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A quick gang stalking update.

The last few days I have been trying to get a little bit more organised. I have also been trying to put together everything that I have seen, just so that I can get a handle on everything that is going on. I have also been taking what action I see fit to get this out of my life.
I fully believe that parts of gang stalking are over lapping with the community mobilization programs (COPP) that we have on going in various cities. I think part of the reason we have so many problems with getting this reported to the police is because they fully support these programs, and when you call and say that you are being followed around the city by strangers that you don’t know, they realise that you are in part referring to these programs.

Police work with these programs and support them, anyone who calls in to make a complaint about this, should get a police officer who is aware of these programs, however that has not been the case. Eg. I spoke to an office John who denied knowing about any neighbourhood watch programs in my area. That’s because these are technically not neighbourhood watch programs. He should not have given me the run around, when I advised of what was happening, but he did. This is something that targets should be aware of when trying to report these crimes, and I think we must, because the programs are being abused.

*I can also say based on my conversation with at least one city councillor politician, some of them are taking part in the aspects of this that I call gang stalking. Again since politicians are just people and prone to be as easily manipulated as others, I don’t know what was said or advised in advance of our conversation, so it’s hard for me to gauge what was behind the participation.
I also think because these programs are supported by politicians, police, government, and corporations, people are just happy to support them and not questioning if they are being somehow abused in other ways. I fully believe these programs are being abused, and used for vigilante style justice on innocent targets. Similar to what the / website does. A site has been set up to counter the effects of this site It’s also similar to what went on in this article. I also had someone report to me that on CNN, a community watch group coordinator came forward to say that they had been using tactics similar to gang stalking to drive people out of communities.

Within or without of the confines of these programs, innocent people are being harassed. In my case it seems that my workplace was allowed to get me gang stalked to cover up sexual harassment and mobbing. I was harassed in my community where I live. I had people illegally enter my home, listen to my phone conversations, hack into my computer, and physically harass me via electronic harassment, to keep me too busy, tired, and too harassed to focus on filing suit against my employer CIBC, or to threaten me from doing so.

These programs are city wide and far more widespread than most people realise. Many have been ongoing for close to a decade in many areas and participation is either close or getting close, if not surpassing Statsi level.
More information about these programs can be used by following the links below.
I can’t type everything here online, since my community gang stalkers read my blogs and have access to the info. However what I can share I will.

<b>Online Stalking</b>

My gangstalkers from my community where I live are on my website.

*I have them spamming my website. (I have had to switch the guest book, because of the spam that I keep having to remove.)

*I have at least one gang stalker pretending to be a target, who continually tries to get me into conversations that have nothing to do with gang stalking.

Also this gang stalker who I am pretty sure is the one that lives very near me, is trying to subtly diss advances in the gang stalking movement. Eg. Like our world day last month.

Also he seems to be posting stuff to make gang stalking seem like it’s just people over reacting. Eg. I saw people looking at me at a stop light, I think maybe they were gang stalkers. Our events happen over a period of years or months and are often so overt that we can spot them.

I recommend seeing a lawyer but write down what you are going to say. I spoke to a couple of lawyers last week, one admited to being aware of community groups and thought if I found a civil lawyer they could write a note and advise cease and disssist or they will lay charges. This can be done, but you have to know who to address the letter to, and things like that.

I also think that a police report should be filed, but you really need to know what to say. If you can have your lawyer read over your statement and they can advise what can be left out and what can be included in the report.

I can tell you some lawyers will be more forth coming than others. Some will freely admit to these programs, some will not.

You have to know what you are talking about before you go in, and even then you have to be careful.

To try to get this stopped I have had to file complaints, and take other action. In some ways this is probably what they want, is to have the target look like they are a complainer, or paranoid, but if you know what you are talking about, it’s harder for them to do. This goes for lawyers, doctors, politicians, police. Eg. From what I have heard when Gloria Naylor the author of  “1996” a book she wrote about her gang stalking experiences went to her doctor to talk about gang stalking, he tried to get her to start taking medication, only when pressed did he admit that he knew about this sort of thing. Had she not kept trying, he would have tried to have her medicated, knowing full well what was ongoing. This should give you a vague idea what you are dealing with.
The floors continue to vibrate and emit heat, it’s causing my muscles to hurt a bit, and since I am not fully sure what’s going on it’s hard to say if it’s something being used to just harass me physically, or if it’s something being used to hurt me on a more elemental level. (I did have someone post to say they thought it was transponders being used, and this could be true, but it’s hard to tell.)

I will keep you updated with my progress, as I continue to see what means and measures have to be taken to get these creatures out of my life.

November 21, 2006 - Posted by | Electronic harassment, Gang Stalking, Laws, metropolitan police, Online Stalking, Politics, sexual harassment

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