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Police call number????

Police call number?

I am know that this is my first time this year having to call the police regarding the noise harassment, but call them I did. I have my tribunal hearing for this very thing and the landlords inaction only to have my neighbour upstairs hand power drilling at 4:30 in the morning.

Now by now based on the research that I have done, I highly believe some of these people are most likely part of some community program, set to keep an eye on things. Why these little pestilence are bothering me, I won’t know until I do some further investigation. Speaking of which, I am still waiting for the police to get back to me and tell me who my case was assigned to. However that is another post.

So it’s the 05 day of 2007, a brand New Year and I have this to start the New Year with, however unlike last year, I do now realise it’s fully calculated and deliberate and I am now doing all that I can consistently to make sure it’s dealt with. This of course has meant several attempts to file a report with the police, calling the police and getting them to come out to do something about this harassment.

The dispatch was quite friendly and understanding this time about the noise harassment and she agreed to see if they could send a car out. I received a call back about 20 minutes later and they did indeed finally after I don’t know how many attempts it’s been send a car out to speak to the neighbour. I had to go and answer the door, and escort them to his apartment.

Will this action actually do any good or have any affect on getting this matter resolved? I really don’t know, I suspect it will not, if he is part of some community based policing initiative. However the action is more for myself at this stage and how I would like to have things dealt with. I find it highly unacceptable for this neighbour, and he other to be disturbing my piece of mind at all hours, however I feel that if I don’t let him he just can’t. So I really am going to take what action I can to see it stopped one way or another, because I have other things I would like to be doing this year.

So that is what I am doing at 5:37 in the morning. Waiting to see if the officers will stop by and converse regarding their conversation with this neighbour or if I can go back to sleep because I do have a very busy day tomorrow.

I suspect my “Jeffery Dahmer” like neighbour is probably pouring them tea and having a nice chat, check the sofa officers, check the sofa. By that I simply mean he will I am sure put on a wonderful show for the officers, meanwhile I get to be awake blogging my at 5:43, however I do feel better, simply because I have taken some sort of action.

I can now see that getting angry and reacting to them, is exactly what they do want and that seems to not have solved the problem, so now I am trying to find other ways to make these people accountable for what they are doing. These people are not acting independently, there are still laws in this society that is suppose to prevent this stuff from happening, and I would like to see some sort of accountability for the actions of those that are suppose to be in charge. 

January 5, 2007 - Posted by | Electronic harassment, Gang Stalking, harassment, mobbing, Stalking

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