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A brief bit about my personal Gang Stalking

I think most people that have visited this site know bits and pieces about me, however you probably don’t know my story, so I am going to supply a brief rendering about how I think my harassment began and how I became a target of sexual harassment, mobbing, and finally gang stalking. I assume the gang stalking is the end result of the original company that I worked for to keep me quite about the sexual harassment and mobbing that happened there.

So here is a quick bit about me and about my history.

I am also a target of gang stalking. I can’t even believe this happens. I worked for a large Canadian telecommunications company about 6 years ago, while there I experience sexual harassment and mobbing. I filed several investigations, but nothing came of it. All they did was go to the men and some woman involved in the harassment, and asked them if they were harassing me. This was at the original company.

In the course of this, I noticed that the harassment had started happening outside of the workplace, but I thought it was just my harassers getting their friends to place dirty.
Long story short, it’s six years later the harassment has never stopped, even when I moved they had me followed, started the harassment at my new job for a well know Corporate Institution that’s a Canadian Bank, and in the community where I live.

They have colluded my attempt to bring them to justice via the Canadian Human Rights Commission. (CHRC.) I would later find out this was because they were having me followed, they had my phone tapped, and my house watched, and my computer. (It’s always nice to go out in public and know that people are repeating things you have said and done in your home.) More importantly this is how they stayed one step ahead on the game. This is how they knew who I was in touch with and what I was doing, should the case ever get to court.

I have also since then learnt that they were not only going behind my back and spreading lies and slander, but they were doing so at stores where I shopped bought groceries. I run a small business they talked to my customers, spreading lies, and trying to get them to leave my business. On top of this I have learned that relatives were aware of this, contacted and cohered into taking part.

Lastly, unknown to me at the time they moved people into my apartment with the cooperation of the landlady, so I had my stalkers in my apartment building operating next door to me, and above me. They also accessed my apartment while I was out.

This is what gang stalking is like. I was a target for several years and had no clue. I really thought it was just the jerks from work, getting friends to do this stuff. I had no idea till a few months ago.
Upon finding this out I have been linking in with other targets and together we are discovering this is happening in other cities, countries. EG. The International Herold Tribune just did a story on this

 The guy in the story had his life ruined a similar way. The papers over here are not reporting this stuff.

What I am doing now is starting to deal with the specifically for the gang stalking that I am now enduring, simply because it’s so widespread I felt it needed a complete format.

Since coming online, I see a lot more people blogging about this and discussing this stuff which is great. I just hope in time there will be enough main stream awareness to get this into the open.

September 29, 2006 - Posted by | Gang Stalking, sexual harassment

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  1. Hello there,
    I just wanted to say I am also a target of gangstalking and have been since May of 1997. It’s only been recently, was I aware of this happening to others as well. My reason, I blew the whistle on a false sexual harassment allegation. I’m targeted by Corporate. read “Corporate Gangstalking”. I knew I was under surveillance from day one. As most, I just never knew by whom. I’d experienced all the typical scenarios as most everyone here has. At every job I had since 1997, within one month my employer informs me they had “two visitors”. And sooner or later there’s usually a problem. Fortunately those who engage in gangstalking aren’t that bright. I usually manage to outsmart them. For what it’s worth, about 6 years ago I got the US Dept of Justice involved and one individual from the FBI actually came to visit me at my place of employment and straightened out my employer stating that “all of the accusations proved to be false”. Since now I have much information that this practice is incredibly widespread, I’m going to step up my efforts to get it to the public’s attention, as well as the local authorities attention. Yes I know the scam, the “he’s crazy” or what else. That never bothered me as I’m pretty level headed and frankly turned every instance of “interference” around. At least the “street dramas”. I’ve documented my experiences and still have some help from people in the city this scam originated in. If I can say one thing that can be a positive, I will guarantee that once this information gets in the publics view, It will stop. However until then, keep up your efforts. In the past I’ve had more than one person in the legal community suggest a “class action” lawsuit. Way back then, they obviously knew more about what I was experiencing than I was. Like a previous poster here at first I thought I was up against just a local vigilante group. Since it followed me 5 states away, I know better. The difference is that now I know who’s behind it as all along I’d been saying “This is way too big to be just some stupid man/woman thing”. If I get “brushed off” in my next attemp to get to the authorities then the cover up is still in place. For whatever it’s worth, I don’t think it is. People are becoming aware of the stupidity of the individuals involved in gangstalking. The real problem is that those of us who are, or have been, or will be, arent aware of the techniques used. That’s why we need this to get in the public’s view. I don’t intimidate easily and I stood up to the Corporation who’s inflicted it on me and made it very clear they will have to pay the damages. That’s why the feds got involved. However I have not yet seen any attempt. The Company is very large, you’s recognize it in a second. Since now I know this is a widespread “method”, I now have the “leverage” I need to get it in the public’s view.
    I’ll be back,


    Comment by Rick Sansoni | February 25, 2009 | Reply

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