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What is PROMIS?

Ok I have not blogged in awhile, so I thought I would give you all some food for thought. This is some interesting research I came across, that I decided to share.

What is PROMIS?

Prosecutors Management Information Systems

What was it designed to do?

Designed as case-management software for federal prosecutors, PROMIS has the ability to combine disparate databases, and to track people by their involvement with the legal system.
What are some PROMIS capabilities?

What would you do if you possessed software that could think, understand every language in the world, that provided peep holes into everyone else’s computer “dressing rooms,” that could insert data into computers without people’s knowledge, that could fill in blanks beyond human reasoning and also predict what people would do – before they did it?

Commenting on the capabilities of PROMIS, Mike Ruppert
states that “Mated with artificial intelligence it is
capable of analyzing not only an individual’s, but also
a community’s entire life, in real time. It is also
capable of issuing warnings when irregularities appear
and of predicting future movements based upon past
What can PROMIS do?

It would work like this: A nation’s spy organization would buy Promis and have it installed in its computers at headquarters. Using a modem, the spy network would then tap into the computers of such services as the telephone company, the water board, other utility commissions, credit card companies, etc. Promis would then search for specific information. For example, if a person suddenly started using more water and more electricity and making more phone calls than usual, it might be suspected he had guests staying with him. Promis would then start searching for the records of his friends and associates, and if it was found that one had stopped using electricity and water, it might
be assumed, based on other records stored in Promis, that the missing person was staying with the subject of the investigation. This would be enough to have him watched if, for example, he had been involved in previous conspiracies. Promis would search through its records and produce details of those conspiracies, even though the person might have been operating under a different name in the past – the program was sophisticated enough to find a detail that would reveal his true identity.

What has it been used for?

a). The venture, from the intelligence point of view, was a major success. Suspected dissidents couldn’t move anywhere without Big Brother watching them. Even if they traveled under a false name, various characteristics, such as height, hair color, age, were fed into roadside terminals and Promis searched through its database looking for a common denominator. It would be able to tell an army commander that a certain dissident who was in the north three days before had caught a train, then a bus, stayed at a friend’s house, and was now on the road under a different name. That’s how frightening the system was. By late 1985 virtually all dissidents – and an unknown number of unidentified innocents – had been rounded up. In a country whose rulers had no patience for such people, 20,000 government opponents either died or disappeared.
b.) In Transkei, Degem was of immense help to the white South African regime. Promis was trap-doored because the Israelis were interested in a number of people in South Africa. Promis, in effect, was a killing machine used against black revolutionary groups, including the African National Congress. Almost 12,000 activists were affected by the beginning of 1986 – picked up, disappeared, or maimed in “black-on-black” violence. “Kushi kills Kushi” became a well-known term in Israeli intelligence circles with Chief Gatsha Buthelesi’s black death squads doing the dirty work.

It was a simple operation: As a result of Maxwell buying Degem, Promis was installed in the Transkei. It pulled in information on dissidents, and death lists were drawn up and handed over to Buthelesi and his group, who went out on the rampage to finish them off.

At one point a planned strike by black miners was stopped when Promis was used to find the instigators. They all disappeared as Promis tracked them down through their required identity passes. Of course the South African security network just loved it.

c.) Today, financial institutions and Intelligence departments use Promise software worldwide. This means that factions of the US government can quickly access any computer in these networks. The implications are astounding. This gives the ability to add, delete, or modify any file or files within any given intelligence agency using this software. A picture can be put with any name and any information and make it possible for whole terrorist organizations to travel freely with false papers just because the computers were hacked into and all the information fed into them to effectively change any identity. The possibilities within financial institutions are equally as great. Accounts can be created and funds moved from any account to any account.

d.) Yasser Arafat was selected as the ideal example. The PLO chairman was renowned for being security-conscious; he constantly changed his plans, never slept in the same bed two nights in succession, altered his mealtimes at the last moment.

Whenever Arafat moved, the details were entered on a secure PLO computer. But Promis could hack into its defenses to discover what aliases and false passports he was using. Promis could obtain his phone bills and check the numbers called. It would then cross-check those with other calls made from those numbers. In that way, Promis would have a “picture” of Arafat’s communications.

On a trip he would inform the local security authorities of his presence, and steps would be taken to provide protection. Promis could obtain the details by interdicting police computers. Wherever he went, Yasser Arafat would be unable to hide from Promis.

What are some future capabilities of Promis?
e.) On August 28 the phone rang and it was a collect call from Tyree. “Get a tape recorder and turn it on,” he said. Over the course of the next half an hour Tyree, obviously reading from detailed and copious notes, named individuals and companies dealing with Promis software and its progeny. The tape was specific down to naming specific engineers in military and private corporations doing Promis research. Tyree described specific Congressional committees that had been infiltrated with “enhanced” Promis. Tyree described how Promis progeny, having inspired four new computer languages had made possible the positioning of satellites so far out in space that they were untouchable. At the same time the progeny had improved video quality to the point where the same satellite could focus on a single human hair. The ultimate big picture.

Promis progeny had also evolved to the point where neural pads could be attached to plugs in the back of the human head and thought could be translated into electrical impulses that would be equally capable of flying a plane or wire transferring money. Names like Sandia, Cal-Tech, Micron, Tech University of Graz, Oded Leventer and Massimo Grimaldi rolled from his lips as he tore through the pages of notes. Data, such as satellite reconnaissance, could also now be downloaded from a satellite directly into a human brain. The evolution of the artificial intelligence had progressed to a point where animal behavior and thought were being decoded. Mechanical humans were being tested. Animals were being controlled by computer.
The future is not very PROMIS-ing. Isn’t it? Just some food for thought.

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