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Who is watching the watchers?

I just found out that December was city Right Month. To be exact December 10 2006 was the day to celebrate Human Rights across the world. I am finding this really ironic this month, because since July 2006, my Human Rights have been violated in the city where I live.

I so far have not found anyone that is willing to take any action to get what has been going on fixed. However it’s great that the city on the surface is willing to celebrate Human Rights Day. We have people that are being harassed and tortured in their homes in the cities where they live, they are experiencing Organised stalking, which in some cases encompasses electronic harassment of all sorts, and yet when these people reach out for help and assistance, their cries are going unheard. I find that so ironic as I sit here and read how our city just celebrated our achievements in human rights, when such unspeakable things are happening in the city.

I have filed reports with the police regarding the harassment that I have been experiencing only to find out that they have not filed my report. The reason given to me by officer Galdiks. However this reason can not be legitimate because as we know Anne from Peterborough was able to get her case filed, and even reopened. The fact that they have failed to file any type of report means that they are not even choosing to acknowledge the complaint of multistalking that I filed.

My file should include information about illegal entries, stalking offline and online, mail and email tampering, telephone redirects, small items stolen, and I even took the time to put together a report about the transducers being used in the empty apartment below me to harass me. However the police department have advised that they have failed to file a report regarding this. This is more than frightening. This means that the program that is happening in the city is so well protected that they are doing everything that they can to make sure that reports of this nature are not getting filed.

The second report was for noise disturbance, which I was advised by three different officers, that it could be filed at any time. Officer Maywood, however does not seem to think that this is the case, and that reports can only be filed if officers hear the noise, which is completely the opposite of what three officers before him have advised me of.

I have now emailed the Mayor David Miller, city councillor Joe Mihevc., and the attorney general Michael Bryant to see if they can help to look into what might be abuses of a government program that is helping from what I can see to patrol the city. However I have not received any responses thus far from these fine elected government officials. The very ones that will be sure to deny any knowledge that abused might have been happening within this program, or one similar, even though I have taken the time to draw to their attention to this fact.

Whatever is going on is happening in many cities. I do believe fully that it is government sponsored, with a local elements, that are being given what would seem to be free range to carry out these harassment’s. However the things that are being allowed to happen would shock and astound the average citizen that is not taking part in this. I also think that the police and others involved in said program will do what they can do to protect the integrity of the program by making targets look as if they are paranoid or crazy. The police for the most part have tried to deny the existence of many programs, unless you have enough information and only then do they half admit that any such programs even exist.

The problem is that even if this is being used to protect the city, it’s causing people that are innocent to be stalked and harassed for months and years on end, in ways that are hard to describe. It’s driving them to the stage where they kill themselves, are getting institutionalised, and in some cases possibly acting out in violent ways. The other problem is it is targeting people that probably have no idea why they are being targeted. Because this harassment is not being done by some rouge vigilante element they have lots of support and encouragement for the actions being committed. When the police,
politicians, and others that are suppose to be responsible are supporting such illegal actions where are people suppose to go?

In this time of security for civil rights, it seems that many are willing to let some innocent people be prosecuted for the sake of alleged security. We are willing to let the innocent go to other countries to be arrested and then falsely charged and imprisoned for reports that we supplied. Then we are are willing to leave these people there and declare them guilty, until they can draw enough attention to their cause, to finally get out of these hells that they are sent to with false information supplied by governments. The story of Maher Arar, should remind us about accountability, and the need to be sure that we are not seeing innocent people off to be tortured and harassed.[]

It should also remind us that when these things come to light, that people are all too ready to lie about what their roles were, and what they knew.

The other problem is police have a code of silence when it comes to protecting themselves and their own. They continually cover for themselves and their own, and this has created an environment where too many illegal activities can and do happen. Such as corruption in the police force.

[] Even a snitch force that has more weight and authority than the
public prosecutors do.


These are just some of the problems that are being caused by the police being willing to cover for themselves and others that are like them.

The only way that justice will be achieved under a system like this is to expose what is happening and to encourage others who are aware of what is happening to speak out against such injustices. I am personally disgusted that this is happening in the city. I think it’s shameful that our police, politicians and others who should be in positions of authority to look into abused that might be happening are not doing so. I find it equally reprehensible the measures that are being taken to protect these programs. We instead have police failing to file police reports. Covering up and pretending said program is not ongoing. Even if there are reasons of security that prevent them from going into detail. People have legitimate reasons for what they are saying, and for the complaints that they are making against these programs.

The bright side. Today after much persistence, I might finally found a reason that these programs could be illegally harassing me, or allowing a neighbourhood watch type program to do so. To say the least, I have found out that some officers are even more corrupt than I realised, and I have to get more details, but I might have found some light at the end of the tunnel. Talk to enough officers, stalk the police force and sooner or later you might find something that just might connect the dots that you have been trying to understand and connect.

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  1. Hi
    “who’s watching the watchers”. I advise you to rent the movie “Enemy of the State” with Will Smith and Jon Voight 1998. The Government already were in search for the “reason” to create the law that would allow them to do what they are doing pretty much, the corruption of gangstalking and electronic harassment to control the “masses”, you’ll see in this movie the “pervertion” involving “spying” and “watching” in the privacy of the “victims”, you can see pretty much the “low-lives” and the “parasites” from the streets, doing the “spying”, even though Jack Black plays the character of the “tech” he very much symbolize the “pervertion” behind it, but you judge, watch the movie.
    The Patriot act law was and is the “reason” for the Government surveilled the whole country, hiring very cheap at very low cost, “losers” from the streets, that very glad ly would do the “job”. regardless of what has been said, this situation that the Victims of this corruption orchestrated by this Government is unaceptable under the stardards that keep this Nation as a “Great Nation” with a flag that represent FREEDOM AND DEFENDERS OF HUMAN RIGHTS is all a big lie. 9/11 events prove otherwise that the CIA had knowledge of this attacks, and did nothing about it. A “reson” to create the law that they were pursuing for many years..

    Comment by casia | January 9, 2007 | Reply

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