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Community snitching and bitching gone wild.

 The reason the article was important should be obvious. The kind of thing that are happening to us in the gang stalking community are slowly in various forms spilling over into other areas of society, not surprisingly.

This part of the article I found very impressive. 

[quote]The digital age allows critics to quickly find a fair amount of information about their targets. One day last November, at about 11:30 a.m., a blog focused on making New York streets more bike-friendly posted the license plate number of an SUV driver who allegedly accelerated from a dead stop to hit a bicycle blocking his way.

At 1:16 p.m., someone posted the registration information for the license plate, including the SUV owner’s name and address. (The editor of the blog thinks the poster got the information from someone who had access to a license-plate look-up service, available to lawyers, private investigators and police.) At 1:31 p.m., another person added the owner’s occupation, his business’s name and his title. Ten minutes later, a user posted a link to an aerial photo of the owner’s house. Within another hour, the posting also included the accused’s picture and email address. [/quote]

Can you imagine that. Within 2 hrs, there was enough info online to ruin this person. I mean this is crazy. If I really hate someone, break up with someone, etc, and want to ruin their life, I could post this kind of crap online, and within 2 hrs, there would be enough info online to ruin that person’s life. Look at the info they were able to get in just 2 hrs.

-A simple licence plate. (11:30 am)
-license plate registration information. Including name and address.
(1:16 pm.) Just one hour and 45 minutes later.
-owner’s occupation, his business’s name and his title. (2 hrs later.)
– a link to an aerial photo of the owner’s house.(2 hrs, 10 mins later)
-the posting also included the accused’s picture and email address (3 hrs and 10 minutes later.)

Imagine these 2 scenarios.

Let’s say a child had been hit, and the community was furious, and they get this information. Let’s say a bunch of them decide to go to the persons house to confront them.

Let’s say the persons car was stolen, and they have no idea that the person was driving badly, but for the rest of their lives, this is on some website, and people start doing things to their homes and family.

How many other people have had stuff like this happening to them without ever realising it?

Do you see the subtle elements that are the start of gang stalking? This what is happening in China, Korea to a damaging degree. I mean did you see the next scenario?

[quote]Online shaming is happening across the world, with several well-publicized cases in China. Last fall, one blogger posted photos and the license plate number of a Beijing driver who got out of his car and threw aside the bicycle of a woman blocking his way. The driver was quickly identified by Internet vigilantes and soon apologized on television for his behavior. And on a popular Web site last year, after one husband accused a student of having an affair with his wife, other users posted the student’s phone number and other personal details. After that, groups of people showed up at his university and parents’ home, according to some reports. The student denied the affair.[/quote]
I mean what if some of these people had decided to teach the little home wrecker a lesson? Or just gang stalk him for his alleged crimes? This is where that community empowerment crap really goes wrong.

We then have people playing judge and jury, and often the person does not get to have a fair trial. Or what if an affair was happening, because her husband would beat and cheat on her, and she then turns to this student? Not good I admit, but there would then be more to the story.

People have false and invalid reasoning skill, often they do not reason they just hear something and they are so happy to play judge and jury, when most of them are not worthy to throw the first stone, and should not be casting the first stone, or any stone for that matter.
This is where the world is going however. We are seeing it wide spread in Asian countries like China and Korea, but make no doubt, this is what we are also now seeing here in many forms.

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  1. Gang Stalking is a protection business for criminals run by criminals. It is all about money and power from the top to the bottom.

    Some people think Gang Stalking may be condoned or at least ignored by governments because of a perceived lack of effort on the part of law enforcement to investigate these crimes.

    Gang Stalking is used to eliminate witnesses to crimes and “take care” of personal vendettas of criminal syndicate members who may be working anywhere in society in any position, much like “sleeper” terrorists, except their goal is to never have themselves or their crimes revealed.

    Gang Stalking crews offer services to anyone with the proper criminal connection and money.

    Gang Stalking assaults are continuous.

    Gang Stalkers coerce family, friends and neighbors to participate in stalking activities. They will use your neighbors houses or apartments for surveillance and as a base to launch attacks against you.

    Stalkers will rent or buy properties close to you for constant surveillance and attack bases.

    Quote – “The expressed goal of Gang Stalking is to silence a victim, drive a victim insane and possibly to the point of suicide, or destroy the victim’s reputation and believability as the person will likely be viewed as mentally ill should they complain or report the abuse.

    It involves provoking and harassing someone continually until they become exasperated and respond in some manner. Then this response is recorded and documented as an indication of how “unstable”, “crazy”, “dangerous”, etc. the person is. In effect, playing games with cause and effect.

    The harassers as a group may have broken dozens of laws and committed dozens of torts in an effort to provoke someone into responding in some “unstable” manner that they can “document” and use as “evidence”, often with the help of unwitting bystanders.”

    The success of Gang Stalking is dependent on the gradual covert poisoning of the victim, using neural interrupters and psychotropic drugs.

    The foundation of Gang Stalking is planned slander. Constant roomers of mental illness, defamation of character, implication of criminal behavior. The lies are “tailored” to the victim.

    Victims of Gang Stalking are set up for and led into deviant behavior or crimes after they have been drugged/poisoned. This “evidence” will be documented and used against the victim.

    When stalkers ask each other if a victim has been sensitized, they are asking if the victim has been poisoned/drugged to the point where “street theater” will be effective to invoke a response. They also want to know the “Gang Stalking Methods” that have been “imprinted” on the victim so they can continue with the same.

    Schizophrenia is the “howl” of the Gang Stalker. You might witness “the victim is schizophrenic” attack anywhere, but it is especially prevalent in their cyber-stalking. Gang Stalkers often revise the definition of schizophrenia to better fit their goals.

    Their chemical attacks are intended to and will cause the mental break down of the victim if they fail to protect themselves. Gang Stalkers intend all poison/drug induced behavior by the victim to be mistaken for mental illness.

    Victims of Gang Stalking have reported being attacked by “directed energy weapons”. A type of acoustic weapon that has even been for sale on the Internet in various forms could account for some of these attacks. Here is an example of one in current use by Israel. The capabilities of this weapon and resulting symptoms are accurately reported by Dr. Malcolm Davis on National Public Radio.

    Quote NPR Transcript, Dr.Malcolm Davis – “…low-frequency sound to the point that you can’t actually hear the sound. And the effect that both weapons produce, is to vibrate the internal organs of the human body…” “…dizziness and nausea and potentially a burning sensation on the skin…”

    Various stalking crews have been reported and are networked throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, India and several other countries. They are made up of well and lesser known organized crime syndicates, street gangs, extremist groups, secret societies, common criminals, and paid, coerced or duped citizens.

    Advanced communications have precipitated the growth of this organized crime and are required for it’s operation.

    Gang Stalking is intended to completely destroy a victim’s life, while leaving little if any evidence.

    Comment by anonymous | January 28, 2007 | Reply

  2. In the above, by duped citizens I mean everyone, including police, firemen, rescue squads, ambulance workers etc.

    And I do think Gang Stalking crews could and probably are co-opting citizen/community policing programs. This means Gang Stalkers are great con-artists or have legal and criminal connections.

    It is very important for a victim to defend themselves against the lies told in the community and to police by Gang Stalkers. Unfortunately, most people will automatically believe anything they hear. Look at the post on that “Who’s a Rat” site that says –

    Quote – “Is anybody familiar with the new KKK? It’s called gangstalking. They do the dirty work that cops can’t/won’t do.”

    That is suggesting that Gang Stalkers only assault criminals. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

    Many of the duped citizen stalkers I have encountered obviously have no idea who I am and appear to believe I am a criminal or crazy. I’m sure this is part of what they are told along with their standard “brainwashing” treatment.

    Some “professional” stalkers I see behave like a cult from hell, others have had overt mafia-like qualities.

    Comment by anonymous | January 28, 2007 | Reply

  3. FUCK the PeRpS! e.g. “CREEPS”

    Comment by Donald F. Truax | February 13, 2007 | Reply

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