I rubbed my nose and laughed.

    Next: with one hand I rubbed my neck, with the other my nose.

    Next: one finger in ear, other hand on neck, et.

    I wished I had three hands doing all those signals at the same time and laughing.

    They looked rather flabbergasted, since they are not the smartest variety of human beings, swam away quickly (probably to report to their boss).

    Then the next swarm came and I did my signalling and laughing again. I had a lot of fun today imitating those signalling clowns.

    As you said, they do not like their covers blown. But they have such idiotic faces that they can be recognized easily anywhere. Just search for the most stupid facial expression around – there he/she is, your everloving perp.

    And another good tip for those victims being stalked at the check out of supermarkets:

    Put an umbrella with a sharp pointing metal end into your shopping cart, let the metal point stick out of the back of your cart. When you stand in the line, put the cart behind you and keep pushing it back and forth.
    That will hold the stalkers at bay. They cannot touch you or the items you have in your cart.

    When someone says anything, I answer:

    “Oh, it might start raining any moment, you never know. Therefore I always take my umbrella along. Does it bother you? So sorry about that. If you just stand back a whee little bit, you will have no problems with my good old umbrella here.”

    I will laugh, rub my nose, neck, ears, face and give them the whole spiel.
    It’s like a human zoo. Just keep aping those apes.

    Take care – and keep a “stiff upper lip”.
    We shall survive them and wear them down.

    Greetings from Germany – O.K.

    Comment by Olivia Kroth | July 1, 2007 | Reply

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