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Community based policing. AKA. Gang stalking?

I found this great article which I think explains how govenment, the homeless, informants, police and the average citizens can work together, patrol, stalk and harass other average citizens and have no one be the wiser. I think this could be a large part of the gang stalking mystery and I am happy to share it with you.

Here is the first paragrah of the article.

“Savvy law enforcement types realized that under the community policing rubric,
cops, community groups, local companies, private foundations, citizen informants
and federal agencies could form alliances without causing public outcry.” Covert
Action Quarterly, summer 1997. [/quote]

The rest of the article is posted here on the new gang stalking world forum.

 For everyone who has been looking for some answers I think some might just have been found.

Happy New Year.

January 3, 2007 - Posted by | Cultural diversity and multiculturalism, Electronic harassment, Gang Stalking, harassment, Laws, metropolitan police, mobbing, Online Stalking, Snitches, Stalking


  1. Corrupted members of the local community good old boys, who usually run the local community show, organize and participate in gang stalking for their own mutual benefit(s). The members of the local gang includes local politicos (some at the top of the chain), police, community leaders, and private security grunts who enlist the aid of anyone willing to help destroy the lives of their innocent victims. No trial (because there was no crime), no jury, no messy questions, just pure sadistic gang stalking satisfaction for the good old boys gang.

    Comment by watering | January 3, 2007 | Reply

  2. If this is the case there has to be a way to get these people to be accountable for what they are doing. This is not right or acceptable, and there needs to be a way to make these people accountable.

    Just like with workplace mobbing, when these people drive others from their livelyhoods, sometimes to their deaths, this is just no more acceptable.

    Comment by gangstalking | January 6, 2007 | Reply

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