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What’s in it for me?

What’s in it for me?

This is titled what’s in it for me, because in sales,
people will not buy, unless you can show them the
what’s in it for me. I did learn a few things at work.

Workplace Mobbing.

I think I have spoken about this before but if not,
let me do so now. I was mobbed and harassed at two
different jobs, well primarily two jobs.

Before I quit my most recent job, I did notice that
some of the people on my team taking part in the
harassment were being forced to do so by my manager.

I had worked with this manager for at least 4-6
months. I grew to like him as a person, but before I
left, I saw him getting some of my team mates to go
along with the mobbing. I think he was in someways as
caught up in this as others.

The team mate I saw trying to resist going along with
this, expressed that he thought it was crazy and he
didn’t want to do this any more. It was the first time
I actually realised that some people were being forced
to help mob me out of the workplace. Before this I
really thought the majority were just going along with
social peer pressure. I didn’t think or know at the
time that there was more going on than I realised.

Throughout my time at CIBC. I would report the
harassment to several managers, and at least two HR
managers. I had several manager who took part in the
harassment. Most either when they were still managers
in training. My harassment was kind of like a way to
prove that you were a part of the boys club. Because
managers were taking part, most people on their teams
also likewise took part. Didn’t matter that this was
destroying my ability to do my job effectively. I now
of course realise that this was the goal all along.

They were never going to end this, and the goal was to
mob me out of the job, or to get me to complain so
much that I seemed like the problem. Either way.
The thing that I didn’t realise till I left is that
the people there were being manipulated in other ways.
Shortly before I left, I realised there were some
unusual things happening. I realised that I was not
the only person being mobbed, or sensitised to things
to keep me under control. I realise that some of the
things we say continually are like a neurolinguistic

I don’t understand much about this, I know Rich at speaks a great deal about this,
but I don’t understand it as well. I just realised
that some of the things we were saying, or some of the
calls we were taking, were performing some sort of
neurolinguistic job on us. I can’t explain it as well
as I would like. Rich does say that companies use
this, and after I came across his website, I think
that best describes what I tuned into at the call

Other things that I realised were subtle scare
tactics. Or just subtle tactics with stimuli were
being used to keep people in line. Like we have one
manager, he has one hand, but when he smacks his hands
together, people fall in line. They are sensitised to
this, in some cases. I never was, but before I left, I
realised that there was more going on with the
structure and what was happening inside. The
management had some goals and objectives that most of
the floor were not tuned into. It’s was very unusual.

During my time with the company when I filed the OHRC
report, that is when I first noticed what I call
collusion. I didn’t understand how they could pull so
many strings, but by the second time the person from
the OHRC called back, I knew she had been in touch
with the company and she was using what was at the
time my stimuli to let me know it. It was really
unusual. Right around that time is when I started my
first website to deal with harassment. I realised that
even if my case was heard by a tribunal, their reach
extended that far, and I would probably not get any

The other interesting thing is that Ms Elliot from the
OHRC tried everything to force mediation. It was
almost like her mission to make sure that my complaint
never reached a tribunal. Interesting. Around that
time is when the newspaper article came out about the
case delays with the OHRC tribunals and how cases are
taking years to be heard. Dolton Mcguinty was trying
or thinking of getting rid of the tribunal so people
could conduct their own investigations. I think this
might be the way to go, because justice too long
denied is no justice at all. My theory is that those
of, not all, but some of us who do go for the tribunal
option will have our cases take months, or years to be
heard, in the mean time our lives will be worked on,
by forces we are not even aware of. Eg. Like being
gang stalked from one place to the next and one job to
the next.

When I started doing research to try to see if anyone
else had experienced this sort of harassment I found a
lot of readings about people who had not only been
harassed, our of work either sexually, or mobbed, but
when they tried to get justice, they also had
collusion. Many had collusion from within the company,
but they also had collusion from Lawyers, Judges,
Tribunals, and courts. The courts kept extending their
cases, till they were broke, and busted. Some Lawyers
turned tale and gave into to the other side, or just
suddenly seemed to lose interest in the case. (Now
that I know how much other peoples lives are affected
by these forces, I can only speculate, what went on
with the lawyers, and others.)

In doing my research what I found out was that across
many countries, in just about every occupation, the
best, brightest, whistle blowers, highly moral, or
most outspoken, were summarily being dismissed, one ay
or another. It seems that only the people that will
fall in line are being left in these workplaces. This
is happening with media, newspapers, banks,
telecommunications, and other areas.

From what I found out, I was not the only one who had
noticed this trend. Tim Fields before his death from
Cancer? Found out and had started to look into this
aspect of things. Now he was brilliant and had he been
left to live, I have no doubt he would have gotten to
the heart of this. He was well respected and is
probably considered to be the heart of the bullying
movement. Here is his page about collusion.

Here are some other things that I think are worth
reading or having a look at.

From what I can see this is happening in part because
of what our societies have become, but this is also
happening from what I can see for some pretty
deliberate reasons.

Ask yourselves this. What happens in society when all
the outspoken, dissidents, whistle-blowers, highly
moral, independent thinkers are pushed out or mobbed
out and the yes men and woman are left? Who will speak
up or against unjust actions in banks? Who will run
the media story that the public needs to know? Who
will tell you when your telecommunications company is
ripping you off, or listening to your calls?

If these people are all forced out, then this just
leaves our complacent society wide open, for whatever
seems to be coming down the line. Assuming there is
more to this, and that there is more coming down the
line, does this make you ask yourself what that could

I think what many of these people don’t know is that
after they are forced out of these jobs and
emotionally crippled, the ones that don’t kill
themselves, there are other forces at work to continue
to keep them unemployed, or under employed. The sad
part of this for me is that, there were good people in
the places that I worked. Not everyone went along with
what was happening, but too many people did and the
majority of the rest remained quite.

I am not there anymore, but while I was there, I was
always outspoken. When shifts were being picked
ilicitly and the same people were being chosen time
and again, I spoke up, and got it changed. I spoke up
about this and so many other things, and in so many
other ways, I just really didn’t care. I don’t know
how many other voices now will speak up when there is
something wrong, that they don’t agree with.

Gang Stalking

Even before I knew I was being gang stalked, it had
been mentioned that I might have a conspiracy against
me. This flat out went over my head at the time.
However in retrospect, I see that there were many
people in so many different areas that knew. They knew
what was happening to me and being done to me, well
before I did. I have always stated out of the trendy
loops and done my own things. I can see now that again
many people take part because they are afraid, and I
get this. No one wants to become a target of gang
stalking. However if you ever plan to have an opinion,
a mind of your own, or free will. It might be time to
start looking at other options. Also if it’s not you,
then someone you know, or your kids someday could
become targets of this, if they ever have opinions or
minds of their own, against what is happening.

I don’t have any easy solutions, because I am still
deciding where this all goes.


The other thing that has been hinted to me is that
Masons are behind the bulk of this gang stalking

I will be the first to admit that I know very little
about them. What I have been hearing from many others
however is that they are a large connected network of
men, and affiliates, and relatives of these men who
have influence and money and are capable of pulling
off this harassment.

More importantly it has been hinted that it might be a
Mason from the telecommunications company that I
worked for who set this into play. I don’t know if
this is true, I don’t want to draw any firm
conclusions at the moment.

What I can say is based on readings that people have
left this is not an angle to be ignored. In the book
the Craft, it talks specifically about how a Mason
could ruin a persons life. The author of this book
Stephen Knight died sometime after writing it.

‘It is not difficult to ruin a man,’ he said. ‘And I will tell you how it is done time and again. There are more than half a million brethren under the jurisdiction of Grand Lodge. Standards have been falling for twenty or thirty years. It is too easy to enter the Craft, so many men of dubious morals have joined. The secrecy and power attract such people, and when they come the decent leave. The numbers of people who would never have been considered for membership in the fifties are getting larger all the time. If only five per cent of Freemasons use – abuse – the Craft for selfish or corrupt ends it means there are 25,000 of them. The figure is much closer to twelve or thirteen per cent now.’Christopher explained that Masonry’s nationwide organization of men from most walks of life provided one of the most efficient private intelligence networks imaginable. Private information on anybody in the country could normally be accessed very rapidly through endless permutations of masonic contacts – police, magistrates, solicitors, bank managers, Post Office staff (‘very useful in supplying copies of a man’s mail’), doctors, government employee bosses of firms and nationalized industries etc., etc. dossier of personal data could be built up on anybody very quickly. When the major facts of an individual’s life were known, areas of vulnerability would become apparent. Perhaps he is in financial difficulties; perhaps he has some social vice – if married he might ‘retain a mistress’ or have proclivity for visiting prostitutes; perhaps there is something in his past he wishes keep buried, some guilty secret, a criminal offence (easily obtainable through Freemason police of doubtful virtue), or other blemish on his character: all these and more could be discovered via the wide-ranging masons network of 600,000 contacts, a great many of whom were disposed to do favours for one another because that had been their prime motive for joining. Even decent Masons could often be ‘conned’ into providing information on the basis that ‘Brother Smith needs this to help the person involved’. The adversary would even sometimes be described as a fellow Mason to the Brother from whom information was sought perhaps someone with access to his bank manager or employer. The ‘good’ Mason would not go to the lengths of checking with Freemasons Hall whether or not this was so. The ‘target’ was presented as a Brother in distress by a fellow Mason, especially a fellow Lodge member, that would be enough for any upright member of the Craft.Sometimes this information gathering process – often involving a long chain of masonic contacts all over the country and possibly abroad – would be unnecessary. Enough would be known in advance about the adversary to initiate any desired action against him.I asked how this ‘action’ might be taken.’Solicitors are very good at it,’ said Christopher. ‘Get your man involved in something legal – it need not be serious – and you have him.’ Solicitors, I was told, are ‘past masters’ at causing endless delays, generating useless paperwork, ignoring instructions, running up immense bills, misleading clients into taking decisions damaging to themselves.Masonic police can harass, arrest on false charges, and plant evidence. ‘A businessman in a small community or person in public office arrested for dealing in child pornography, for indecent exposure, or for trafficking in drugs is at the end of the line,’ said Christopher. ‘He will never work again. Some people have committed suicide after experiences of that kind.’

Masons can bring about the situation where credit companies and banks withdraw credit facilities from individual clients and tradesmen, said my informant. Bank can foreclose. People who rely on the telephone for their work can be cut off for long periods. Masonic employees of local authorities can arrange for a person’s drains to be inspected and extensive damage to be reported, thus burdening the person with huge repair bills; workmen carrying out the job can ‘find’ – In reality cause – further damage. Again with regard to legal matters, a fair hearing is hard to get when a man in ordinary circumstances is in financial difficulties. If he is trying to fight a group of unprincipled Freemasons skilled in using the ‘network’ it will be impossible because masonic Department of Health and Social Security and Law Society officials can delay applications for Legal Aid endlessly.

‘Employers, if they are Freemasons or not, can be given private information about a man who has made himself an enemy of Masonry. At worst he will be dismissed or consistently passed over for promotion.’

Christopher added, ‘Masonic doctors can also be used. But for some reason doctors seem to be the least corruptible men.

‘Only the fighters have any hope of beating the system once it’s at work against them,’ he told me. ‘Most people, fighters or not, are beaten in the end, though. It’s . . . you see, I … you finish up not knowing who you can trust. You can get no help because your story sounds so paranoid that you are thought a crank, one of those nuts who think the whole world is a conspiracy against them. It is a strange phenomenon. By setting up a situation that most people will think of as fantasy, these people can poison every part of a person’s life. If they give in they go under. If they don’t give in It’s only putting off the day because if they fight, so much unhappiness will be brought to the people around them that there will likely come a time when even their families turn against them out of desperation. When that happens and they are without friends wherever they look, they become easy meat. The newspapers will not touch them’.

‘There is no defence against an evil which only the victims and the perpetrators know exists.’

I have not had a chance to read the book, but it’s
interesting that some of the same things apparently
done to people sound very much like gang stalking. If
the Masons are part of the power behind these stalking
gangs then that could better explain why so many
targets also experience the collusion that I referred
to before. From what I have read they have members of
every sector of society and they would have the
influence to pull this off.
Also because it’s been implicated time and again as
something to be looked into by others. Here is a
posting that Joe Stirling left on one of my blogs.
Some gang stalking sites do go into this aspect of
things. From what I have read on those sites, they
have said that at the heart of gang stalking and the
real aim is the New World Order movement of the
Illuminati and world dominance. Gang Stalking is just
a part of the program that is going to be put in
place, to accomplish this. I can’t at the moment
confirm this or deny this, but it is an aspect that
people should be made aware of.
The sites do state that some of the most powerful men
in the world are members of Masonic orders.

Some other places have pointed out that there are
quite a few illegal or illicit dealings happening
behind this and that is in part where the money comes
from for these stalking gangs. I have heard this
mentioned in several places. Again because I can not
confirm this for sure, I leave it as is for now.

What I can say is I have seen stores in malls, stores
like future-shop, best buy, politicians, lawyers, CHRC
(Canadian Human Rights Commission) taking part in
whatever is happening, as far as the gang stalking is
concerned. I can’t say what people were advised, but I
can say I have seen participation.

I have seen mobile citizens some with phones, some
without, communicating in public, with Stasi like
communications. I know some of the people taking part
in these programs are on the wrong side of the law. So
again this begs the question who has the power to
bring together the illicit and the elite and to get
them to work together?

I know quite a few of the people in my building are
taking part, or aware of this, also in my immediate
surrounding. I know some fully believe they are doing
something good and helping out.

I think some people are aware of gang stalking and
want nothing to do with it, but are scared, are being
forced, or just don’t know what else to do.

I have spoken to lawyers who are more forth coming
about these groups, and others who deny them, or who
will not do anything unless you know enough to prove
who is conducting this. (Even though said lawyer, knew
about what was happening.)


I can tell you that these groups do not all know who
the targets are. Usually if you go to a new area it
does take some time for them to catch up with who you
are. After some time however you will notice that they
do become cognizant of who you are, but not right away.

The groups do not keep in constant touch from area to
area and seem to do their own things to an extent. Eg.
I still go to some areas and they are still trying to
use my sensitization to harass me. My immediate group
seem to realise that is not feasible anymore. Or you
will run into someone not from this area who still
tries to use the sensitisation.

Some of these do not keep up with all the latest on

The majority do communicate with the Stasi hand

Eg. Brushing the hair back three times to open the

Chanel of communication.

Touching the eye or touching from one side to the next

for watching or looking out.

Touching the ear

Stroking the chin. And other signals.

They do from time get calls on their cell phones.

Eg. I was on the train once, we entered an open
station and their phones ran, all three answered
in the exact manner, and had almost the same
brief conversation. I will be home soon, I am at
name of station. End communication.

Then two of the three went on to have a little Stasi

With all the articles written about this, this year,
and all the other proof, we still seem to be at square
one. When you go to the police you really have to be
able to back yourself up. Many officers are aware of
these groups and will fully deny awareness to protect

Now I do believe some parts of this are the Community
Mobilization Programs. (Citizens On Phone Patrol.) but
what sort of program allows it’s members to do such
illegal activities?

-Break and enter
-Illegal phone taps
-Phone re directions
-Illegal surveillance
-Collusion from members of society

I mean from what I can see, we have our regular
society, and then we have these groups coordinated,
communicating with stores, lawyers, doctors, and a
large part of the general population.

If any of this is being conducted by the police or
government, we are on the verge of being a spy
society. Just like the East German’s.

If parts of this are being used to deter crime, then
kudos, I support the effort, but on the other hand, I
have been harassed to help keep me from filing suit
against a company that harassed and mobbed me till it
was impossible to do my job. Also this was used to
help my company keep tabs on who I was talking to and
monitor my activities. I am sure this is not what
these programs are for, and this is where the gang
stalking again seems to intermingle with what might be
the legal aspects of these programs.

If this is being conducted by some sort of Masonic
brotherhood, then who has the power to stop this? Only
public awareness can stop this, and that would mean
getting back control of our media so they actually
report things that need to be reported.


Gang Stalking might not be affecting you today, it
might not affect you tomorrow, but I guarantee you
it’s having a moral toll on society. Something that is
causing people to kill themselves is wrong. Something
that is causing people to be jobless, homeless, and
falsely institutionalised is wrong, and it seems that
the powers that be, are all fully aware of this, and
many seem to be supporting, fully taking part in this,
or just ignoring this.

All I can say is that awareness seems to be the most
effective weapon for fighting this. The more people we
can make aware the better. I think if this is out in
the open then we have a chance of fighting this. The
media is not reporting this, you have the odd few
papers who have run stories, but the larger media
outlets have not touched this and do not seem like
they will. So it’s up to the people to rise up and
make each other aware, and to stop this before it
destroys anymore lives or any other innocent people.

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