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United we stand. Divided they fall.

The bigger picture.

I have just been finding out that gang stalking might be very similar to getting weeded out of the community.

In this article that came out last year it talks about the community based policing initiatives, and the similarity to communism systems that have gone before.

[quote]The Weed and Seed Program, recruiting tattling neighbors, and 24-hour a day armed spies, pinpoint potential “trouble

makers” to the mesmerized community, and targets them for “weeding.” Weeding means to harass offending individualists to the point of making it impossible for them to remain in the compliant community of smiley-faced Communists. For real life examples, the children of “individualists” are harassed for running, for walking on the single-lane community roads with no sidewalks, and for playing unsupervised at any age or at any location – even their yards. They are, in fact, ticketed by COPS personnel, and are then told that they will be denied the ability to enjoy the great out of doors if the offending behaviors persist. Yes, in fact, children who live in deed-restricted and closed communities can be forced to remain indoors at all times or face further penalties, including all rights to community activities. Does this sound like America to you?  [/quote]

I don’t know about America, but some parts of this sound just like my city right now. Being weeded out of a community that I have done nothing to hurt or harm. Being harassed from job to job and place to place, and realising finally that it’s all just part of a larger picture that is coming down the line 

You don’t have to be guilty of anything, you just have to be different. Different can mean outspoken, can mean you are single and do not like to mingle, odd, an activist, minority, dissident, just someone who does not fit the type cast, of the community or their snitching programs. 

The article also goes on to point out that this system that is coming down the pipeline is not just happening in America, it’s happening all over the world, which is true of community based policing.

[quote]Equally, many of these communities hire former military and/or law enforcement to “oversee” and administer the deed-restricted eco-communities and their paid squads. For further examples of social control, I refer you to the communist housing sectors of the Soviet Union and their COPS program called the KGB. 
Now, let us also compare Transformational and Fabian Marxism to “Total Quality Management.” TQM is used to “transform” existing organizational structures in business and/or government. TQM has a professional ring to it, no? It also employs group dynamics, strategic planning councils (facilitators and change agents), problem solving, and Systems Management. Hmmm.

Looks exactly like Marxism to me, the dialectic in action, so to speak, and another “professional” layer to BS the shift into Communist control in both business and governmental institutions, as well. 
Now, back to COPS. TQM has, indeed, restructured most police departments in the United States as well as most other governmental departments. Not only have politicians become “facilitators and change agents,” most clearly demonstrated in their pre-panned outcomes and refusal to listen to American citizens, but unbeknownst to most law enforcement personnel, so have they. Once again, COPS is a federally funded program administered through the U.S. Department of Justice. Police are now trained into a “team” concept of law enforcement and community via TQM training. Police are taught to be “facilitators and change agents” in their communities. This is of particular interest, as American living is becoming predominantly deed-restricted, landless, and closed and/or gated “community” living. What you are witnessing is the philosophical shift in traditional policing responsibilities and duties, which used to be tracking down the bad guys and helping citizens, to police becoming “change agents” to push the governmental shift from Constitutional and God-based nation to Socialist/Communist government, landless living, and a diversified, in-crisis, and atheist nation. Sorry, but facts are facts. Refer to the following quote from Socialist Marxist Georg Lukacs about “facilitators:” 

Well I can tell you that the police here are focusing on change and problem solving, which on paper sounds great, but in other countries where this is happening the results are something quite different.

[quote]“The community of interest generated by crime, disorder, and fear of crime becomes the goal to allow community policing officers an entire into the geographic community.” 
Did that direct quote from the father of Community Oriented Policing Services sink in? Social chaos is the GOAL that ensures communities enforced with rent-a-COPS. The “crisis” of crime and disorder is the goal for the police officer as facilitator/change agent to enter the community and initiate the paradigm shift from self-determination and Constitutionally guaranteed freedom to Communistic control. Social architects, right now, are training your local law enforcement. We, the taxpayers, are paying for the removal of the only barrier between a tyrannical government and the private citizen. Your neighborhood police officer is becoming that trained facilitator – the Soviet. But why police officers? [/quote]

Scare us into taking part and making our communities, better and safer for our own good, while transforming us into something that we won’t even recognise.

[quote]If you are living in a closed, gated, eco, and/or privately policed community, welcome to Communism in America.

Welcome to controlled living. Welcome to the world of handing your freedom, your family, your human rights, your opinions, and dignity to armed controllers. And while your children continue their “educations” in the public schools that you continue to support, and then come home to guarded and patrolled communities, welcome to the destruction of your children’s rights to family values, innocence, childhood, freedom, opinion, and future.  [/quote]

The good news is that most people will not even notice, and for others that do, they will be long go, before that time fully comes.

The rest will simply fall in line and not object to the changes that are taking place, if they should happen to notice.

[quote]American communitarians promote the same kinds of surveillance and neighborhood informants the communists used to control East Germans. Americans are slowly being taught what East Germans had to learn very quickly. Today the KGB trains “community” police all over America. Our friendly neighborhood cops are saving our communities from criminals and terrorists.

I always wondered how the German people were made to fall in line and to start spying and watching each other, how they could be so controlled and brain washed and why they did not rebel. However I see the same thing happening before my eyes, some are being pulled in with lies, some with threats, bullying, intimidation, and some for the power. The same thing is happening,

but most people won’t see it, and they won’t believe it, why should they? It’s the scariest thing to see the direction of where the world is heading and to not feel like there is anything you can do to stem the tides or stop the flow.

[quote]Community policing is a federal program under the Department of justice. American community cops are not actually neighborhood cops. Unlike real cops who investigate and arrest people for real crimes, these new cops provide community services. Our new cops are problem solvers.

Coming to a city near you. Are you seeing the bigger picture yet? Do you even realise that there is one to be seen?

[quote]LA-21 COPS suggested numerous ways to solve community problems. The new COPS helped local governments rewrite local rules to allow COPS access to private homes. Each community now has a special unit of Community Services Officers (CSO). CSO duties include visiting homes and people in the neighborhoods and identifying personal problems. COPS train all government employees to report any signs of a “threat” while inside homes on routine duties.
The list of threats that must be reported includes messy kitchens, unlocked garbage cans, unwashed children, domestic noise, abuse, marijuana growing operations and methamphetamine labs. Workers are trained to log threats into a national ID database program called COMPASS. COMPASS is the acronym for Community Mapping, Planning and Analysis for Safety Strategies. COMPASS was created in 1999 by officials at the COPS headquarters in D.C. [/quote]

Ah just like the old country, but this is not the old country, these are democratic countries and we fought to have these freedoms, and yet we are slowly letting them get erroded. I just had a glance at the big picture that is a coming down the line. I realise that I will be far from alone, what is happening to me right now, is soon going to be the fate of many others, and this silent insidious sleep that keeps the world lulled to the realities of our times, will not soon be broken and the world will not soon be awoken.

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