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Kimveer Gill revisited. Nut job or Stalking Target?

For those with a short memory you might remember that Kimveer Gill was the young Montreal man who went on a shooting spree several months ago killing at least 1 person and wonding at least a dozen others.

Most people just wrote him off as a nut case who was into video games and mixed up fantasy with reality, a goth who hated society. For those of us who stopped to read some of his postings to gain clues to what might have happened, there is an angle that has not been discussed, that has not been talked about.

Here are some of his blog postings that I found really interesting.

Dated September 12, 2006

[quote]Stop Bullying

It?s not only the bully?s fault you know!!
It?s the teachers and principals fault for turning a blind eye, just cuz it?s not their job. You fuckers are pathetic.
It?s the police?s fault for not doing anything when people conplain (oops, my mistake, the cops are corrupt sons of whores, so it?s not like they can do anything about it.)


It?s society?s fault for acting like it?s normal for people to be assholes to each other. Society disgusts me.
It?s everyone?s fault for being so apathetic towards fucking everything that doesn?t affect them personally. FUCK YOU SOCIETY.

It sounds like his bullying, which is what he called it, might have involved trying to get the police to do something, but it sounds like they not only did not do anything about the bullying, they also he ends with calling them corrupt. Why?

Not so outside the realm of what you might find in many other bullying cases, but here is something that is perticularly interesting.

[quote]I wonder why my household has been under surveillance by law enforcement for 6 years now? Makes no sense to me!!

Oh, you?re wondering how I know?
Bet you little monkeys are
Hey, assholes!!
Everything everyone says or does against me is shown to me in my dreams, I see everything. You fucking monkeys.

God, you humans are so inferior.

Now he might have been nuts, but it sounds like his bullying might have had other angles that were never explored.

If Kimveer Gill was under survellence and if he was for the last six years in a gang stalking like senario, going so far as to try to get help from the police without success, then the things that drove him to commit this terrible act might have been precipitated by what was happening to him. A self fulfilling prophecy so to speak.

Since reading this, I have often wondered if he was a target of this phenomenon, should his blog postings be taken with a grain of salt, or should they be given more weight than most people realise. Should the families of those injured or killed by him, be seeking restitution from the state if they infact did stalk and hound him till he did commit a terrible act.

The truth is we might never know. Though there are some clues on line, there are not enough for me to draw any firm conclusions one way or another, just to have enough of a suspicion that I would like to see examined. If this was happening to him, those around him would have been recruited, and his neighbours would have been spying on him, which could explain why he suddenly stopped talking to certain people. (Ofcourse it could just be that he was moody.)

The more I know about gang stalking and the bits of his story that bleed through, lead me to believe that their are some questions that should be asked, but will we ever get answers? If I was the family of those people that were injured, or killed, I would ask some questions and dig for deeper answers. This might just be the story of a very deeply troubled young

man, but this on another level could be the story of a deeply troubled society that hounded and harassed a young man to the stage where he was willing to commit such horrendous actions.

It bears further examination. I just won’t be the one looking deeper into this, but I invite others to, if you think that there could be more to the story. 

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