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The Truth, but their version.

Some of the truth must be getting close to coming out.

I say that because the government would never have allowed the following radio show to get through, so they allowed this to get on the air, with them still fully at the helm.

It’s a victory in some ways, and a deception in others. I realise that this is what they consistently do, they will only allow their version of the truth out when the time comes, with them still fully at the helm.

Most targets will never understand the difference. The few like Mark M. Rich who have not been heard from for some time who did will probably not be doing the speaking engagements.

The truth is so much stranger than fiction. I don’t know how long this has been going on, in my life I can guess, in the lives of others I have no idea.

I woke up to a world a few months back, where neighbours, family, co-workers, friends, were all aware of and taking part in the unspeakable. Where everyone around me knew something that pertained to my life, and my well being but me.

Where people that I should have been able to trust were the very ones that were betraying me, and knowingly or unknowingly helping in what could have been my destruction.

I have been trying like most to understand not only what is happening, how long it’s been happening, but how it could be happening. How can so many people be taking part in something like this and no whistles getting blown, no one coming forward to grab that Pulitzer prize winning story.

Just like Germany of WWII, there were stories of what was happening to the Jews making there way out, there were stories of the Camps and what was really going on at the camps, but people either did not want to hear, believe or care.

I have read some history accounts that say that the many of the German people thought that this was a good time in history for them. I guess to the stage where Hitler restored the country after the devastation that had happened to it after WWI, I guess to that extent it was.

The rest has always been hard to fathom or imagine. I always asked the why, and the hows. I could never understand how people could sit back and allow such things to happen.

However if I think about it in another context. I am in a country that recently realised that the human rights of prisoners being held on security certificates were wrong and that imprisoning people without charges was a human rights violation. I for months, when I finally did clue into the fact that this was happening, still did nothing. I mean outside of contemplation of signing the petitions, I was not outside of the jails with my signs in hand.

I have also sat back and watched America hold two concentration camps, where thousands of peoples rights have been violated, I have watched this in an almost sleep like state for the last 5 years, not fully understanding the true meaning of this till now. I think my own experience has allowed me to understand this better, but not as fully as I would like.

I know that over the last eight years or so, I have spent a great deal of time focused on how to stop the harassment in my own life, I know that is has distracted me enough so that this has been a primary focus, so much so to the often exclusion of other things happening in my own life and the lives of others, so much so that it even distracted me to what the truth of my own circumstances were.

This whole thing has given me a lot of perspective and made me ask a lot of questions about my own actions. Why am I not writing to the UN about the prison camps and asking them to provide sanctions until the prisoners are either charged with something or at least given the right to see a lawyer, till at least democracy is practiced in word and deed?

Why am I not out at rallies and protests, condemning the things that are happening and that have been happening? I mean outside of the online protests, there has not really been a whole lot of other protesting. Why was I not more fully aware of the full truth of what was happening to the homeless, or the poor? Why was I just not a lot more informed or aware? Why was I not making their issues my issues?

Don’t get me wrong, I have always been a cause person, but most of my efforts focus on the suffering of the innocents in the world, who are too young to take care of themselves.

Still ignorance is no excuse. In high school and college I was far more cognizant of the things that were happening around me and fought bring awareness to the issues of the day, but somewhere along the lines, that had stopped, and I had just tuned out, or turned away, I am not sure which one.

I mean I don’t think I really ever delved into the fact that the Concentration Camps were just that, concentration camps, where people are being held without charges, or the right to see lawyers. I keep thinking that eventually truth will win out, but it won’t, not without the will of the people.

I keep thinking about how many homeless people have died, or are now in jail, and their cries that have gone unheard, unaided. I worry that their issues were not my issues, that more attention was not paid to their plight.

It’s like living in a mindless apathetic bubble sometimes, we are aware of the suffering and the ills of the world, but we do not do anything about them. We are aware of so many, that we start to feel overwhelmed and I guess at some point that turns to apathy, and we just don’t think that we can help or do anything about it. We forget as a people how truly powerful we can be and we let others take that power away from us. We forget that one person can make a difference. We forget that social change is possible, but it does not always happen over night and it can be painful and long endurance is needed, we no longer gear ourselves up for dealing with these struggles.

We forget that the price of eternal freedom, is eternal vigilance and so we have given up our rights and freedoms, we have become that which we fought so hard to not become, we have become red, spying on each other, the Russians pulled a fast one on us, when we thought they had lost they had really just won. The oldest trick in the book was played, the Trojan horse of the Russians and we fell for it. The Stasi and the KGB are now working for homeland security. Our sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends are now spies for the state, and somehow we fell for it. We willingly let them do to us by deception what they could not have done by force, had we remained vigilant. Vigilance is the price and we have not paid it, and so our freedoms have go to let, and this will continue to happen, unless we wake up and press for change the way others have had to.

We have become lazy and weak willed. We want things to be easy, but history has shown us that is not always the case. To have the sort of society we want, we will have to fight for it, but we have gone so far of the beaten path, our values have become so corrupt. Britney or Paris slip and the world knows about it, but children are raped, beaten sold into slavery and no one even bats and eye or is even aware. We have been told and conditioned about where to place our focus and values and it’s worked.

I don’t know if this generation can pull themselves out of the mire that has become society, but I know that they have to try. They have become directionless, without focus, and there is no moral guidance or beacon that will give guidance. They have long rejected the truth for lies, and it looks like this trend will continue for some time.

Is there hope? Well there is always hope, that’s what so neat and interesting about the human race. The doom’s day clock has been moved one step closer to midnight, but just as easily tomorrow, it could be moved two hands back, it’s up to each of us to see that this happens. It’s up to each of us in our own lives to take that power that we have and do what we can, we are capable and we are powerful beings, we can create change, we just have to believe that we can once again. We have to take the initiative to tune out the garbage, and tune in the pure unadulterated truth. We need to have that in our own lives, it’s the only way we could ever become fulfilled, self actualised individuals in the first place. There was never an easy formula, and the things that they sell us that say otherwise are just lies. We really do have the power in our hands for change, we just have to wield it like a sword. We are in our own turns more powerful than we know, not only can we display that power in our own lives, but we can teach others to do the same, and that is part of the truth that they want us to forget, it’s part of the reality that was always there, if we can just tune back into it, it’s ours for the taking.

Rich, powerful, successful is not all it’s cracked up to be, if we are to believe all the failed marriages, rehab trips, and sensational headlines, and yet we are told to strive for this, why would you strive for something where the end result is sure to be misery and the fall out that comes with it? We want to be happy, heck most people want to be happy, we want to have peace in our lives, but most people want that, we want to feel secure, we want to be fulfilled, most people want that, but honestly that things we have been feed and told, that will bring us that are just simply not the truth.

We have to wake up and try to realise this and understand this, we are being deceived and it’s up to each of us, to wake up in our own turn, see the truth of this, and then wake up others if we can, but at least stay conscious in our own turn.

Change is possible, but it wont’ be easy, you won’t be necessarily popular, there will be struggles and you will wonder why you ever choose this path, but you will become better for it, on the inside you will become stronger and be a better person, one of strength and resilience who is better able to handle the garbage in garbage out that the world is throwing at you. You might even find that you find better things to tune into at the end of the day, like yourself, and you might just find that more rewarding, and fulfilling than other things that we have been told will entertain and fulfill us.

It’s just something to think about.

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Toronto’s year of the gun revisited.

Toronto’s year of the gun revisited.

The year of the gun we all know the stories right, drugs, gangs, ethnic youth getting access to guns, and then Toronto’s year of the gun just exploded right.

That’s the story and that’s all there is to it, or is there more?

How many of these people were recently out on parole when they committed these crimes? Why were they out on parole?

How many of these people were out of jail or good community policing program behavior? Meaning that they were offered time out of jail if they agreed to take part in the new snitching programs that the city has on going?

How many were trying to walk away from this forced slavery program when they were eliminated?

How many were getting back at someone who had set them up for these programs?

How many gang members will be released back into the community because they agree to take part in these programs, as an extra set of eyes and ears for the community?

I can’t judge these people who are looking at 15-20 years for gun related crimes, for choosing a life of slavery on the outside rather than a life of slavery on the inside.

I can blame a society who thinks that it’s a good idea to let people who are committing the same exact crimes be bound by different rules, because they agree to join some snitch program.

I can also blame a society that does not stop to wonder what happens to these young people when they get a taste of freedom and decide that they don’t want to be slaves for the rest of their lives, and try to leave these programs, only to realise that there is no way out, except maybe one. 

It astounds me that these questions were not asked when we had our increase in the year of the gun. Sure gangs and drugs played a large part, but where there other factors that we were missing behind some of these crimes?

In other societies where these programs are instituted, they will kill you if you try to leave these programs. If you find out that your friends set you up to go to jail, you might just agree to take part in one of these programs long enough to get back on the outside so that you can find the person who set you up and settle the score.

These programs do more harm to the moral fiber of society than guns and drugs in the long run. Then the innocent get caught up in the cross fire of these programs, thus giving society a greater need for such programs, and the vicious cycle continues.

These programs have left lot’s of scares on other societies, and wounds that have yet to heal. Do we know all the factors that contributed to the year of the gun? Are we ever likely to? Not if we don’t stop to ask the questions.

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Kimveer Gill revisited. Nut job or Stalking Target?

For those with a short memory you might remember that Kimveer Gill was the young Montreal man who went on a shooting spree several months ago killing at least 1 person and wonding at least a dozen others.

Most people just wrote him off as a nut case who was into video games and mixed up fantasy with reality, a goth who hated society. For those of us who stopped to read some of his postings to gain clues to what might have happened, there is an angle that has not been discussed, that has not been talked about.

Here are some of his blog postings that I found really interesting.

Dated September 12, 2006

[quote]Stop Bullying

It?s not only the bully?s fault you know!!
It?s the teachers and principals fault for turning a blind eye, just cuz it?s not their job. You fuckers are pathetic.
It?s the police?s fault for not doing anything when people conplain (oops, my mistake, the cops are corrupt sons of whores, so it?s not like they can do anything about it.)


It?s society?s fault for acting like it?s normal for people to be assholes to each other. Society disgusts me.
It?s everyone?s fault for being so apathetic towards fucking everything that doesn?t affect them personally. FUCK YOU SOCIETY.

It sounds like his bullying, which is what he called it, might have involved trying to get the police to do something, but it sounds like they not only did not do anything about the bullying, they also he ends with calling them corrupt. Why?

Not so outside the realm of what you might find in many other bullying cases, but here is something that is perticularly interesting.

[quote]I wonder why my household has been under surveillance by law enforcement for 6 years now? Makes no sense to me!!

Oh, you?re wondering how I know?
Bet you little monkeys are
Hey, assholes!!
Everything everyone says or does against me is shown to me in my dreams, I see everything. You fucking monkeys.

God, you humans are so inferior.

Now he might have been nuts, but it sounds like his bullying might have had other angles that were never explored.

If Kimveer Gill was under survellence and if he was for the last six years in a gang stalking like senario, going so far as to try to get help from the police without success, then the things that drove him to commit this terrible act might have been precipitated by what was happening to him. A self fulfilling prophecy so to speak.

Since reading this, I have often wondered if he was a target of this phenomenon, should his blog postings be taken with a grain of salt, or should they be given more weight than most people realise. Should the families of those injured or killed by him, be seeking restitution from the state if they infact did stalk and hound him till he did commit a terrible act.

The truth is we might never know. Though there are some clues on line, there are not enough for me to draw any firm conclusions one way or another, just to have enough of a suspicion that I would like to see examined. If this was happening to him, those around him would have been recruited, and his neighbours would have been spying on him, which could explain why he suddenly stopped talking to certain people. (Ofcourse it could just be that he was moody.)

The more I know about gang stalking and the bits of his story that bleed through, lead me to believe that their are some questions that should be asked, but will we ever get answers? If I was the family of those people that were injured, or killed, I would ask some questions and dig for deeper answers. This might just be the story of a very deeply troubled young

man, but this on another level could be the story of a deeply troubled society that hounded and harassed a young man to the stage where he was willing to commit such horrendous actions.

It bears further examination. I just won’t be the one looking deeper into this, but I invite others to, if you think that there could be more to the story. 

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