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Did ya miss me?

I have been offline for the last few days now and did you miss me? Probably not. That’s ok. I did not miss you that much either, but it’s nice to ask none the less.

So what have I learnt since I have been immersed fully back into the real world?

Well this is if we were all still in doubt getting done by the government. Here is my reasoning behind this.
1. I started my new job not too long ago, as I mentioned while I was job hunting, these people managed to be at every job interview that I was going to even before I got there. I have no idea what these employers are being told, more importantly I don’t know exactly who is pulling the strings. I mean obviously someone with connections to the government, but who?

I mean these programs have been in place for how long now? Who knows. If we are talking Cointelpro, that as we know was going on since the 50’s and other countries apparently had their own version of this program, but the civilian spy force, that is what I am wondering about. I know that in other countries this happens, and because I live in a multi-cultural city, many of the people that have come here from other countries, were already a part of these type of programs in their countries. Many societies use this community based policing to control their populations and to help keep them in control. I guess it was just our turn.

The question is how far back does this go? I mean I am reading reports that during WWI they tried to put something like this into place, but was this in place before then? Did this continue in place after WWI into WWII and if so did it also continue after that? I mean this might explain when certain minorities thought that other people were speaking a different language they were. I worked my last how many jobs, not having a clue that this was going on around me. This probably goes for College as well. How could I have missed this?

Our movies and songs are aware of this, it’s in every fabric of our society. From the bottom to the top. It’s all so creepy. It really is like being surrounded by mindless zombies sometimes. I mean the majority of the people that seem to be taking part in this program seem to be incapable of independent thought, it’s just too bizarre. These are the everyday citizens of the world, but they seem so, I don’t know how to explain it. It’s just weird.

So that brings me back to the point. In my opinion, the government is conducting this thing. This means:

2. David Lawson is either the worst detective on the face of the planet, or he is in on what was happening and either could not write the truth, or more than likely was asked by the government to write their version of the truth, which could only stand to lead targets like myself in the wrong direction for months, if not years at a time. Way to go Mr. Lawson. I keep thinking what if someone had lead me in the correct direction from the start. How much time would I have saved? How much more would I have learnt? Instead I had this perp who decided to help lead targets in the wrong direction. Plus the others who knowingly or unknowingly assisted him with it.

Then that leads me to the next point, why the hell is the government on my back? What the hell is their damage, outside of the usual? You hypocritical little ones you? Always saying how bad other countries are, this and that and you are doing the same thing, you big huge hypocrites. So what would it take to get someone like me to the attention of some stupid agency. Well it would either take error, some stupid former enemy with the right connections, the government being up to their usual dirty tricks, or maybe a genuinue Will Smith type enemy of the state thing happening. These are the things that come to mind in the first place, but with what I have learnt about global dominance and the plans for the future, and also about the types of people that seem to be getting targeted, most without a clue as to why, and in such a variety of places. I think I can almost rule out the error, or the accidental enemy of the state senario. That would leave the two scenarios. Either I have some enemy out there with the right connections, which is all too possible, even the lowlest worm, can dig enough dirt sometimes to get done what it needs to get done. Then there is the fact that the government is just genuinely going after anyone who might be able to stand in it’s way. The nonconformists. The ones who will get into it’s way for global dominance. These ones will need to be cleared out of the way before the end comes and this could and does seem to be a very likely scenario.

I am just saying that because I have been out trying to find others who are similar to myself, who have not sold out to this sturdiness that is happening. See that ones that are not a part of this currently, probably fit a pretty specific profile, and that I suspect is a large part of the reason for the targeting. I also think that this is happening to more people than I realised. I think cause I took the time to stay at home for the last few months, I did not really get out to mix and to find out more about what is going on. I think way more people are being affected by this than first thought. I mean ii knew about the ones that had taken their own lives, the ones in jail, or in institutions, but I had no idea about the ones who might still be trying to survive this, who have no idea what is going on yet. I think this is happening to more people than first realised. I also think that though willing to speak online about it, very few are talking about it offline. I think that needs to change, and the sooner the better.

The cities are becoming enslaved by this. Some people love this, it’s the first time that they have felt connected to anything or anyone, and it’s the first time that they have felt anything powerful. For the rest who were pretty self contained and together, this is causing chaos, some people strive on conditions like this, I would bet we have less of some crimes, and more of others, because these type of conditions, breed specific kinds of people. These type of conditions tend to ruin things for some people and it tends to improve the conditions of others. This seems to be the state of affairs.
Many seem to realise what this is the run down to, and others don’t seem to have any idea. I don’t know how many more like me there are. People who were blank to this, and who would never be a part of this. I am surrounded by perps 24/7 so it’s hard for me to gauge, but I can tell you that in the small office where I am, everyone that I have come across so far is a part of this, except for me. Which is pretty scary. How do they even get inducted into this? Are they just asked one day, do they just come across it one day? It’s hard to say. Friends, families, co-workers, landlords, people in the community. It makes me realise just how disconnected from the world I had become, to not be cognizant of fact that this was happening. Maybe it’s people that are disconnected like myself. People that don’t need anything  from this society. Without my personal targeting, I doubt I would ever have become aware of this. It’s funny like that.

I now realise that there were others at my old job that were not a part of this, but who became aware of this, just before I left, when the stuff hit the fan and my stalking in my home came to light at work. It did not make sense then, but it makes sense now, and I can’t go into details. So there are people out there who are not a part of this, just no one so far in my new job. They are all a part of this stupid civilian spy force. Does the government just contact them and ask them if they want to be a part of this? I mean being Canadian, we would just all politely say yes, I am sure. That old just about how to get Canadians out of a pool by saying please is not that far off. We are still a pretty police society. I am sure all the government would have to do was ask.

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  1. i have been going through this for seversl years it started
    in newest british columbia . I moved to Otawa lastyear
    it has followed me since. here in Kanata Im constantly a target of every possible thing they can do i am tiresd but as
    I can see nothing is beeing done about it. Im pretty much at he point of giving up so for my sake and others i will pray to ourgood lord to help those who are stronger and doing
    something about this. help me dianne tacicot 613 5924572

    Comment by racicotfirstnamedianne | November 9, 2007 | Reply

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