Gang Stalking World

United we stand. Divided they fall.

The only constant, man’s inhumanity to man.

Man’s inhumanity to man. The only constant that we can be sure of.

This is usually proceeded by the words I was just following orders.

The Nazis were just following orders when they exterminated the Jews.

The people conducting the Tuskegee Syphilis experiment were just following orders, when they let almost 400 men go untreated from Syphilis for close to 40 years, leaving many to die and suffer needlessly, not to mention giving the disease to others. Authority figures from the top to the bottom were involved and they just went along with it, because they were just following orders.

I am sure this is what my neighbours have been saying for months. We were just following orders.
The 24/7 noise harassment and stalking. Just following orders.

The email and mail stealing, tampering, late deliveries. Just following orders.

The illegal audio and video surveillance. Just following orders.

The illegal entry into my apartment, the destruction and thief of my personal property. Just following orders.

The tapping of my phones and tracking of my cellphone. Just following orders.

The redirection of my calls, and disruption of my services. Just following orders.

The electronic harassment, which includes whole body vibrations apparently using transponders. This can cause life long damage to the person it’s used on, but my neighbours are just following orders.

They have used and allowed to be used what appears to be microwave or laser weaponry, which burns, but inside and not outside. These have the potential to do a great deal of internal damage to organs, and other essential parts that might be needed later on. However I am sure they are just following orders, as they were taking turns on shift to try to torture me with these.

I am sure if these people had lived in Nazi Germany they would have gone along with everything that was done to the Jews, and being the good upstanding citizens they are, they probably would have helped them into the ovens, because they were just following orders.

At what point do these people grow a mind, backbone, soul or a conscience, and stop following orders, and start questioning the instructions that are being given? In all likelihood, never.

Because this is now a society of mindless, conscienceless autonobots that go along with whatever everyone else is doing. A sheeple society where you are told everything you believe, and you go along with whatever you are told, and you never question anything.

The independent thinking, the ones that question authority, the dissenters are all slowly and meticulous being silenced and closed down, ironically enough by these same mindless sheeple what are not capable of questioning those in authority, thinking independently for themselves, and dissenting when they see something that is so clearly wrong happening in front of their faces.

These same people however time and time again will visit my forum, chat with me in the chat box, mimic terms like “yeah perps are evil, they will get what they deserve”, pretending that they have some kind of empathy that they don’t. They will register on my forum and try to converse with me, again playacting at empathy and humanity. I won’t even get on elevators with many of them anymore, because who knows what they are capable of under the guise of I was just following orders.

I see them for the potential monsters that they are, because I understand what has gone before under the guise of just following orders, and I see that the potential is always there, just rearing it’s ugly head near the surface.

They have traded off their souls and conscience for a piece of the mindless pie. It has no substance and yet they will be filled by this. It has no nutritional value, yet they will get all the nourishment that they need. It’s empty and unfulfilling, but it’s what nourishes these empty, mindless autonobots that are capable of doing everything and going along with anything under the guise of I was just following orders.

Many people in history have just followed orders unquestioningly to the detriment of millions of their fellow citizens. As long as an authority figure was telling them ok, they forgot somehow that inhumanity to your fellow man is wrong. That torture and deprivation of a fellow human is unacceptable, and yet they felt empowered none the less to go along with these travesties, because they had been empowered to do so, under the guise of mindlessly following orders.

Yet these are the same people that say hi to you in the hallways, who ask after the kids, and pat each other on the backs for being good mindless citizens, who are incapable of questioning those in authority. Autonobots that are good for not much else but following orders.

December 11, 2006 - Posted by | Electronic harassment, Gang Stalking, Online Stalking, Stalking

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