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What is the power behind the gang stalking perps?

What is the power behind the perps?
I know if the book the craft again written about Mason’s and their ability to ruin some one’s life they touch on these elements of how some one’s life could be ruined, again however would lawyers, police and other public servants go along with this?

I know some gang stalking sites have time and again stated that yes this is the case, but I really want to examine all angles, to get to the heart of what is the power behind the perps.

I mean where is the money really coming from? There are volunteers, that’s clear. There are snitches, that is clear to me.

However there seem to be some people that are getting paid. I have heard that some people get paid because of favors such as sex, drugs, jobs, just belonging to such a large network, but other must be getting cash, or some kind of compensation and it also does not explain how they can afford to pay for some of the things like people moving into apartment buildings.

Many targets have indicated that they are aware of illegal dealings that these people are into, such as drugs. I don’t know if this is true at this stage. However whenever you want to find out about something in this world, they always say to follow the money trail. So by following the money trail.

I have seen regular citizens take part in these groups, fully under the impression that they are helping out the city. I have now seen people lend out their homes for these gang stalking groups. I have seen what I would say is corporation form elements that are in public service. I have seen these people use their influence on friends, family, customs, and store keepers. So if it’s just ruffians why would so many people take part?  I know in some cities the mob or mafia were able to wield such power and corruption abounded, but is that also what we are looking at when dealing with gang stalking?

Is it a pre-step for world dominance? Are some people being systematically eliminated to make room for what’s coming down the line? Is that what’s behind gang staling?

Are community programs being abused?
I mean if some parts of community programs are being abused it would be nice to know about it right? Let’s start with the neighbourhood watch programs, and look into that angel.

So depending on who you talk to most police, seem to be deny flat out that there is any kind of neighbourhood watch program happening. It’s funny. I spoke to one officer who didn’t know what was going on, she put her male colleague on the phone and he went on to say it’s not being run by us. OK but that means a) You know it’s going on, and b) It has to be run by someone right?

Spoke to another officer who deny the COPP’s program, till I started reading from the manual for the program, that seemed to jog his memory. Then he was all like oh that program was running, but there are only a couple of people still in it, it’s almost non existent now. (Yeah apparently to the degree that you didn’t even know it existed?)

I have other examples, but I won’t sport with my intelligence or yours. Based on the conversations I had, the program is not being admitted to unless you already know enough about it, where they can’t deny it.

The other indication I got is that if there is a program it might not be run by the police. Eg. It might be happening from some sort of government level. This got me looking further, because I seriously think aspects of some community programs are being abused.

Impossible? Why? A few years ago we had so many of our police that were dirty it was not even funny, they were going to stores and getting like protection money, drug selling and other fun stuff. The person who was heading up the force at the time who was removed, 4 years later is back and hotter than ever. Since he just got some really cool position higher up than he had before. It’s a really interesting world we all live in.

Back to the are these program being abused. I kept looking and this is what I found. In addition to the many COPP programs out there, which are sometimes called watch on wheels programs.

Various cities around the world have different versions.

In Canada Bell Canada actively donates phones to these programs, and free air time.

We donate reusable cell phones to Canadian charitable programs. Many reusable phones will be donated to more than 130 women’s shelters across the country. Other non-profit groups, including Communities on Phone Patrol and various registered children’s charities, will continue to receive donated wireless phones.

The CityWatch program brings together City workers and professional emergency services staff to create a safer and more caring Toronto for everyone. The program encourages City workers to be more aware of and alert to what is going on around them during the normal course of their work day.

Under the program, municipal workers get involved and obtain professional help when they encounter problems in the community involving health, safety or security.

A co-operative effort by the City, its agencies and municipal labour unions, CityWatch provides formal recognition of employees’ good deeds.

How will CityWatch benefit community safety?

Enhances safety on the streets and in neighbourhoods through the increased involvement of City workers Encourages staff to take informed action to prevent and reduce losses associated with crime, injuries, accidents, health problems and hazards Who benefits?

The public

Children and families
City workers
Emergency services departments
Why and when was it formed?

In 1998, the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 416 contacted Crime Prevention Association of Toronto (CPAT) requesting the organization’s assistance in developing a program called Neighbourhood Watch on Wheels. The Local 416 executive approved a proposal from Crime Prevention Association of Toronto that focused on overall community safety rather than crime.

Local 416 has approximately 9,000 members who work in the community and are well positioned to provide assistance. They felt strongly about having a grassroots initiative to formally acknowledge what their members were already doing to improve public safety.

In March 1999, City Council approved the final report of the Task Force on Community Safety called, Toronto. My City. A Safe City. The report identified community safety as a top concern of Toronto’s residents.

The report recommended that the City implement a range of community safety nitiatives, including the establishment of a program involving City workers. CUPE Local 416 had also presented its concept to the task force.

In June 2000, the Commissioner of Corporate Services extended invitations to selected agencies, boards, commissions, City departments and their labour partners to participate in a working group to explore, develop and implement the CityWatch program based on best practices (e.g., TTC’s Transit Community Watch).

How does CityWatch work?

CityWatch encourages employees who, during the normal course of their work, observe unusual or suspicious activities affecting community safety to immediately report the incidents: through their work unit’s normal procedures by phoning 9-1-1 or by phoning the police non-emergency number 416-808-2222.
Employee participation is purely voluntary.

Is CityWatch designed to fight crime in the City of Toronto?

Our emergency services departments are very clear that they do not want people taking risks or endangering themselves or others.

Who is involved?

The CityWatch program is supported by CUPE Locals 1, 416, 79 and 1600
Toronto Hydro
Toronto Police Service
Toronto Professional Fire Fighters’ Association
Toronto Fire Services
Emergency Medical Services
City of Toronto Administrative, Professional & Supervisory Association Inc. (COTAPSAI)
Toronto Zoo
Toronto Parking Authority
The Toronto and Region Conservation Authority
City of Toronto departments
Toronto Transit Commission
Toronto Public Library

I was trying to remember but I think I read that these unions, agencies, etc involved comprised over 80,000. members. I mean that would be a really cool citizen informant force to start with. I would fully support an initiative like this to keep the city safe, but can you see how this could be abused?

I mean this started like 8 years ago. Before 9/11. However since 9-11 I can only imagine that this program has taken off.

Also yes the police would be right they don’t handle a program like this, it’s handled at the municipal level. However who is a part of this program? Toronto Police Service, so it’s not like they don’t know about this program. Now this program started with city workers, but since 9-11 I would take a guess and say that their families have become aware of this program, their friends, and others who want to fight crime and terror in the city. If this started with 45,000 members, then how many people do they have taking part now? Bell provides phones for this program and free air time.

Unlike the COPP program which requires a background check, and a confidentiality waver being signed, this program does not require anything of that sort.

I mean this has been happening in the city for close to 10 years, and I had no idea. Also the COPP’s programs or the Watch on Wheels programs have been happening for a long time also. In many cities in the US and Canada. In fact it started in the US if I remember correctly.

Now we know for gang stalking many people are told they are helping keep an eye on someone who is dangerous, a drug dealer, prostitute, terrorist, etc.

How much of these programs are being used for gang stalking?

The people behind this program are powerful. Not only is it Municipally supported, but look at all the Unions and other organisations that are a part of this? I also know that since 9-11 others have been asked to keep an eye on things. These people when they don’t get paid enough money can shut down the city, if I remember correctly. So yeah, you don’t want to upset them and it would be a large group, supported by many.

Also since the police have a hand in this program, they could choose to ask their snitches to take part. I am again aware that snitches are being used for gang stalking, just wondering who is pulling their strings. It makes sense that the police are the ones pulling their strings, but are the police’s strings being pulled, by a municipal program? I don’t have answers for this, it’s just the wheels turning.

Targets have often reported construction project in relationship to gang stalking and noise disturbances. The thing I have always wondered is wouldn’t the city catch on, or wouldn’t some of these reports start getting investigated? Not if the city was directly involved, or even authorising this. I have no proof, again the wheels and the correlations are just being formulated in regards to what other targets have said, and what I have personally witnessed.

In 2001 it had at least 45,000 people taking part. 5 years later this would be a monster in the city, if you realise the momentum this program could and probably has taken off with. Now if a program like this was to encounter a situation like this article,  you could really make someones life hell, and the best part is it would sort of be sanctioned by the city.

Now throw in a few corrupt elements. (Again I hate to keep doing this, but it was not long ago that the Mayor of Toronto had to joke that there were more cops in jail than criminals. Toronto does have corruption.) So throw in a corrupt element, you choose. Corporations, Secret society, the boys in blue, someone who wants to exploit these programs, then you get gang stalking going on and no one willing to do anything, because we all support each other. Again this is just the wheels turning. Not saying this is what happened, what is happening, etc. I am just pointing out the potential for disaster. You can have something start out really good, like puritans moving to a new country for a better life, and end up with the Salem witch trials.

So the question is how do the city workers of over 80,000 and friends, or supporters of the initiative communicate when out in public? Do they communicate?

All I can say for sure is I have now seen Lawyers, politicians, and public and private citizens taking part in gang stalking.

When speaking to the police about COPP’s programs most in other cities are quite open about it, in T-dot it’s like it’s being kept on the downlow.

This would be bad enough, but the police are part of a municipal force being used to patrol the city, and when you talk to them about people patrolling the city, most deny knowing what you mean. I respect that the COPP’s programs have  a confidentiality wavier, but if someone is calling in and saying, I have people following me around, who are strangers to me.

Assuming that most police are aware of the COPP’s programs or at least the city watch program, would they not consider these programs a possibility, rather than trying to make the person calling in seem paranoid, or refusing to take a complaint?

I think what could well be happening is that within these wonderful programs you have vigilante elements that have sprung up and this is in large a part of what I suspect is being exploited with gang stalking. I know that these gang stalking crews have existed for years, outside of these programs, but I really think that some elements have infiltrated these programs and are using it for their own means.

So how can you find out for sure? That will be something that will have be reviewed in the coming weeks. However to conclude, it’s now clear that even without gang stalking, their is in some cities, large organized, connected elements that have been asked to keep an eye on things. How they are coordinated and what keeping an eye means is not clear. How far does keeping an eye go?

Also just how many people are taking part in this city watch program? Because unlike other programs, there are not the same considerations. Also how easy would it be for a vigilante element within a program like this, to get out of hand? The sad part is with so many people taking part and so many people supporting it, the target of such  a force would hardly be questioned if they were innocent and being targeted for the wrong reason. So how much of this is crossing over with gang stalking? That’s the question and maybe some of the readers out their in blog land, could provide the answer.

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  1. A case of multi-stalking ( also called: terror stalking/cause stalking/gang stalking/covert harassment), in which the victim’s psychological state was undermined on a daily basis, with nightly fumigations,gassings, and laced items of consumption, while during waking hours he was bombarded at every turn, with stagings,directed conversations (1) ,sensitising (2) decoys, and sensitized signifiers in the environemnt, as well as street theater (3) (skits). It is exhibited here that the known elements (tactics) of multi-stalking (see link) are underlaid with a concerted effort to disrupt the psycholocial stability of the victim, through a multifacited endeavor to put mild mind altering substances into his body. Such a disruption is one that does not outrightly cause a nervious break, but only causes a generalized nervious confusion, allowing for the inability to grasp the reality of what is happening to him, and take logical measures towards remedying it. This took place over a period of a month.

    It was in Aspen/Snowmass, that I endured nightly fumigations. Also Balsalt, when I was living in an Aptpartment, renting from a Tom, or a Tim Harris, a scottish cap. These chemical fumes seemed to disrupt my mental state. Strong unnatural odors would about in the rooms that I slept in, and often I would struggle to find their source. A times it was harassment, as I slept, I would be become aware of someone lurking in the dark, or outside the doorway, as the room would fill with these unnaturally strong odor.I spent nearly two weeks at the Moritz Lodge in Aspen, and here to, having my own room, people would stand out infront of the door to my room,in the middle of the night, and pump aweful odors and strange chemical gasses of some sort, into my room. During sleep, or near falling sleep, I sometimes had chemicals put near my head, and this would bring about a strange sleep, and upon waking I would feel strange, uncellected.

    At the same time as the above, almost every cup of coffee I had was corrupted in some way. Either the taste would be of an unpleasent strong bitter or sour, or there was evidence of some strange chemical taste. Cigarettes would have varying degrees of either unpleasant aroma and taste, unnatural and atrificial, or there would be a variation of the tabacco used, that would burn so unlike a cigararette. In retrospect, the cigarettes had some sort of sublte effect on my nervous system, undermining my reasoning faculty, and causingme to be very vulneralbe to all that was happening. I saw someone use something they manipulated with there hands to corrupt an already opened package of cigarettes at one time. I will not identify the person at this time.

    While drinking beer I would have a similar experience as that with the cigarettes. Sometimes it was the class that had corrupting agents, or some additive put into it before having beer poured into it. This would happen at drinking venues. Around certain people I had some strange taste altering, as well as mood altering substnace covertly put into an opened bottle or a glass. I saw someone do this, though the technique was highly covert, using dust or some gas, from some very small despensor. Such happened to me in venues in Denver Colorado, as well.

    At the Dever International Youth Hostel, I was bombarded with daily psychological harassments, fumigations of a chemical kind, and druggings. The mana
    ger James was heavily involved in the campaign.At the All Inn,on Colfax, as infected with scabies, a continual infection with scabies was predominate in the terror stalking campaign I experienced in Denver, as well as Grand Junction, Colorado.

    Denver seemed to be a municipality that that sponsored terror stalking as I was stalked by fire trucks, police cars, and more. Every Starbucks served me corrupted coffee, and venues such as bars served me drinks that were had been laced with something.

    On the street and in shops and restaurants I was also victim of an occational gassing. While using the public tranist I was also victim of covert scent harassment, and gassings. The gassings altering my mood, or causing agitatation.

    The entire time while living in Snowmass and Balsalt, there was a great amount of directed converstaion (1). These would take place on buses, while riding into Aspen or Snowmass, from Basalt. They also took place at the Snowmass Mall, The Main Street Bakery, and various other restaurants and venues in the area. Often I was led into coversation with someone, say in a bar, and the person’s name, where they were from, and topics of the coversation would all directed towrds me personally. One man, middle aged, I met outside of one bar in Aspen, while smoking a cigarette simply began saying to me that he was adopted, and that his birth parents, he recently discovered were Irish, and that he was brought up in by an adopting Jewish family. I am adopted,and at the time I had just discovered that the ethnicity of my birth parents, though long many as well as myself, thought I may be Jewish. My adopting family is predominately Irish. I was a new born when adopted. Associations of this sort would take place daily.

    Some directed conversations would contain phrases taken from emails posted to friends, or themes that I used in past conversations. Also, some would take works and phrases used in text messages by cell phone while living abroad a month prior to my residencey in Aspen/Snowmass are. Sensitization(2) was established and with intesity of symbols, as well as topics. These played, often, hand in hand with the directed conversations as well as street theatre (3) . An example of the latter two tactics can be gathered from the following: Sitting in a restaurant and people near me talking as if having a planned converstion with the sound level and reflection of speech talored for another to hear it. The topic would be an old man falling, or an elder mother having cancer. This insidenct happened on frequent occations. The photos of my father in my brothers flat where I stayed in Snowmass were all gone, and when I asked to see some photos of my dad, I was given strange a response, such as,’… they are not here, they have ben taken away’.

    Sensitization involved my parents, the model of the car I once drove, black trash bags, empty, full or near empty spring water bottles sitting in an open area, such as in the middle of my path on the sidewalk. Pennies were harassment elements as well. Single coins or pennies placed in paths or where I might pick something up at a store, on the counter.

    Fumigations at night, and scent harassments throughout the day took place. Some of the directed conversations, strange dialogues with people on the phone, and symbolic scense that would take place on the street had thematics that were subtle references to killing, rape, or other heinous crimes.

    1.Directed Conversation is a term referring to a stalking tactic using stranger’s conversation to both intimidate and to convey to the victim that they are under surveillance. During Directed Conversation, two or more stalkers will approach near to the target and engage in “normal” conversation with one another. The conversation is purposefully made at a level so that the victim can adequately hear what is being said. During Directed Conversation, personal information concerning the victim is inserted into the speech and emphasized by the stalkers in a fashion that most non-victims would not be able to discern as harassment. The purpose of Directed Conversation is to harass a victim, as well as make the victim appear mentally unstable should they attempt to complain about such abuse.
    2Sensitization is a psychological term referring to the forced association between a stimuli and a corresponding reaction. Stalkers use Sensitization to psychologically abuse a victim. For example, if a stalker constantly harasses a victim while wearing a blue baseball cap, then overtime the victim will begin to believe anyone wearing a blue baseball cap is a stalker and is coming to harass. Sensitization undoubtedly creates an extreme level of fear in a victim, in direct fulfillment of the intentions of the stalkers.
    3.Street Theater is a term used to describe the odd-actions and behaviors that stalkers do in public, in an attempt to rile the victim. Such behavior often borders on the extremely bizarre and is aimed at a blurring of the boundaries between reality and fantasy in the minds of the victims. Examples of Street Theater: Baiting, Brighting, Color Harassment, Convey, Directed Conversation, Ghosting, Mimicry, Noise Campaigns, etc.

    Comment by minigh dimol(nonent) | November 28, 2006 | Reply

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